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Chapter 170

Ye Xiaochen wiped the sweat and continued to dig .

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Even after a long time, the root was not completely dugout .

It was really very long .

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were completely dumbfounded, was this a normal rapeseed seedling?

Obviously, it was not .

This rapeseed was grown by Ye Xiaochen, the length of its root has reached an astonishing level .

This was the magic of the art of growth, letting plants grow taller, letting plants grow leaves, it could be said as miracle magic .

In this way, he continued to dig for half an hour, Wang Shuisheng wanted to help, but Ye Xiaochen did not let him do it .

Finally, a hole more than a meter deep was dug .

The root of the plant was over one meter, it should be at least two to three meters .

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were more confused, what does Ye Xiaochen want to do?

“Brother Wang, Mr . Feng, did you notice something?”

Ye Xiaochen pointed at the rapeseed seedlings lying in the pit .

“No . ”

Wang Shuisheng shook his head .

“Mr . Ye, why is the root of this seedling so long?”

Feng Xifan asked .

“It is just a small trick, but you guys look at the root, doesn’t it look slightly grey?”

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Ye Xiaochen didn’t say much and just pointed towards the root .

“Yeah, if you hadn’t said it, I wouldn’t have noticed . It does appear a little gray . What’s the cause?”

Feng Xifan looked closely and nodded .

“The secret is here, brother Wang, take this root and do a lab test of it, you should be able to solve the mystery . ”

Ye Xiaochen pulled the roots, and took a piece of it, then said to Wang Shuisheng .


Wang Shuisheng was in doubt but still nodded .

“Mr . Ye, then what about this mother-son demon seal bottle gourd?”

Feng Xifan was a little uncertain .

“Let’s discuss after the test . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Immediately, the three people got inside the car .

…………… .

Wang Shuisheng quickly did things, and after two hours, the results came out .

At Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

Feng Xifan and Ye Xiaochen were still there .

At the moment, in Wang Shuisheng’s hand, there was a lab test report, his face was very gloomy .

“Damn it, how could there be radioactive materials under the ground?”

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His mood was very bad, this was not a small matter .

If they couldn’t get rid of the radioactive material in the soil, then the project was dead .

This was a leisure and entertainment-oriented project . Now that there was radioactive material in the land, who would dare to come here to have fun, wouldn’t it be making fun of their health?

“Brother Wang, didn’t you explore the situation before starting the project?”

Feng Xifan quietly asked .

It was not surprising that the land containing radioactive material has become a fierce place .

The so-called inauspicious influence was just an illusory talk, in scientific terms it was all kinds of radiation and magnetic fields .

“Obviously, it has been explored . Before the development started, the water and soil have been strictly tested and they were completely up to the standard . ”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes were red .

If the project collapses, then the damage would be too great . Perhaps he would go from the richest man to a debtor overnight .

For this project, he has borrowed a lot of money from the bank .

Once something goes wrong with the project, the bank would surely urge him to pay, in addition, other investors, partners would all rush in together to demand repayment .

As for his competitor, they would surely drag him down more .

“Brother Wang, is someone trying to deal with you? Otherwise, how can there be radioactive materials?”

Feng Xifan suddenly asked .

“It’s impossible . I have sent someone to test the whole area . The radioactive material is all over the place . The deeper you go into the earth, the greater the concentration . How much radioactive material would be needed for such a large area, even my opponents don’t have such great ability, besides, this a disaster for hundred years, who would dare to do it?”

Wang Shuisheng’s voice was somewhat hoarse .

God was playing with him!

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He couldn’t figure out how so much radioactive material could appear in the soil out of nowhere?

“Could there be some hidden place underground where there is a lot of radioactive material? And while doing construction you destroyed the hidden place and let the radioactive material leak?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly asked .

“It is impossible . All the records of the land were checked before launching the project . There was no underground defense project or no storage warehouse for radioactive material or anything like that . Otherwise, the government would have not opened this land . ”

Wang Shuisheng shook his head and suddenly seemed to think of something, “Wait . I remember half a month ago while digging a foundation, a person said below 70-80 meter, he encountered a hard rock layer and the drill got even broken . Then several workers continued to have problems, but it is not right . If there was radioactive material, it should have been detected early by these people . ”

Feng Xifan remained silent .

He was aware of the danger of radioactive materials .

As long as the radioactive material in the soil was not eliminated, even the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd couldn’t stabilize the Feng Shui .

The removal of radioactive material, even at the national level, was a problem .

It has been decades since Russia’s nuclear power plant exploded, and the area around was still no mans’ land .

Ye Xiaochen also had no method .

Planting was his line of business, and could even use it to help Wang Shuisheng find out the cause, but letting him get rid of the underground radioactive material was difficult for him .

Seeing Wang Shuisheng’s red eyes, Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart . Wang Shuisheng was in great trouble . If he couldn’t pass this, then it‘s afraid that… . But the problem was there was no method to pass this obstacle!

There was no solution unless the radioactive material from the underground could be removed .

Wang Shuisheng went out .

Ye Xiaochen comforted Chu Qingqing, said goodbye to Wang Xinyi, and drove home .

However, his mind could not calm down at all, he kept on thinking about Wang Shuisheng’s matters .

No matter what, Wang Shuisheng had helped him, and now that he was in such a big difficulty, he wanted to help him .

“In the end, what is the way?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered .

Suddenly, he got an idea . Immediately he opened the Shennong system and contacted the Goddess of the moon .

“Goddess of the moon, do you know about a material that can release invisible rays and is harmful to mortals?”

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen replied to the uneasy Ye Xiaochen .

“Yes . ”

The response was simple .

Ye Xiaochen was very excited and immediately asked, “What is that material?”

“One question, ten immortal yuan . ”

The Goddess of the moon replied formally .

Well, he knew there would be fees .

Fortunately, he was wise enough to save more than 200 immortal yuan, otherwise, he would have needed to sell a batch of immortal beans .

Quickly he paid ten immortal yuan to the Goddess of the moon .

“This material is called obsidian in the immortal circle and is of different types . And emits an invisible obsidian force . The weak ones have an effect on the mortal, and the stronger one could even let the first-grade immortal perish . ”

The goddess of the moon shortly answered .

“Goddess of the moon, is there any way to remove this Obsidian?”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly asked again .

Obviously, he paid the ten immortal yuan .

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