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Chapter 164

What was farming?

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Clearing land, cultivating land and planting .

The Shennong farming techniques use the same kind of principle . The human body’s dantian qi sea was muddle, first we must clear the land .

With the power of spirit,illuminate the qi sea and remove the turbid qi in it .

Ye Xiaochen according to the posture of the humanoid image, sat cross-legged . This sitting posture was different from Nuwa’s method and has its unique secret .

While breathing, he imagined the Nuwa’s spirit image in his mind and mobilized the power of spirit to sink down inch by inch .

This was a pure visualization method, this was the only way unless you have the ability to see internally .

After not knowing how many efforts, his mind roared . As if he had opened a channel,the power of spirit seed sank violently, and the position under his navel produced a hot feeling, as if water was boiling inside it .

This feeling lasted for several minutes before it subsided .

The strangeness in the dantian sea hasn’t completely dissipated, still he felt extremely comfortable .

The next step was to cultivate land .

This cultivating land could be done using outside force or inside force .

Ye Xiaochen did not have dan medicines to serve as an outside force to cultivate land and could only use cultivating  land using internal force .

It seems simple, but was very troublesome .

It couldn’t be done in one or two days . You must need to have perseverance .

He tried to cultivate the land for the first time . It was very simple . He just thought that there was a stream of Qi rolling in the dantian sea, stirring the whole dantian sea .

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Ye Xiaochen felt that there was a strange noise in his stomach and he couldn’t bear it, and a series of farts were released .

Very stinky!

Ye Xiaochen quickly got up and fled from the spot .

Damn, this internal force cultivation land has such a drawback .

However, after this cultivating land, he felt very relaxed .

All of a sudden, his phone on the table rang, he hurriedly went near it and picked up to take a look, it was Wang Shuisheng .

He quickly answered the call .

“Xiaochen, are you free tomorrow?”

Wang Shuisheng asked .

“I am free, but Brother Wang, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiachen asked curiously .

“Tomorrow i am going to a small dharma artifacts auction . I want you to help me whether the things are authentic or not . ”

Wang Shuisheng said .

“Well? I am not good at these dharma artifacts auctions!”

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Ye Xiaochen knew that the dharma artifacts Wang Shuisheng was talking about should be the ancient Feng Shui tool with special significance which has been used by buddhist monks or taoists .

It was not the same nature as the dharma artifacts mentioned by the immortals .

“Xiaochen, this time’s small Dharma artifacts are different from the ordinary dharma artifacts . It’s mainly made of spirit wood . I am mainly afraid that there can be fake dharma artifacts . The reason why I want to buy the dharma artifacts is because I am facing a problem with a real estate project that I am building . Must need a dharma artifact to suppress the Feng Shui in the site . ”

Wang Shuisheng explained the actual situation to Ye Xiaochen .

The rich people were more superstitious than the ordinary . When doing big projects they invite people to check Feng Shui, and let people practice sacrifice before starting construction .

“Brother Wang, I really don’t know anything about this aspect . You can send me the information regarding this matter, I will study it carefully . ”

Ye Xiacohen thought for a while and said .

If it was just about the material build, he could help .

Not before long, Wang Shuishen sent an email to Ye Xiaochen, containing an introduction about the small Dharma artifacts as well as spiritual woods .

Small Dharma artifact was related to the large Dharma artifact . Currently, the so-called buddhabhiseka artifacts were the large Dharma artifacts, what we pay attention to was the fame and status buddhabhiseka, and the profound attainments in the Dharma

(TN:buddhabhiseka, also known as opening the eye, is mostly used in statues or religious works of art . It is through religious ceremonies that invite gods to enter the statues or religious works of art with spiritual power . The person in charge is usually a Taoist or a monk)

It was just like cultural relics and antiques, if it was used by famous people, like emperors and generals,its value became more precious .

However, for the small dharma artifact need to pay attention to the function

Made from practical spirit wood, it has a magical effect on changing the Feng shui magnetic field, eliminating evil qi and seeking good fortune .

The spiritual wood refers to a certain kind of wood .

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For example, the locust tree, willow tree, mulberry and poplar tree, belongs to the five chief demons of folklore personification tree in the spirit tree .

The small dharma artifacts made from these five demon trees were inherently of yin property .

In addition, there were also mahogany, sandalwood, agarwood, ebony, thunderwood and so on .

These spirit tree’s quality depends on the year, the higher the year, the better the quality . In addition, the growth environment, and shape would also affect the quality .

After Ye Xiaochen read carefully, he immediately got to know more about the small dharma artifacts and spirit wood .

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen went to Yang city .

In Wang Shuisheng’s villa, Ye Xaochen met a Feng Shui master named Feng Xifan, he was invited by Wang Shuisheng .

Feng Xifan was very famous in the Yang city, he has done lots of research on the small dharma artifacts even has the ability to make small kinds of dharma artifacts .

Wang Shuisheng invited him to come this time, naturally to take his help .

From a glance it could be known that Feng Xifan was an arrogant kind of person .

He was surprised to hear that Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist who has recently risen to fame .

He immediately knew that Wang Shuisheng also wanted Ye Xiaochen’s help, he couldn’t help laughing . With a light contemp in his speech .

“Mr . Wang . I don’t want to boast about it , but in terms of identifying these small dharma artifacts, not only in Yang city, even in the whole southern province, there are few who could surpass me . With me being here, you can buy an ideal dhama artifact . ”

In the car, Feng Xifan kept on talking .

“There are many kinds of dharma . Whether it was material, quality or age, it is impossible to completely understand it . The material of the dharma is not a living tree . its nature and shape have undergone complete change, even the real botanist cannot judge the real material information, unless it was tested with equipment and instrument, but in this way, the artifact will be discarded . ”

Feng Xifan glanced at Ye Xiaochen and then said with a smile .

How could Ye XIaochen not know that his little old man was demonstrating toward himself .

He just smiled and didn’t fight back . Instead it made Feng Xifan feel that Ye Xiaochen lacked confidence, making him more proud .

Wang Shusiheng could only give ye Xiaochen a helpless look . He knows that Feng Xifan has arrogant character but has real ability, otherwise he would have not paid him a lot of money .

In fact, the reason why he called Ye Xiaochen to go together was not to really take his help, but just wanted to give Ye Xiaochen some insight and on the way introduce some people to him .

All the way, Feng Xifan kept boasting how powerful he was, how he could identify the fake dharma artifacts and how he could pick precious and best dharma artifacts .

Ye Xiaochen secretly sighed, how could a person be so thick skinned!

If he is allowed to boast, even if he has such great ability, he would feel embarrassed .

However, Feng Xifan, from beginning to end, did not blush in this matter, but kept on boasting more and more .

Finally, the car reached its destination .

The moment Ye Xiaochen got down from the car, he felt secretly relieved . His ears were finally free, he didn’t need to listen to Feng Xifan boasting .

He looked at the tall building in front of him, TianYang building .

“This is the headquarters of the TianYang auction house . Let’s go in . ”

Wang Shuisheng laughed .

They were no longer in the Yang city, but in the Zhu city, which was the site of this small dharma artifact auction .

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