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Chapter 166

“Xiaochen, what do you think?”

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Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s expression and hurriedly asked .

“I agree with Mr . Feng’s appraisal . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

Feng Xifan immediately showed a triumphant smile and couldn’t help stroking his beard .

In his view, it was Ye Xiaochen’s way of showing goodwill .

No matter what, Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist, his goodwill to speak has increased his face .

The Appraisal of the first small dharma artifact was completed .

It was put back on the table near the silver-haired old man .

The second small dharma artifact was brought up .

A tawny wooden qilin .

Lifelike and was exquisitely carved .

After this wooden qilin was brought up, a light fragrance emerged, which felt good to smell .

“It is a home guardian qilin beast . It is said to be made of 300 old year agarwood . After making it, it was put in a special furnace to be baked . ”

The silver-haired old man said .

Many people became curious .

Wood should easily burn when put in the furnace, right?

Not to mention this rare timber of agarwood .

“Unexpectedly, the secret furnace fire sealing technique was used on this home guard qilin beast?”

Feng Xifan was very surprised .

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“Mr . Feng, what is this secret furnace fire sealing technique?”

Wang Shuisheng asked with curiosity .

“It is also a secret technique that has been lost a long time ago . It was once included in the Mohist heavenly book . . ”

Feng Xifan said .

“Mohist heavenly book, isn’t that a legend, could it be that it really exists?”

Wang Shisheng became more curious .

“Of course . It is said that there 108 kinds of strange mysteries recorded in the Mohist heavenly book, and each of them is incredible . Unfortunately, this heavenly book has been lost and could only find its mentions in some ancient books . ”

Feng Xifan sighed .

The home guard qilin beast finally came to their table .

After Feng Xifan and Wang Shuisheng took a look, Ye Xiaochen also glanced at it .

This home guard qilin beast radiated certain heat, the wood was delicate and the smell was pleasant .

“Mr . Feng, is this  wooden qilin authentic?”

Wang Shuisheng asked .

“It is real, only this is used to guard the home and gather wealth . ”

Wang Shuisheng was a little tempted, but he knew that this was not his target .

Also, he knew that this kind of small dharma artifact was very precious, and competition for it would be very fierce .

The third small dharma artifact was also brought up .

When people saw it, they were surprised, because this was a scarecrow .

A foot tall, made of straws .

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It looked extremely exquisite and delicate .

However, the scarecrow was a little dark, as if it had been years .

“This is a stand-in scarecrow . It was said that the straws have been a hundred years old . It was refined with a special mystery technique so that it could last long and would not rot . Finally, gathering 100 straws the stand-in scarecrow was weaved . It is said that this scarecrow can be used to eliminate the disaster and prevent troubles . As long as using a special sacrificial method the birth data is written on the body of this scarecrow, that  person can live a long life, be free from all disease, will not face any disaster and troubles, and even will benefit the person’s family . ”

Said the silver-haired old man .

This caused a great shock to the people present on the scene .

Stand-in scarecrow actually was so magical?

They were all superstitious people, otherwise, they would have not gathered here for the private auction .

If the person has a stand-in scarecrow, won’t that person be able to live a long life and be favored by his family?

How many people dream of that?

Everyone’s eyes grew hot .

The only thing to worry, was it real?

This stand-in scarecrow was more attractive than the previous two small dharma artifacts .

“Mr . Feng, is this stand-in scarecrow real?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Feng Xifan was still carefully identifying the scarecrow and hurriedly asked .

“It’s so amazing . It is really very old . The straw hasn’t rotten . I don’t know what kind of techniques were used?”

Feng Xifan didn’t seem to hear anything and muttered to himself .

“Brother, Wang, I can’t identify if this stand-in scarecrow is real or not, but the straw has been preserved using a strange method . ”

He suddenly looked up and said .

Wang Shisheng frowned and there was some hesitation .

He was a user, not a collector . He always buys things for its use, and not for a display purpose .

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Ye Xiaochen also took a look, when he contacted the scarecrow, he suddenly felt a sense of horror .

It was a strange feeling as if his mind has been pricked by a needle .

He quickly let go .

“Xiaochen, what’s the matter?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s complexion turning worse, and quickly asked .

“Nothing . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head .

He looked at the scarecrow and was surprised . Why did this scarecrow give him such a terrible feeling?

Really Strange!

He took a deep breath and touched the scarecrow again . He tried to stay calm and communicate with the scarecrow using his spirit talent .

After a while, he let go of his hand on the scarecrow . His face was a little strange . He touched the scarecrow again but didn’t get the feeling he felt previously .

It was like the scarecrow became ordinary .

However, the information left on the straws of the scarecrow was quite in line with the information of the silver-haired old man .

These straws were a hundred years old .

Merely the feeling he got a few moments ago made him realize that this scarecrow was not a treasure that eliminates disasters, but was an evil object .

Moreover, the information hidden in the straws also gave him some clues .

“Well, everyone should have checked the three small dharma artifacts . Now I will begin the auction . ”

The silver-haired man stood up and said .

Everyone ended their private discussions .

The first item to be auctioned was the demon eliminating bottle gourd .

The starting price was 1 million .

Each increase should not be less than one hundred thousand yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, this price was really expensive .

There was a total of 12 bidders on the scene,  all of them were famous tycoons in the Southern province having the wealth of at least several hundred million yuan .

They did not hesitate to bid, and soon the price reached near four million yuan .

When it came to five million yuan, the number of competitors slowly decreased .

Finally, it was only Wang Shuisneg and Cao Xinhong .

Anyone could see that Cao Xinhong was intentionally raising the price .

Wang Shuisheng’s complexion became gloomy .

Cao Xinhong clearly wanted to raise the price .

However, he had to fight, after all, among the three small dharma artifacts, only the demon eliminating bottle gourd was urgently needed by him .

Moreover, Feng Xifan determined this was authentic, so he naturally wanted to get it .

However, currently, Cao Xinhong was stirring the price, even if he wins, he was afraid he might need to spend large amounts of money .

“Seven million . ”

Cao Xinhong triumphantly said .

As long as Wang Shusiheng was sad, he felt happy .

Moreover, he had already investigated, Wang Shuisheng requires the power of this demon eliminating bottle gourd .

It was an opportunity to toy with Wang Shuisheng, and he won’t let it go .

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