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Chapter 168

“Xiaochen, why did you make me buy this demon eliminating bottle gourd?”

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Wang Shuisheng holding the box containing the spirit gourd finally asked .

He was able to bear himself till now to ask this question .

Feng Xifan was even more curious .

“Brother Wang, you got a treasure this time . Well, in Mr . Feng’s jargon, it is a leak . ”

(TN: Here the word leak meant for left out treasure or hidden treasure)

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“Picking up a leak? Where does this come from?”

Feng Xifan hurriedly asked, “Although this demon eliminating bottle gourd is good, it’s worth only six-seven million . After all, its ability to eliminate the evil spirit has some limitations . ”

With his vision and insight, this demon eliminating bottle gourd was not worth 10 million .

Wang Shuisheng was also puzzled .

If it wasn’t for him believing in Ye Xiaochen, he wouldn’t have spent two million more .

After all, money couldn’t be wasted .

Ye Xiaochen smiled, he took the box from Wang Shuisheng’s hand and took out the demon eliminating bottle gourd .

“Brother Wang, the reason I said to you picked the leak was because of this . ”

Ye Xiaochen gently touched the bottom of the gourd, unexpectedly there was a mechanism inside it, and all of sudden a small object came out .

This was a smaller gourd, inlaid in the interior of the demon eliminating spirit gourd .

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Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were stunnned .

Especially Feng Xifan, he couldn’t figure out how there was another gourd hidden inside the demon eliminating bottle gourd .

It should be known that he had carefully checked it before, he didn’t find any hidden mechanism .

All of sudden, his complexion changed and seemed to be thinking of something, his eyes suddenly widened and said in an incredible tone, “My God, could this be the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd? ”

“But, isn’t the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd just a legend? It was said they don’t exist . ”

Feng Xifan muttered to himself .

“Mr . Feng, what is this mother-son demon seal bottle gourd?”

Wang Shuisheng’s heart pounded . From Feng Xifan’s expression, he could make out that this bottle gourd may be really extraordinary .

Feng hurriedly said .

“The mother-son demon seal bottle gourd is a higher level Feng Shui dharma artifact than the demon eliminating bottle gourd . I just read in some ancient books, this kind of dharma artifact could suppress the evil spirit of a place . There is no need to arrange the Feng Shui pattern at all, it is immediately capable of suppressing the evil . ”

He continued .

“You look at this small bottle gourd, the son bottle gourd . It is said that the jujube tree which has been hacked to death by lightning, again a new jujube tree grows on it, this is a revival, a new life after calamity and this tree contains endless vitality . When that new jujube tree grows to a certain extent and hasn’t born fruit and again gets hacked to death by lightning, then that jujube tree’s interior is taken and carved into the son bottle gourd . Only by this series of coincidences, can mother-son demon seal bottle gourd be created . “

“So amazing?”

Wang Shsuisheng was in awe .

After all, such coincidences were simply too difficult to happen, naturally, the gourd created from this would be extremely rare .

“Yes . If this is really the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, then this is really priceless!”

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Feng Xifan exclaimed .

Suddenly, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and in an ashamed tone said, “Mr . Ye, please forgive me for being rude with you . It turns out that I was shallow in knowledge and couldn’t match with Mr . Ye”

He accepted it wholeheartedly, Ye Xiaochen was able to see this mother-son demon seal bottle gourd which he could not .

“Mr . Feng, you are being modest . I just found it by coincidence . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile .

“Xiacohen, does the stand-in scarecrow you bid was also a treasure? Why didn’t you continue bidding?”

Wang Shuisheng thought of something and suddenly asked .

“Brother Wang, that thing is not clear, the reason I bid on that was I just didn’t want that evil thing to fall into the hands of others . Unexpectedly, this Cao Xinhong brought his own destruction, and I had no choice . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

“So, that stand-in scarecrow was an evil thing?”

Wang Shusiheng was stunned .

“No? If it was an evil thing, how could Tianyang auction house put it up for auction?”

Feng Xifan said .

Although the rule of the private auction was Tianyang wouldn’t appraise if the item was authentic or not, it would still identify dangerous things . Otherwise, it would cause a disaster to the auctioneer .

“It’s because Tianyang auction house couldn’t appraise it . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

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“If I guess it correctly, I am afraid someone has put this stand-in scarecrow with an ulterior motive to harm people . ”

Ye Xiaochen continued, “Now, that Cao Xinhong has a stand-in scarecrow . Within three months, he and his family will be destroyed . ”

Wang Shusiheng and Feng Xifan’s whole body became cold when they heard .

They believed in Ye Xiaochen’s words .

Tianyang building, a suite on a certain floor .

There lived a young couple .

There was a knock at the door .

After opening, the silver-haired old man from the Tianyang auction horse came in, “The stand-in scarecrow has been suctioned off . This is the money obtained after the auction . Everything is on the card . ”

“Good, you can go . ”

The young smiled and took the card .

The silver-haired man said nothing and walked out without taking another look .

“Hehe, this is a good method . When the cursed doll is out, we can swindle the money again . Killing two birds with one stone . ”

The young man with an evil look on his face raised the bank card and smiled .

“You have the most clever plans”

The young woman was charming and said, “But after we finish the task, we should have fun . ”

In another car .

Cao Xinhong looked at the box containing the stand-in scarecrow with admiring eyes .

“Master Ning, what kind of preparation and things are needed to activate this stand-in scarecrow? I’ll let people prepare it now . ”

He asked the middle-aged man who was sitting beside him .

The middle-aged man has a strong personality, but his features were very incongruous . He has a pair of eyes, one big and another small . His nose was flat and was far from his eyes .

And his mouth was crooked .

The pair of jug ears looked strange .

Cao Xinhong did not dare to underestimate this Master Ning .

“Boss Cao, rest assured, it does not need many things . According to the record from the teacher’s book, as long as you write your birth data in this stand-in scarecrow, and then everyday feed it with a drop of blood, the scarecrow will absorb your blood and establish contact with you, and would become like your stand-in . It will take 100 consecutive days to take effect . ”

Master Ning said confidently .

“I request Master Ning . ”

Cao Xinhong was impatient .

He believed in master Ning . After all, he was a famous disciple of the Xiangmen sect in the southern province .

He met this Master Ning by coincidence .

It was said that the Xiangmen’s disciple appearances were very strange . It was said that they reveal the secrets of the universe, which backfires on them and completely change their appearance .

He didn’t know if it was true .

However, this strange-looking Master Ning was a real thing .

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