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Chapter 165

The VIP auction room was very different from what Ye Xiaochen had imagined .

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It was not a hall, but a luxurious room like a conference room .

Tables and chairs were lined up in a row, and on each table, a group of people was sitting .

In the middle, there was a fiberglass round table and a mahogany chair .

As soon as Wang Shuisheng arrived, several people greeted him .

“Old Wang, you are late . ”

“You have invited Mr . Feng, it seems that this time you are determined to win the small dharma artifact . ”

“Old Wang, who is this young man next to you? even brought him here . ”

The people who greeted Wang Shuisheng were naturally not simple characters . The financial power was not inferior to that of Wang Shuisheng . They were all rich people .

“Haha, he is Ye Xiaochen, the top botanist of Yang city, have you heard of him?”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile .

“Ah, so he is Ye Xiaochen . I heard that Ye Xiaochen is a young man and already a top botanist . I thought it was just rumored, but I didn’t expect it to be really true . ”

The speaker was a strong dark-skinned man . He looked at Ye Xiaochen in surprise and he immediately greeted and said, “Mr, Ye, I am Dong Haitong from Xiatan city . Is Mr . Ye also interested in these small dharma artifacts?”

“Haha, even if I am interested, I can’t afford it . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

The small dharma artifact auctioned here should naturally be expensive, and it might even cost tens of millions .

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Other people also were very interested in Ye Xiaochen and greeted him . After all, Ye Xiaochen has become popular during this period, naturally, people were curious about him .

Suddenly, the person sitting on the opposite side chuckled and said, “Everyone says that Ye Xiaochen is a famous top botanist, but I don’t think so . I don’t know what kind of achievement and contribution he made that he has this honor?”

When that person spoke, many people were stunned .

Wang Shuisheng looked at that person and coldly said, “Cao Xinhong, what do you mean by this?”

“I don’t mean anything . It is just a little bit uncomfortable . A boy who hasn’t grown up calls himself a top botanist . It’s ridiculous . What is wrong Wang Shuisheng? I didn’t say it to you, why are you angry? Is it because he likes your deaf sister?”

The man named Cao Xinhong was medium stature and strong build, he was wearing gold necklaces around his neck, giving the feeling of nouveau riche .

He spoke rudely and did not give a face to Wang Shuisheng .

“Cao Xinhong, shut your mouth . ”

Wang Shuisheng slammed the table and stood up, his face was cold .

The two almost reached the point of fighting .

The people present on the scene knew that Cao Xinhong and Wang Shuisheng were among the top three richest people in Yang city, but these two people were like fire and water . Whenever these two meet, there will always be strong gunpowder in the air .

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes also became cold . He doesn’t seem to have offended Cao Xinhong anywhere?

“Calm down both of you . This is the auction house . We will be having the auction soon, don’t  disturb the harmony . ”

An old man with silver hair came walking in with a cane .

Originally like swords drawn they were about to hit each other, but immediately Wang Shuisheng and Cao Xinhong sat down . Obviously, the identity of the old man was not simple . They both were afraid of him .

Soon the room became quiet, and people were whispering in low voices .

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Wang Shuisheng whispered to Ye Xiaochen about Cao Xinhong .

Ye Xiaochen got to know how he offended Cao Xinhong . Originally, when the experts’ group was on inspection, this Cao Xinhong’s Xinhong group had been on the inspection list, but because of Ye Xiaochen, they directly removed it from the list .

After Cao Xinhong got to know, he naturally hated Ye Xiaochen .

Moreover, he and Wang Shuisheng were rivals .

Cap Xinhong believed that his company was removed from the regular quota because Ye Xiacohen instructed it, and it could not be separated from Wang Shuisheng .

Otherwise why from the regular quota and reserved quota only his Xinhong group was deleted?

Ye Xiaochen was speechless . What does it have to do with him? It was the experts’ group decision, he was innocent in this matter .

“Everyone, it is not the first time for you guys to participate in this small dharma auction . The authenticity of this small dharma is determined by you . If there are any fakes, Tianyang auction house is not responsible for it . ”

The silver-haired old man reached the table in the middle and sat down .

