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Chapter 160

Zeng Hongye somewhat believed Ye Xiaochen’s words .

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She asked her secretary to call the owner of the teahouse .

The owner of the tea house was a middle-aged fat man who looked like a Maitreya Budhha . He has well-maintained health, wore a long gray gown, and looked very cultural .

“Secretary Zeng, I don’t know if this tea has satisfied you?”

Jin Baotang, the owner of the teahouse asked with a smile .

He greeted Ye Xiaochen, able to have tea With Secretary Zeng, he certainly wasn’t an average person .

He was smooth and slick and was good at talking, so people didn’t feel they had been ignored .

Zeng Hongye’s face was indifferent and did not show the anger in her heart, she then asked with a smile, “Master Jin, this tea is very good . I don’t know which kind of Lingjing it is?”

“Secretary Zeng, this is the rarest tea leaves grown in Hangzhou’s Longjing village . However, no matter how good the tea leaves are, it should be accompanied by good temaking skills . I don’t like to brag, but in this Yang city, there is no one yet who could defeat me in my temaking skills . ”

Jin Baotang said in a proud tone .

“Oh, Master Jin, what you said is very reasonable . Making tea required profound skill and knowledge . However, what is the reason to entertain my distinguished guest with this second-hand tea?”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said in a cold voice .

Jin Baotong’s proud expression suddenly became stiff, and even his body shivered . He hurriedly said, “Secretary Zeng, what are you talking about? I use only the new tea leaves, and it is absolutely impossible to use the second-hand tea leaves . ”

“Hehe, Boss Jin, I am your guest, not a fool . He is Ye Xiaochen, a famous botanist . He has tasted the tea . ”

Zeng Hongye sneered .

Jin Baotang’s forehead broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly said, “ It is Mr . Ye who came to my humble house . Although Mr . Ye is a big man, you can’t slander my shop . This is a real Longjing tea and not second-hand tea . ”

“Boss Jin, you don’t be occupied in complaining . In fact, it’s very simple to identify whether this is second-hand tea or not . If you boil this tea, you should be able to see the truth . If I don’t guess wrong, the water you prepare should not have boiled, at most, it should be seventy to eighty degrees, this temperature won’t damage the second-hand tea’s camouflage ingredient . ”

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Ye Xiaochen smiled .

The tension on Jin Baotang’s fat face increased .

He looked at Ye Xiaochen with shocked eyes .

The camouflage ingredients used in tea was a secret . There was absolutely no person in the world who knew about it .

He discovered this natural camouflage ingredient by accident . This ingredient could make second-hand tea look like new tea and its taste was flawless .

Even the best tea master would find it difficult to differentiate .

The reason he dared to blatantly use this second-hand tea was that he was absolutely sure no would know about it .

Otherwise, how dare he use second-hand tea to entertain such big people like Zeng Hongye . Once exposed, it was the end .

Now Ye Xiaochen said the problem of the camouflage agent, the horror in his heart could be imagined .

“I believe that every time Boss Jin makes tea by himself, so as not to expose the problem of camouflage ingredients . To be honest, it is really amazing that such a camouflage ingredient could make the second-hand tea taste like the new tea . ”

Ye Xiaochen continued .

Jin Baotang felt more and more frightened .

Because sitting in front of him was Zeng Hongye, the boss of Yang city .

“Boss Jin, you better give a good explanation . ”

Zeng Hongye looked coldly at the Jin Baoting, she got up and walked out of the room .

Jin Baotang watched Zeng Hongye and Ye Xiaochen leaving . He collapsed in his chair, he knew he was completely finished .

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He let secretary Zeng drink second-hand tea for so many years, would she let him go?

Of course not .

Don’t look at Zeng Hongye as a simple woman, the way to deal with people was not simple at all .

“Xiaochen, this time I really have to thank you . Otherwise, I wouldn’t know for a lifetime that I have been drinking second-hand tea . ”

Zeng Hongye sat in her car, just thinking of drinking second-hand tea for so many years made her feel nauseous . She was originally a person obsessed with cleanliness, how could she stand it?

She swore in her heart that Jin Baotang would pay for it .

“Now food safety is really a worry . ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

Zeng Hongye nodded and realized that now even drinking tea could be cheated, what other things couldn’t be done?

Although she was the leader of Yang city, she could still fall into the trap, let alone ordinary people .

“Xiaochen, you said rapeseeds have cultivated, how is it so fast?”

She didn’t think about previous matters and asked .

“Sister Zeng . In fact, I have been working on the improvement of rapeseed for a long time . I have great confidence in it . ”

Ye Xiaochen made up a reason . After all, it was impossible to cultivate so fast under normal circumstances .

“Originally, it was like this, what are the improvements in the rapeseed?”

Zeng Hongye asked curiously .

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“Sister Zeng, my improved rapeseed has a strong resistance to the pest and doesn’t need pesticides . The yield is also one third higher than normal rapeseed and the most important thing is, the time of planting to maturity is one third shorter than the ordinary rapeseeds . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Zeng Hongye was surprised, she still has some understanding of the rapeseeds . First of all, the growth time reduced by a third was an amazing thing .

If it weren’t for Ye Xiaochen’s ability, she would have doubted if it was genetically modified .

“Sister Zeng, this is the 6 kg of improved seed, and this is the cultivation method of the plant . It must be planted according to the method I wrote . Otherwise, it will have a great impact . The harvested seed still could be used for the second generation of planting and characteristics won’t decrease much . However, the third generation can’t be done . ”

Ye Xiaochen gave a bag of rapeseed .

“Well, Xiaochen, thank you very much . If the rapeseed planting industrialization can become successful, you will make a great contribution . ”

Zeng Hongye said .

“Sister Zeng, the immortal spring restaurant which I opened has created a pure natural secret seasoning . It is not only delicious but also has health and beauty effects . ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly said .


Zeng Hongye was surprised .

The food at the Immortal Spring restaurant was really delicious, she still misses it, but because of being too busy, she couldn’t go . Otherwise, she would like to have another meal .

“Will I lie to you?”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“That’s right . After a few days, it will be my father’s birthday . Originally, we wanted to eat food at home . Now it seems that I can use this opportunity to take my family to the immortal spring restaurant to try something fresh . ”

Zeng Hongye laughed .

“That would be great . ”

Ye Xiaochen said, “Sister Zeng, when is the exact day so that I could do good preparation . ”

“This weekend, there will be dozens of people . Two tables would be enough . ”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said .

“All right . ”

Ye Xiaochen knew Zeng Hongye wanted to have a quiet time with her family .

Because of her status, many people wanted to please her . Once this news releases, I don’t know how many people would secretly think of ways to give gifts and utilize it .

Ye Xiaochen didn’t stay for a long time . After Zeng Hongye answered an important call, he left .

After all, Zeng Hongye was a leader, she was very busy .

For this trip, Ye Xiaochen felt quite satisfied, he has achieved his goal .

Have to say, it was easy to talk with smart people . He just mentioned it, Zeng Hongye gave a reply .

With Zeng’s Hongye’s identity, even if she wants to eat, she doesn’t need to go so far to the immortal spring restaurant .

She was trying to help Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen knew, with the current friendship, it was far from this point .

It was because of the rapeseed and the incident of tea, that Zeng Hongye was returning the favor .

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