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Chapter 171

“There are many ways to remove it . For example, there are specific skills that can refine the power of obsidian force, and special formations could use used to envelop the obsidian that can strip the obsidian force, there is also special spell when applied on the obsidian, it can accelerate the release of obsidian force and turn the obsidian into a common substance in a very short time . There are also some specific magic weapons that can absorb the obsidian force or a special liquid that can eliminate the invisible obsidian force…”

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The goddess of the moon replied quickly and mentioned many methods .

These methods for current Ye Xiaochen were basically impossible to achieve .

“Fairy, can spirit cut-off material absorb the obsidian power?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the spirit cut-off material and asked hurriedly .

He hadn’t thought about it before, so he didn’t experiment with it .

“The spirit cut-off material cannot absorb the obsidian force, it can only absorb the immortal spirit qi . ”

The goddess of the moon replied .

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed .

“Are there any immortal plants that can absorb the obsidian force?”

Ye Xiaochen asked quickly .

“Immortal plants? There is, for example, the obsidian god wood, a special immortal wood that is grown in a field containing obsidian, there is black dragon divine rattan that can absorb the obsidian’s power thus producing bald dragon divine fruit,… . ”

The immortal plants mentioned by the Goddess of the moon were not of low level, even the lowest one was earth level immortal plant .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t afford the seeds, and even if he could afford them, he wouldn’t be able to grow it .

As the growing environment of these plants was too demanding .

“Goddess of the moon, is there no low-level immortal plant?”

Ye Xiaochen felt hopeless .

“Low-level immortal plant? Yes, in fact, all the low-level immortal plants have the ability to absorb the weak obsidian, but their radiation resistance is poor . When they encounter strong obsidian, they simply can’t bear it . Moreover, the immortal plants that absorb obsidian will be contaminated and mutate, and couldn’t be used . ”

The Goddess of the moon replied .

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Ye Xiaochen was stunned for a while, damn, it was so simple?

The next moment he asked a few more questions, then thanked the Goddess of the moon and closed the Shennong system .

Since the low-level immortal plants could be used, he could buy the cheapest seeds from the store .

The only problem was, could these seeds take root in the ordinary soil?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly regretted that he hadn’t thought of trying it for this long time!

After thinking, he quickly opened the store .

According to his judgment, the cheapest seeds should be immortal grass seeds .

Five hundred seeds in a pack, and twenty-five immortal yuan for one pack .

Best value for money .

Moreover, the immortal grasses were least noticeable and could be easily concealed .

After all, this grass doesn’t look much different from the ordinary grass .

After thinking, he hurriedly bought a pack of immortal grass seeds .

He soaked the pack of seeds in seed promoting liquid .

Now he has to wait .

He inspected the whole farm . The immortal radishes were close to maturity, he could earn nearly a thousand immortal yuan from it .

For such little immortal yuan’s, he didn’t feel excited .

There were also previous harvest’s several immortal radishes plants remaining . They were full of white flowers, it is estimated that in a short time they would be able to produce seeds .

In the evening .

Ye Xiaochen sat crossed legged and began to practice the Shennong Farming’s cultivation method .

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With the stirring of qi in the dantian, as if his whole stomach has turned upside down, a rumbling sound came one after another .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t control it anymore, and loud farts were released . He suddenly got up and ran away .

“How comfortable!”

Ye Xiaochen felt his whole body relaxed .

The accumulation of miscellaneous waste gas was removed .

Naturally, he would feel comfortable .

Ever since he practiced, his body strength hasn’t increased, but he felt relaxed and fresher .

This was due to the removal of impurities in his body .

Once all the waste gas was removed, then the last step ‘planting’ could be carried out .

At that time he would really enter the door of practice, just thinking about it made him feel very excited .

Next morning .

Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng’s home .

Wang Shusiheng wasn’t there .

Chu Qiqing looked sad, obviously worried about her husband .

She was afraid that her husband wouldn’t be able to brace such a big impact .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t stay for long, he then drove directly towards the project site .

When he arrived near the construction site, the whole site was blocked .

It was surrounded by barriers .

He couldn’t see anything going on inside .

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When the radioactive material was found in the soil, it was impossible for Wang Shuisheng to conceal it . After all, it was impossible to solve the problem by himself .

He couldn’t keep constructing .

“No entry here . ”

As Ye Xiaochen drove near the entrance, the two men in protective clothing came and stopped the car .

Seeing the scene, Ye Xiaochen understood that the government department has taken control .

Ye Xiaochen stopped the car, took out his phone, and made a call to Wang Shuisheng .

Quickly, the call was connected to Wang Shuisheng .

His voice was hoarse, it was clear that he had been racked by this incident .

“Brother Wang, I am outside the construction site . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Xiaochen, there is radiation inside . You don’t come in . ”

Wang Shuisheng said .

There was so much radioactive material that it has contaminated the whole underground soil .

Although it hasn’t reached the level of no man’s land, it was still better to wear protective clothing . Otherwise, if someone stays for a long time, their health would greatly get affected .

“Brother Wang, maybe I have a solution . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .


Wang Shuisheng became silent for a moment and then said, “I am coming out now . ”

After a few minutes, a car came out .

Shortly after it stopped, Wang Shuisheng was dressed in protective gear and got out of the car .

He took off his cover and walked over to Ye Xiaochen’s car .

“Xiaochen, do you really have a solution?‘

Wang Shuisheng suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked hurriedly .

“Yes, but I haven’t tried it . ”

Said Ye Xiaochen .

“It’s better than nothing . ”

Wang Shuisheng was not disappointed . “Currently, the government department has taken control and blocked the entry . Now it’s exploring the radiation source . ”

“Is the radiation source found?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously .

“It has been almost confirmed . A few decades ago, a disaster happened in the nuclear waste storage network equipment . Due to the disaster perhaps some relevant personnel have died or were fired . And so after the disaster, all the documentation about this storage was lost . If it wasn’t due to drilling into the repository while building the foundation, I am afraid it will not be known for a long time . ”

Wang Shuisheng bitterly said .

His luck was so bad that he just met a disaster .

Unexpectedly such a terrible thing was hidden here .

Now that the demon was out, he doesn’t know how long it would take to clean it up .

His project was on the verge of becoming a total failure .

Moreover, it was impossible to hide such a big thing . Even if it could be concealed from the people at the bottom of society, it couldn’t be concealed from people like Wang Shuisheng .

It won’t be long before those people get news .

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