The people on the scene were aware of these private auction rules . The private auction will not be recorded in the auction records of the Tianyang auction house, and there was no need to pay taxes . Because of this, the price of the auction items was lower than normal as there was no tax in it .

There was also another important reason, the unusual objects like small dharma artifacts were difficult to identify and were not suitable to auction with precious items .

“In this auction, there are three small dharma artifacts . Now, I am taking out the first one, you can appraise it . ”

The silver-haired old man saw that no one had any objections, and clapped . Immediately, a woman in a Cheongsam came with a box, walked towards the table, put it down, and then stepped back .

The silver-haired old man opened the box, revealing a grey gourd that seemed to have been burned .

“This is a demon eliminating bottle gourd . It is said to be made of eight hundred-year-old lightning hacked jujube wood and contains three jujubes inside it . ”

The silver-haired old man picked up the half foot tall gourd and gently shook it, making a very clear sound .

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“Let me take a look . ”

A bald man suddenly got up and said .

He walked towards it, took the gourd, and returned to the seat . Then he started talking in low voice with those close to him .

After four or five minutes, the bald man handed the gourd to another table .

In this way, everyone took the turns to identify it .

It was now Wang Shuisheng’s turn .

“Brother Wang, you see, this is the lightning pattern left after hacked by lightning . It seems to be scorched yellow, but it actually contains the power of yang lightning and has the power to remove evil . It can be said to be the best spirit wood material for the small dharma . ”

Feng Xifan spoke freely .

He took a flashlight and pointed it at the small opening of the gourd to check the situation inside .

“There are really three pieces of jujube . After absorbing a lot of evil qi, it has become fiend jujube . It is the perfect material for making yin artifacts . ”

Feng Xifan said .

“Mr . Feng, these three jujubes look almost the same as fresh ones . How can you put them in?”

Wang Shuisheng also took a look and asked curiously .

“It is a long lost secret skill . It’s said that you can refine fresh jujube to a small size, without hurting it . After the refined jujube is put into the demon eliminating bottle gourd, it will absorb the evil qi and recover slowly becoming the same as the fresh jujube . ”

Feng Xifan said .

“I didn’t expect there was such a thing . ”

Wang Shuisheng exclaimed .

“Of course, the difficulty of making this demon eliminating bottle gourd is only medium level . There are high-level small dharma artifacts that are very complex and hard to describe . Those were priceless . ”

Feng Xifan said .

“Then Mr . Feng, is this demon eliminating bottle gourd authentic?”

Wang Shuisheng quickly asked .

“This demon eliminating bottle gourd itself is authentic . It mainly depends on the material, the age of the jujube wood and the jujube dates in the gourd . Any problem in it will affect the value of the demon eliminating bottle gourd . ”

Feng Xifan continued, “After my judgment, the jujube wood of this demon elimination gourd which has been hacked by lightning should be at least 500 years old . According to the lightning pattern, it has suffered many times from lightning . There are also three pieces of jujube that are purple in color, normal size, and have a peculiar silk wired pattern . The most important thing if this jujube was different from this demon eliminating gourd wood, the power of the demon eliminating bottle gourd would have greatly affected, and these jujubes would be dried . Now, these jujubes are bright and full, which means that these jujubes are from the same jujube wood from which the demon eliminating bottle gourd was made . ”

“So to say, we can compete for this demon eliminating bottle gourd?”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes shined .

“Brother Wang, there will never be a problem with my appraisal . ”

Feng Xifan confidently said .

At this time, Ye Xioachen took the gourd from Wang Shuisheng . The wood of the gourd was warm as if the heat hadn’t dissipated, it was very strange .

Especially the three jujubes inside it, which looked as if it had ripened just now .

This gourd was not big, even if the jujube dates were dried, it was impossible to put it inside .

Thus it could be seen that the secret technique of refining the fresh jujube date into small size was not a trivial thing .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s expression changed and he became thoughtful .

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