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Chapter 167

“Eight million”

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Wang Shuisheng clenched his teeth and raised the price by one million .

“Haha, Wang Shuisheng, don’t be so anxious, take your time . ”

Cao Xinhong said with a smirk, “8 . 1 million”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes were cold . “Then, I don’t need it . ”

Although this demon eliminating bottle gourd was good, reaching the price of 8 million was already expensive .

This was what Feng Xifan analyzed .

He saved only a small amount for this kind of Dharma artifact and coupled with Cao Xinhong’s stirring, his limit was till this point .

Cao Xinhong was slightly stunned for a moment, and said, “Wang Shusiheng, don’t you require this kind of dharma artifact? Why don’t you bid again and I will stop?”

How was it possible for Wang Shuisheng to believe him?

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen whispered in Wang Shuisheng’s ear, “ Brother Wang, if you believe me . Get this gourd, no matter how much money it takes . ”

He said very quietly, even the Feng Xifan next to them couldn’t hear it clearly .

Wang Shuisheng was slightly surprised and there was a hesitation in his face .

He believes in Ye Xiaochen, but just now Feng Xifan said that the demon eliminating bottle gourd max price was 6-7 million .

Ye Xiaochen was just a botanist, could it be that he also dabbles in the Feng Shui artifacts?

He pondered for a moment and decided to believe in Ye Xiaochen .

“Ten Million . ”

Wang Shuisheng smiled and said, “If you bid again, I will stop . ”

He raised the price directly by 1 . 9 million yuan .

Feng Xifan next to him was slightly stunned, he wondered what Ye Xiaochen said, even let Wang Shuiheng increase the price so much in one go?

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Cao Xinhong was also stunned, he did not expect Wang Shuisheng would really bid .

If he bids again and Wang Shuisheng doesn’t, then won’t he be spending 10 . 1 million yuan to buy this demon eliminating bottle gourd?

He would become a fool .

“Ah, Wang Shuisheng, you are really brave . ”

Cao Xinhong smiled and did not bid again .

In this way, the demon eliminating bottle gourd fell into the hands of Wang Shuisheng .

Soon, the demon eliminating bottle gourd was delivered to Wang Shuisheng .

The second item was the wooden qilin beast, after a fierce competition, a rich man named Li Daoyuan took it for 13 . 8 million .

This kind of auspicious beast was very popular .

When the third item stand-in scarecrow came, the bidding was not much active .

This stand-in scarecrow was difficult to identify, and don’t know whether it was authentic or not .

No one was a fool here . If they spend millions of yuan to buy an ordinary scarecrow, they would vomit blood!

So they were bidding carefully .

When it reached 2 . 5 million, no one raised the bid .

“Cao Xinhong offers 2 . 5 million yuan . Who is going to bid higher?”

The silver-haired old man asked .

Cao Xinhong said with a smile, “Haha, this scarecrow is very exquisite . I think my precious grandson will like it . ”

“Cao Xinhong, you are just buying a pile of straw . ”

Wang Shuisheng couldn’t help but say sarcastically .

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“You don’t have to worry about that . Even if it is used as firewood to cook, I will still be happy . ”

Cao Xinhong smiled, “Old Wu, don’t wait . This stand-in scarecrow is mine . ”

The silver-haired old man looked around and nodded . He was about to speak .

Suddenly, a quiet voice came, “Slow down, 2 . 6 million . ”

Everyone looked at the source of the sound, it turned out to be Ye Xiaochen who was beside Wang Shuisheng .

“Mr . Ye, do you also believe in this scarecrow?”

Dong Haitong, who spoke to Ye Xiaochen before was surprised .

“Haha, I’m very interested in researching plants and trees . I wanted to study how this straw could survive for more than 100 years . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

Many people in the room suddenly understood .

It is estimated only for this reason a botanist like Ye Xiacohen would be interested .

“Then we are looking forward to Mr . Ye’s research, whether this straw is really a hundred years old . ”

Dong Haitong laughed and said .

Everyone present on the scene was not sure whether this stand-in scarecrow was authentic or not .

Naturally, they were curious about the truth of the straw .

“Ye Xiaochen, do you want to fight against me?”

Cao Xinhong’s face was gloomy and coldly said .

“Why, can’t I?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

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“That’s not true . I just wanted to know if you have the capital to compete with me . ”

Cao Xinhong sneered .

In fact, in his heart, he was scolding Ye Xiaochen for not playing according to the routine . This scarecrow almost became his, but now he made a wave .

“Why wouldn’t he have? I’m here”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile .

Cao Xinhong’s complexion turned ugly .

Comparing the financial resources, he was still behind Wnaag Shusiheng . If Wang Shusiheng was stubborn about helping Ye Xiaochen, then his desire to get this Scarecrow would become a little difficult .

Everyone on the scene felt there was going to be a good show to see . Cao Xinhong and Wang Shuisheng’s dispute once again strengthened .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen and Cao Xinhong competed with each other .

“Three million . ”

“3 . 1 million”

“3 . 5 million”

“3 . 6 million”

“4 million”

“4 . 1 million”

Shortly, the price of the stand-in scarecrow reached 4 . 5 million yuan .

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly .

His current asset was just more than 4million yuan .

Although Wang Shusiheng was there to help, he didn’t want to use his money .

Now he has reached his limit and Cao Xinhong was still fighting with him .

When other people are rich, oneself would appear weak .

“Five million . ”

Cao Xinhong’s eyes were cold, “Ye Xiaochen . If you have the ability, then continue . I will fight with you till the end”

“Cao Xinhong, why are you like this? I am bidding this scarecrow for your good . Anycase, I won’t bid . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

The price was so high, he couldn’t continue .

Speaking of which, the reason he wanted to get this Scarecrow was apart from this scarecrow being strange, it has a strange origin, he didn’t want the scarecrow to fall into other hands, otherwise, there would be a disaster .

However, this Cao Xinhong thinks of this scarecrow as a treasure .

“Haha, you don’t need to worry about that . ”

Cao Xinhong laughed loudly .

Now that Ye Xiaochen didn’t continue, this stand-in scarecrow would belong to him .

Although it cost five million yuan, more than two million yuan higher than he estimated, his heart felt fiery as long as he thought about the stand-in scarecrow’s magic .

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he shook his head, this person really has self-harmed .

For a long time, Ye Xiaochen was thinking that since gods exist, then naturally supernatural forces on this earth should also exist .

It was just he never found it, until today . Seeing the stand-in scarecrow, he finally confirmed it .

Although this scarecrow was far from being the real dharma artifact, it was a little superficial, but on this earth, it could also be considered disastrous .

The private auction was finally over .

Ye Xiaochen, Wang Shusiheng, and Feng Xifan did not stay long and left the Tianyang building by car .

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