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Chapter 173

Instead of leaving, Wang Shuisheng went towards a temporary metal construction near the radiation source .

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This was the temporary headquarters of nuclear defense crisis incident management .

Not only were there leaders from the nuclear defense Leading small group(LSG), but also nuclear defense experts from cities and even from provinces .

Here, all the people were wearing white protective suits .

“Mayor Li, how is the current situation?”

Wang Shuisheng asked Li Zuxin, the leader of the nuclear defense LSG .

Li Zixun was a deputy mayor and was in charge of this time’s nuclear defense crisis incident management .

It was not easy to work .

If you are in a radiation area and even if there was protective clothing, you might not be 100% safe .

Unfortunately, this was his job .

“The amount of nuclear waste inside has been calculated . Alas, it doesn’t look optimistic, when the foundation was being built, the radiation protection wall of the storage station was pierced, and then there was rain . Because the rain entered into it, the nuclear material mixed with rain and leaked out . According to the experts’ prediction, the radiation concentration in this area will gradually increase and its duration is difficult to estimate . Fortunately, the leakage of nuclear was detected in time, and the surrounding area doesn’t have rich groundwater resources, so the possibility of the nuclear material spreading to the surrounding area with the infiltration of groundwater will be greatly reduced . ”

Said Li Zixun .

He looked at Wang Shuisheng with a complicated expression, the richest man of the Yang city, an influential figure . Even he dared not look down on him, but now he has encountered a disaster .

He sighed, it’s afraid that it wouldn’t be long before Wang and his Jinyang group became a thing of the past .

Of course, he didn’t say it .

“Mayor Li, I have something I want to tell you . ”

Wang Shuisheng thought about it, he knew that to plant that kind of grass on the construction site, he would need Li Zixun’s consent .

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“Please say, Mr . Wang . ”

Li Zixun perceived that there was some change in wang Shuisheng .

“Mr . Ye Xiaochen,  a botanist in our yang city, said he has developed a plant that could absorb nuclear radiation . If it is planted in the whole construction site, it can remove all the nuclear radiation from underground within one month . ”

Wang Shuisheng said in a very calm tone .

As Wang Shuisheng watched Li Zixun’s expression grow more and more astonished, he naturally knew what he was thinking . After all, it was too ridiculous .

Even the country couldn’t get rid of the radiation .

“You mean Ye Xiaochen of Jing County?”

Li Zixun felt his head was stiff .

“Yes . ”

Wang Shuisheng nodded .

“Is he kidding? How is that possible?”

Li Zixun felt hard to believe .

If a plant that purifies nuclear radiation was really researched, then its contribution to the world will be unimaginable .

“I believe in Mr . Ye . ”

Wang Shuisheng quietly said .

Li Zixun thought for a moment and then said, “I can’t make a decision on this issue . I need to talk with the superiors . ”

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“All right”

Wang Shuisheng nodded . He naturally knew that the reason why he told Li Zixun first was that he respected Li Zixun .

Soon, Li Ziuxn talked with his superiors and finally got the permission, so that ye Xiaochen could have a try .

Anyway, there was nothing to lose, and it won’t increase the nuclear radiation .

Wang Shuisheng was not surprised, after all, he knew that Secretary Zeng attached great importance to ye Xiaochen .

On the way back to the farm, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Zeng Hongye .

“Sister Zeng . ”

Ye Xiaochen answered the call .

“Xiaochen, does the plant you have developed really eliminate nuclear radiation?”

Asked Zeng Hongye .

After all, such a major incident happened in her jurisdiction . Moreover, this couldn’t be solved in a short time . Although it was not her responsibility, it must need to be handled by her .

Especially in this area which involved a major project in the city, she had been supporting this project .

Now that there was such a big mess, she was under a lot of pressure .

“Sister Zeng, you can rest assured . I am sure about it . ”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently .

“Xiaochen, I am relieved to hear that you are very confident . If your method really works, then I think you will become famous all over the world . ”

Zeng Hongye laughed and said .

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She was not joking .

Purification of nuclear radiation has always been a major problem . The countries have no good method, they could only rely on forces of nature and use the time to purify .

If Ye Xiaochen could really solve the problem of nuclear radiation, then he would shock the whole world .

At that time, Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t just be the Yang city’s top botanist, but the world’s top botanist .

Such fame couldn’t be compared with each other . It was the glory and fame achieved through real achievements, not supported by some expert groups .

“Haha sister Zeng, I just wanted to help in solving brother Wang’s problem . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

He naturally knew that the immortal grass used to purify nuclear radiation, its impact would be indescribable .

After a few more exchanges of words, they hung up .

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he knew that he was going to be busy for a while .

After all, the seed of the immortal grass could only be planted by him, otherwise, it would take too long for them to germinate by natural rooting .

Back at home, Ye Xiaochen bought a pack of immortal grass seeds from the store and put them into the seed promoting liquid .

A pack contains 500 seeds, one plant could cover a radius of 6 to 10 meters . Such a large construction site would require at least a thousand immortal grass .

As there were things to do tomorrow, Ye Xiaochen began to work on the farm .

Now he was eating immortal plants every day, and condensing the spirit seed and was practicing the Shennong Farming, so his spirit was more energetic . Even if he only sleeps for two to three hours a day, he was still full of energy .

The next morning, after picking all the vegetables and watering all the plants, Ye Xiaochen drove away from the farm .

He had a busy day ahead .

In the construction site .

Wang Shuisheng had already arrived .

In addition to him, Mayor Li Zixun of the LSG and several nuclear defense experts were there, and also an excavator and its operator .

“Mayor Li . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook hands with Li Zixun .

Li Zixun was very polite to Ye Xiaochen .

Not only Ye Xiaochen was the top botanist of Yang city, but the superiors also attached great importance to him, and even secretary Zeng fully supported Ye Xiaochen .

Naturally, he was very careful .

Only those nuclear defense experts looked at Ye Xiaochen with strange eyes .

When they learned that someone wanted to use plants to purify the radiation, they thought it was ridiculous .

Even if that person was the top botanist in the city, they thought it was impossible to achieve .

Of course, they were people with identity, they wouldn’t show the traces of thought on the face

It was just, no one believes it .

In fact, even Li Zixun doesn’t believe it at all .

A randomly researched plant could purify nuclear radiation, were so many scientists around the world good for nothing?

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