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Chapter 169

Tian Heyuan project construction site .

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This was a big project developed under the banner of the real estate company Jinyang .

This was going to be a large scale activity center integrating entertainment, leisure, and shopping .

Just the land alone cost Jinyang more than 1 billion yuan, and the subsequent capital they put was even bigger, reaching to the point of 2 billion yuan .

Once this huge engineering project becomes successful, then Jinyang group would benefit a lot .

However, half a month ago, the Tian Heyuan project was forced to halt after a series of engineering accidents on the foundation of the main construction .

Such a large engineering project even if stopped for a day was a huge loss to them . After all, different kinds of engineering equipment, machinery, and laborers were all money!

Wang Shuisheng afterwards invited Feng Xifan . He carefully surveyed the area and found that there was a Feng Shui problem .

Originally, before the construction started, even before buying land, the Feng Shui was carefully checked and there were no problems .

His reason was that the change in Feng Shui was unpredictable . It might be a Feng Shui treasure place and the next moment it might become a dangerous place .

Especially in big projects like this, it could be said changing the lands, which naturally could change the pattern of Feng Shui .

The car was parked near the construction site, where the columns made of dense steel bars stood .

Different kinds of materials were there and many types of machinery were parked .

Ye Xiaochen got down from the car and looked at the small tree not far from him . Due to serious damage to the construction site, rarely a tree could be seen .

The small tree remained because it was far away from the place where construction started .

However, the leaves of this tree had withered and it doesn’t have any vitality, it seemed to be dead .

He gently touched the tree and communicated with his consciousness .

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Shortly, he showed a thoughtful look .

Though he couldn’t see the Feng Shui nor the changes in the Feng Shui pattern, however, his spirit talent has made his spirit consciousness extremely sensitive .

After entering this site, he always felt an uncomfortable feeling .

Now, after communicating with the dying tree, he was more sure of it .

“Brother Wang, at that location construct a temporary altar and decorate it . Then put the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd on the altar . It will eliminate the evil spirit from here and will make the project continue smoothly . ”

Feng Xifan pointed to a position not far away .

“Mr . Feng, what about after this project is completed?”

Wang Shuisheng asked .

“It is simple . After the completion of the project, the Feng Shui pattern here will completely change . After my design layout, and with the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd’s long time suppression, it is enough to make the evil disappear . ”

Feng Xifan said in a confident tone .

Suddenly, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and said, “Mr . Ye, do you think I was negligent?”

In his words, there was little intention of asking for advice .

Although Ye Xiaochen was a botanist and was not related to the Feng Shui industry, he was the one who found the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, so he didn’t dare to look down on Ye Xiaochen .

Moreover, he was always observing Ye XIaochen, he felt that Ye Xiaochen seemed to find something, so he asked this question .

“Although I don’t understand the change in Feng Shui pattern, let’s assume there is a change in it . You look at that tree, what do you see?”

Ye Xiaochen did not answer directly, instead asked a question .

“The tree is covered in dust, the living environment is getting worse and it’s dying . ”

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Feng Xifan observed and said .

“It is not just that, it is also related to changes of Feng shui pattern here . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Xiaochen, how can Feng Shui pattern have such a big impact on the tree?”

Wnag Shuisheng was startled .

If the tree was dying, then it was not a Feng Shui field, but must be radiation .

Ye Xiaochen did not speak and gently broke a branch from the small tree .

It was almost dry .

When Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan looked at the interface of the branch, they were shocked, because the interface was black, as it had been burnt .

This matter was not as simple as dying .

“Brother Wang, give me the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Wang Shuisheng quickly took out the spirit gourd from the car and handed it to Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen walked around the field with the spirit gourd .

He closed his eyes slightly as if he was sensing something .

Shortly, he came to a place, stopped, and did not move for a while .

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at the sky .

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Today was a sunny day .

Due to the winter season, the sun was not strong, so the sunlight gave a warm and relaxed feeling .

His eyes narrowed .

He thought for a moment and suddenly took out a seed from his pocket .

This was the rapeseed .

He squatted on the ground and put the seed on the ground .

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan looked at him and did not say anything, but they were curious about Ye Xiaochen’s action .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen covered the seed with his palm, this lasted for more than ten seconds, then he gently raised his hand and slowly lifted it .

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan saw a green color object .

The two were shocked, and their face showed incredible expression, they stared at the seedling growing at the speed visible to naked eye under Ye Xiaochen’s palm, their heart was filled with horror .

This magical scene was completely beyond their scope of thinking, tearing apart their world view and letting them see a miracle .

Letting the seed take root and sprout in such a short time .

This was magic!

This was real magic!

At this moment, whether it was Wang Shuisheng or Feng Xifan, they looked at Ye Xiaochen with different eyes, there was unspeakable admiration in their eyes .

Wasn’t it admirable to be able to master such mysterious power?

Ten minutes later, the seed had taken root and grew to half foot tall .

Being able to grow so fast without a defect has a lot to do with Ye Xiaochen’s progress in the art of growth .

After a while, Ye Xiaochen felt tired and retracted his hand .

Although the dying small tree could provide him with some information, it was not as good as the rape seedling he grew .

Sometimes plants were more sensitive to the environment than humans .

In some places with excessive environmental pollution, people won’t feel it, but the grass and trees would die because plants were very sensitive to the environment .

“Brother Wang, bring a shovel . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“All right”

Without asking much Wang Shuisheng hurriedly ran to the distant shed and brought a shovel .

Ye Xiaochen began to dig .

The soil here was relatively soft and was not difficult to dig .

After a few minutes, the soil around the rapeseed was dug, but Ye Xiaochen did not stop and continued to dig .

After digging for a long time, the root system of the whole plant was exposed .

“Why is the root so long?”

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were puzzled .

There was still a part of roots in the soil, and the exposed part was longer than the seedling outside the soil .

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