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Chapter 159

Jing county, the courtyard of the county party committee .

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From the outside, it looked a little bit unimpressive, but inside it was lined with beautiful trees, creating a nice scenery .

Those who could live here were the county’s main leaders and their families .

In a high standard house, Liu Xianjin sitting on the mahogany sofa was smoking a cigar .

Li Xianjin likes to smoke cigars . Many people in the county know it and some people would even send rare cigars to please him .

“Brother-in-law, this time I have hit the immortal spring restaurant, even after this if they don’t compromise, what should I do? I can’t really close the restaurant . ”

Beside him sat a man with a thick face, he was wearing thick gold chains around his neck and said in an angry voice .

He was Peng Zhiping, Liu Xiangjin’s wife’s elder brother .

“After all, the strength of the immortal spring restaurant’s is Ye Xiaochen . This time, it was just to test his base to see if he could handle it . ”

Liu Xianjin spat out a smoke ring and said in a hoarse voice .

“If he couldn’t do it, we could directly hit them . ”

Peng Zhiping excitedly said .

“Certainly can not do that . It will be too direct . We should also pay attention to the influence . Anyway, he is also our Jing County signboard . It is not easy for us to have a celebrity . ”

Li Xiuanjin smiled and continued, “However, I want to let him know that there is no one who doesn’t dare to give me face in Jing county . ”

“If Ye Xiaochen can handle it, then what should we do? Just forget it?”

Peng Zhiping quickly asked .

“Haha, how can it be possible? Although the experts’ group visit made him famous, in private many people got offended . Someone will help us deal with him . ”

Li Xiuanjin said with an inscrutable smile .

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Peng Zhiping didn’t understand it fully, but he knew that his brother-in-law was very powerful . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to run Tientong(state-owned telecommunication operator), even the county commissioner has to give him respect .

Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm .

He was still wondering about how to solve this matter .

He sighed inwardly, really troublesome .

Opening the restaurant, although it made a lot of money, it also attracted envy and other troubles .

It was precise because of troubles like these he did not want to manage the company . Instead, he appointed a manager and left everything to Li Jiaren and others to handle .

Since the restaurant opened, he had nothing to worry about .

Until today, he didn’t know how worrying it was to run a company restaurant .

Don’t know how many troubles Li Jiaren might have encountered, but he did not disturb him and solved it privately .

“Well, at any rate, this matter should be settled carefully . If anyone wants to take money from me, it depends whether I agree or not . ”

Despite the big trouble, Ye Xiaochen felt he should solve this .

Ye Xiaochen came to the rapeseed experiment field .

The rapeseed has only been planted for a month but was full of flowers, it is estimated that after a week it could be harvested .

“It seems, I have to accelerate it . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flashed .

For the next two days, Ye Xiaochen didn’t go anywhere and stayed on the farm . He tried his best to promote the growth of rapeseed plants .

In just two days, these rapeseed plants have undergone great changes, all the seed inside the rapeseed pods have matured .

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Of course, Ye Xiaochen was also very tired .

He worked overtime to promote the growth of these rapeseeds .

The next day, Ye Xiaochen drove to Yang city with ten pounds of harvested rapeseed .

Before going, Ye Xiaochen made a call to Zeng Hongye .

As long as you make this private call, you could directly contact Zeng Hongye .

If it was through other means, Ye Xiaochen wants to meet Zeng Hongye, then it would not only be difficult but also very troublesome .

That afternoon, Ye Xiaochen met Zeng Hongye in an elegant room of an old tea house in Yang city .

Zeng Hongye was dressed like an ordinary woman and drinking tea . Looking at her, it would be hard to imagine she was the leader of a prefecture-level city .

“Xiaochen, the Longjing green tea brewed here is very good . Whenever I am free I will come here to drink tea . ”

Zeng Hongye took a sip of tea and smiled .

“The tea that the sister Zeng likes should be good . I will also taste it . ”

Ye Xiaochen opened the lid of the teacup, a light fragrance emerged which could make people relax and happy .

He picked it up and looked at green tea, which had a pleasant aroma . He smelled it first before taking the sip .

As the tea rolled down his throat, it felt bitter at first and then turned into sweetness and spread out on the tip of the tongue .

He couldn’t help close his eyes and used his spirit talent . It seemed that he could feel some information contained in the tea .

“The tea has spirit, even if tea is picked, baked or boiled in water, the spirit is not scattered but stored in the tea and lets people enjoy its taste . ”

Ye Xiaochen had a kind of enlightenment .

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The tea was really a unique plant .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s face became strange .

“Xiaochen, how was the Longjing green tea?”

Zeng Hongye observed the changes in Ye Xiaochen’s expression . Generally speaking, the person’s expression while drinking tea, could say something about the person .

Zeng Hongye was a master in seeing it .

“Sister Zeng, do you often come here to drink tea?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and directly asked .

He felt it was necessary to inform Zeng Hongye .

“Yes, at least twice a week . ”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said .

It was very rare to be able to find such a place for tea .

“Sister Zeng, you listen to me . It is better not to come here again in the future for tea . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered, then said .

He was afraid that she would not accept the fact .

With the status of sister Zeng, after knowing it, the consequences could be unpredictable .

Zeng Hongye’s face changed slightly when she heard Ye Xiaochen’s words .

“Xiaochen, what’s the matter?”

From Ye Xiachen’s words, she had a bad feeling .

“Sister Zeng, this green is not made from new tea leaves, but from second-hand tea . ”

(TN: Second-hand tea refers to the tea leaves that are illegally processed and packaged by illegal business manufacturers to collect the brewed wet tea waste for sale again . )

Ye Xiaochen looked around and then whispered .

“This, this . . ”

Zeng Hongye was stunned for a while, and then her face turned blue .

However, she was able to hold back herself and did not flared up, rather asked in a deep voice,

“Xiaochen, this is not a small matter . Do you have any evidence?”

The boss of this place was an acquaintance of hers .

She knows that the owner of the tea house was a very famous person in the Tea world .

She came here to drink tea after hearing about the owner’s reputation .

Even the precious guests, she would recommend this place .

Because of this, she felt the need to have evidence first .

“Of course . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with confidence .

With his spirit talent, this tea has no secrets .


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