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Chapter 172

Ye Xiaochen was also speechless . He could only say that Wang Shuisheng’s luck was too bad .

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Even if there was nuclear waste storage, as long as it was not damaged, at most it could be considered a hidden danger and would not affect the progress of the project, but now… . .

Just then, Wang Shuisheng’s phone rang .

He took it out and his complexion became somewhat gloomy . He then looked at Ye Xiaochen and with a sad smile said, “Look the person must have got the news and is calling me now . ”

He shook his head and then answered . It took a long time to appease the caller, he hung up the phone and sighed, then asked, “Xiaochen what means do you have?”

Even Feng Xifan couldn’t do anything about it .

“Brother Wang, I want to try first . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“Then I will get you a protective suit . ”

Wang Shuisheng hurriedly said .

“No need, it will be just for a short time, so it won’t be dangerous . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit talent was very sensitive . He could still sense the invisible radiation, so after entering he got an uncomfortable feeling, that was to say he felt the nuclear radiation .

Obviously, this feeling was not much strong, which means there was no danger unless he was close to that radiation source .

Wang Shuisheng hesitated for a moment and then nodded, he took Ye Xiaochen inside the construction site .

The scene inside the site was completely different; empty and lifeless . All the construction materials and engineering machines have been removed .

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng arrived near the place where the rapeseed plant was dug and could see a deep pit .

He looked around, there was no one else, then immediately jumped into the pit and took out immortal grass seed .

Although it hasn’t been soaked for twelve hours, it was still soaked for more than ten hours .

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He couldn’t wait for that long .

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s action and had expectations . He really hoped that Ye Xiaochen could help him solve the problem .

Though, he knew that the probability of it was very low .

This was nuclear radiation after all!

Even countries found it difficult to clean it up .

However, yesterday Ye Xiaochen used a mysterious method to turn rapeseed into one-foot high seedling with more than one meter long roots, and he still has vivid memories of it .

Maybe, Ye Xiaochen really has a solution .

He could only pin his hopes on Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen placed the immortal grass seeds on the ground, then gently touched it with his fingers and used spirit talent to communicate with its consciousness .

The growth of immortal plants was more difficult than that of ordinary plants .

The main reason was they need more complex nutrition and also require the immortal spirit qi .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know if the immortal plants in absence of the immortal spirit qi environment could still grow?

If it doesn’t, then Ye Xiaochen could only depend on the spirit transformation type of immortal plants .

Spirit transformation immortal plants have the ability to automatically convert the solar energy into the immortal spirit qi .

However, the spirit transformation immortal plants were generally quite expensive, for instance, the immortal wind medicinal herb seed costs 12 immortal yuan per seed .

A large area like this construction site, it was certain that a few dozen plants wouldn’t be able to solve the problem, in that case, a large number of immortal plants would be required . Then, how much immortal yuan would Ye Xiaochen need to spend on that?

Shortly, under Ye Xiaochen’s Art of Growth the seed of immortal grass began to take root and germinate .

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The rooting and germination were from the release of nutrients from the seed itself and doesn’t require external nutrients .

Once it has taken root and germinated, it would need an external supply of nutrients and water to continue to grow .

Ye Xiaochen’s face became very solemn .

Whether it succeeds or not depends now .

For more than ten seconds, the immortal grass did not show any response .

He was frightened in his heart, could it be that without the immortal spirit qi it won’t work?

Suddenly, his spirit talent caught a very small movement of the immortal grass, it seemed to be absorbing the nutrients and some elements from the soil .

His eyes widened, showing a touch of surprise .

It works!

The immortal grass seedling was growing .

The most incredible thing Ye Xiaochen found that the immortal grass seedling was not only absorbing the nutrients in the soil but also the nuclear radiation .

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief . It seems that without even the immortal spirit qi, the immortal plants could be grown!

He immediately shook his head . No, it should be due to the power of radiation, that was, the so-called obsidian force, that allowed the immortal seed to continue to grow .

It lasted for several minutes and the immortal grass had almost grown to an inch .

However, its root was much more developed, it was almost foot long .

Ye Xiaochen removed his hands and looked at the immortal grass seedling, and fell into thoughts .

He saw that the immortal grass was not pure green, and gave a kind of grey sensation .

It seems that this was the change caused due to the absorption of radiation by the immortal grass .

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However, unlike the ordinary grass, this immortal grass would be able to bear the absorption and could continue to grow .

This was the difference between the immortal plant and an ordinary plant .

He extended his hands again .

He carefully sensed it, after sprouting . This immortal grass was not the same and has a large absorption range of radiation .

In his sense, this immortal grass could cover a 3-meter radius .

Not only the roots but its sheath and blade could also absorb the radiation, however, the root has the strongest absorption .

“Although its range was now three-meter now, with the growth of the immortal grass its absorption range of radiation would slowly increase . ”

Ye Xiaochen said in his heart .

Moreover, the root of the immortal grass has a characteristic that it could drill towards the soil containing the stronger radiation force

He stood up .

“Xiaochen, how is it?”

Wang Shuisheng wasn’t able to understand Ye Xiaochen’s actions, and what does it have to do with the elimination of nuclear radiation?

“Brother Wang, there is no problem . This grass can absorb nuclear radiation and will not die . As long as there are enough grasses planted on this soil, nuclear radiation can be completely eliminated . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“That, how long will it take?”

Wang Shuisheng hurriedly asked .

This was his biggest worry, for him, now time was as precious as gold .

“It won’t take a long time . A month at most . ”

Ye Xiaochen confidently said .

He had already asked the Goddess of the moon about this, but he had to spend the immortal yuan .

The immortal plant has an active ability to absorb the radiation, just like a vortex, it could absorb all the radiation from its vicinity .

This was not the main thing .

The immortal plant could purify the substance containing radiation, that was to say, it doesn’t need to wait for the substance to release radiation, but could actively absorb and purify the radiation force from the nuclear material .

In this manner, it was possible to remove the radiation from the soil in a short time .

“That’s great!”

Wang Shuisheng’s face showed the color of happiness .

Let alone one month, he was even willing to wait for three or five months . At most, the loss would be greater, but there was still a chance for turnover .

“Brother Wang, after I plant this grass in the whole construction site, you must take good care of it and should never damage it . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“All right”

Wang Shuisheng quickly nodded .

Although now the government was in charge, he was still able to exert some influence .

The next moment, Ye Xiaochen bid goodbye to Wang Shuisheng and left the construction site . The main reason he didn’t plant all the seeds was that they were still immersed in the seed promotion liquid and also it was not good to take them out directly . Moreover, the seed immersion time was not enough .

If the seed immersion time was not enough, then it would affect the growth of the immortal plants .

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