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Chapter 158

Outside the immortal spring restaurant .

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A crowd of diners was gathered, as well as the law enforcement people from the relevant department .

“Oh no, the immortal spring restaurant uses the poppy as a seasoning . ”

“Probably not, after all, the man behind the restaurant is Ye Xiaochen . He is a top-level botanist and a public figure . How can he use poppies?”

“However, the dishes are so delicious, and after eating will feel particularly addictive . If you don’t eat it, you will always feel something is missing . It can’t be because of poopy right?”

“I don’t think it’s possible . The seasoning is very special and has a natural flavor if it was poppy it cannot have this flavor .  

“You have not eaten poppy, so how do you know what it tastes like? Anyway, I am afraid to eat here again . ”

“Let’s wait for the result of the investigation . ”

Arguments were going on, some were doubtful and some did not believe it .

However, the majority of the people were a little worried .

After all, currently, the food safety problem was a very serious matter . Sometimes some well known and high-end restaurants would often expose big problems .

It was impossible to say that there was no problem with the immortal spring restaurant .

When Ye Xiaochen arrived, it was when most of the crowd was present .

When he got out of the car, he was immediately surrounded by many people .

Even the journalists were there, don’t know how they could react so quickly and come here so fast .

“Mr . Ye, you are one of the owners of the immortal spring restaurant . Do you have any comments about using poppies as a seasoning in the restaurant?”

“According to the diners, the dishes in the immortal spring restaurant are very delicious . After eating once they still feel like eating more, there was a sense of addiction, is it due to poppy?”

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“Mr . Ye, recently, three special secret seasonings have been added in the menu of the immortal spring restaurant . They are super expensive and make the dishes very delicious . May I ask what ingredients were used to make these seasoning . Does it have anything to do with poppies?”

The reporters were ready with their guns

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t get a space and had to say, “Please be quiet . I can guarantee that all the ingredients and seasonings used in the immortal spring restaurant are absolutely safe and reliable . ”

“But why did someone report it? Generally speaking, if there is no problem then why did the relevant department ask you to suspend the operation of the restaurant?”

“Excuse me, what the secret seasoning is made of? Is it really safe and reliable? Or is it a new chemical addictive? ”

The reporters did not let Ye Xiaochen pass and kept on asking questions, each question was sharper than the previous one .

At this time the restaurant people got to know Ye Xiaochen came, and hurriedly got someone to get him .

Ye Xiaochen was filled with sweat, it really felt like fighting a battle .

In the restaurant, the law enforcement officers of the relevant department were doing the inspection . All kinds of vegetables, oil, seasoning, salt spices and other things samples were taken for conducting the test .

As for the secret seasoning, it was the most important thing .

“Brother Ren, there should be no problem, right?”

Ye Xiaochen found Li Jiaren and asked .

“No problem, it is just a routine check . ”

Li Jiaren confidently said .

He has the backing of the deputy county commissioner and has a strong connection . Not to mention, Ye Xiaochen was his signboard .

“However, the impact of this thing will be quite big and if the negative impact is not eliminated in time, it will affect the business of the restaurant . ”

General manager Nie Yunhai said with worry .

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As a high-end restaurant it pays attention to the word of mouth, this event will create a negative impact .

“It is difficult to avoid it, but we have to find out the person behind this incident . ”

A cold light flashed in Li Jiaren’s eyes and said in a cold voice .

Currently, the restaurant was so popular that it could be said to be a cash cow, at this time, someone reported, which means that person has an ill intention .

“The people who reported must belong to these two types, those who are jealous, or those who are enemies with us . ”

Li Jiaren said .

Whether it was him or other partners, they all had their own businesses, and as long as there was business, it was unavoidable to offend people .

Moreover, the restaurant business was so hot, it would also attract some eyes .

After all, the monthly net profit was near ten million, it was simply too profitable .

During this period, there have been many people who wanted to buy the shares of the restaurant but have been rejected by Li Jiaren and others .

As the restaurant opened, it simply became a cash cow . They certainly won’t let others participate, won’t they lose money by doing that?

Therefore, it was not impossible for someone to do something in secret .

In the afternoon .

In the meeting room on the third floor of the restaurant, Ye Xiaochen, Li Jiaren, and others were gathered .

“Old Li, how are things?”

Liu Fusheng asked .

Among all the people, Li Jiaren’s network was the strongest . In the government department, he has many connections and his backing was the deputy county commissioner . Naturally, he was well-informed and could inquire into many problems .

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“There is a clue . But this time’s incident is troublesome . ”

Li Jiaren seriously said .

“What happened?”

Others knew that Li Jiaren said trouble means things were definitely not simple .

“Behind this, it may have something to do with Peng Zhiping . ”

Li Jiaren said in a deep voice .

“It seems that he still hasn’t given up . ”

He lei said in a cold voice .

Peng Zhiping relies on his brother-in-law to walk sideways in the Jing county and has many properties under his name .

Privately, many people know that Peng Zhiping was actually the spokesman of secretary Liu .

Peng Zhiping wants to buy the shares of the restaurant means that there is also a shadow of secretary Liu behind him .

In fact, a part of the cost of the immortal spring restaurant was spent on having a good relationship between government departments . They have given a large amount to the leaders of the county .

However, some people were still not satisfied and wanted more .

Nothing could be done, the immortal spring restaurant’s ability to make money was too strong .

If it wasn’t for the existence of Ye Xiaochen, those people would have seized it openly and boldly . With Li Jiaren and others’ ability, it would be hard for them to keep such a piece of meat .

Li Jiaren and others were naturally aware of this .

“Well, what should we do now? let’s talk with Peng Zhiping . ”

Xu Jiao said .

She knows how much influence secretary Liu has in Jing county, it could be said as covering skies with his one hand .

This time’s incident could be said just as a warning, but next time it won’t be so easy .

After all, it was hard to defend a stumbling block in the dark .

“If we agree to Peng Zhiping and others, I’m afraid that the immortal spring restaurant will be divided by them . ”

Li Jiaren coldly said .

This thing could never be shared .

Other people knew this, but there was no other better way .

“Xiaochen, do you have any method?”

Li Jiaren suddenly looked at Ye Xiaochen who had not opened his mouth .

If anyone who could solve it currently, it was only Ye XIaochen

Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist and was also the sign of Yang city . Even the secretary Liu has to give a face to him .

Moreover, he believes that ye Xiaochen was capable of handling it .

“Well, I’ll handle it . ”

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly .

He knew that this was not a problem that could be solved once and for all, it was easy to leave hidden dangers .

In the future, if the immortal spring restaurant wants to grow and open-chain restaurants, then it would encounter more troubles .

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