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Chapter 155

Three o’clock in the afternoon .

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The third floor of Immortal Spring restaurant, conference room .

Everyone was present .

Eighteen people in total .

In addition to twelve shareholders, there were also six department heads .

The general manager Nie Yunhai, assistant General manager Zhu Xia, head of the finance department Li Yun, head of the accounting department Xie Juan, head of logistic department Liu Xuilang and head of the service department Peng pan, were present .

First Assistant general manager Zhu Xia reported the company’s previous month’s profit .

Total turnover, raw material cost, utility cost, labor cost, tax payments, profits, etc .

There were detailed reports in front of each member .

Ye Xiaochen looked at it . Even if he knew the net profit would be high, he was still shocked .

The average daily turnover was more than four hundred thousand . On October 31, the total turnover was 12 . 78 million .

After the deduction of all the costs, the net profit was 8 . 94 million .

And calculating from Ye Xiaochen’s dividend, he got nearly four million .

It was an extremely astonishing income .

Other shareholders were smiling at their income .

With such profits, within half a year their investment could be fully recovered and whatever next come would be the pure profit .

And when the branches will open, the income would be even more amazing .

Now the restaurant was full of customers every day, and it was hard to get a reservation .

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Next, after the report, the restaurant operation for the next month was discussed .

For example, the price adjustment .

Logistics department head Liu Xioloang made detailed statistics on the popularity of various dishes, which dishes were more popular and which dishes order rate was low .

There was a requirement not only for the price adjustment but also the kitchen improvement .

After an intense discussion, eight dishes were finally decided for the price adjustment, for some dishes the price would increase and for some price would be reduced .

Also, several new dishes were added by the chefs and need to discuss how to price them . Should they serve them under the current menu or reserved menu .

By the time the meeting finished, it was at least past five ‘o clock .

Dinner was done at the restaurant . It was a party . All the company employees and restaurant waiters gathered together for dinner .

The cooking was naturally done by Master Lin and other chefs .

It was a rare opportunity for the employees and waiters who usually watch guests eat and could only secretly drool . Now, they finally got their hands on the restaurant’s food .

Although the company covers three meals a day, what they get was ordinary food . After all, immortal spring vegetables were too precious to be used as meals for employees .

During this meal, the employees ate heartily and satisfied themselves .

These immortal spring vegetable dishes were really delicious .

According to the normal ordering price, their meal would cost thousands of yuan for each person .

After the meal, Ye Xiaochen smiled and said that there would be such dinner every month from the future and they could also bring their family members .

The employees present on the scene cheered .

Their salaries were already higher than the average hotel and restaurant, and now they could even have the opportunity to bring their family for a meal . Naturally, they were happy .

The next morning .

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Ye Xiaochen was busy working on the farm, and suddenly his phone vibrated . He took it out and saw there was an account balance message from the bank .

The total was four million three hundred eighty-four thousand six hundred and eighteen yuan .

Such an astonishing dividend, Ye Xiaochen felt endless pleasure .

This brother could be considered a rich man in the future .

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly returned to the home and showed the message to the mother .

Mother was first confused, then was stunned for a moment, and finally, her eyes almost came out because of surprise .

She looked around and then whispered, “son, why there is so much money?”

She counted it carefully, there were seven digits . God, this was more than four million .

“The dividend from the restaurant . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“So much!”

Mother said in surprise .

“Of course, one month’s gross income was more than ten million . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said .

Mother didn’t know what to say, she felt a little ignorant .

She never imagined that her son and his partners could make so much money by opening a restaurant .

She quickly took out her phone and called father to come back immediately .

When father came he was still wondering why they called him . Mother was so secretive, she didn’t say anything and asked him just to come back .

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However, when he read the message he gasped and was completely taken aback .

“How was it, mother? Was it shocking? I think the standards for the new house should be raised . ”

Ye Xiaochen said proudly .

“No, half a million is enough . You can save money . With so much money, the one-year bank interest would be big enough . ”

Mother was very stubborn .

Ye Xiaochen was speechless, what was this vision, how do you always just think about bank interest?

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen came to the immortal wind medicinal herb .

The wind medicinal herb was already more than two-inch tall but was far from being mature .

The mature wind medicinal herb should be more than a foot tall .

“During this time, I have practiced the art of growth a lot, and have accumulated a lot of experience . The success rate should be 100% . Maybe now I can practice on the immortal plants . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought .

Among all the immortal plants, the immortal grass and immortal radishes were the cheapest .

The immortal grass should be the easiest to promote after all its structure was the most simple . Unlikely, the immortal beans . In addition to the stem and leaves, he also needs to grow the bean pods that contain beans .

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen quickly went near the immortal grass .

Just recently the immortal grass was harvested, so now the immortal grass was only a little tall, and the broken part of the soft shoots was there .

Ye Xiaochen chose the immortal grass, there were hundreds of grass densely packed in an area .

He opened his hand, gently covered the immortal grass and closed his eyes, then used his spirit talent .

The immortal grass consciousness was much stronger than that of ordinary plants, it was full of spirituality .

Because of this, it was much more difficult to promote the growth of immortal plants . After all, the more the spirit in the consciousness, the more variables were there .

Ye Xiaochen has accumulated enough experience, his mastery of the art of Growth was quite good .

Slowly, the immortal grass shoots began to grow faster .

In fact, the Art of Growth for immortal plants was not complicated . The only thing to consider whether the nutrition and the immortal spirit qi of the immortal land could keep up with the growing needs of immortal plants .

Lasted for more than ten minutes, the hundreds of the immortal grass grew more than an inch .

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and took a breath .

It went pretty smoothly .

“Haha, I will practice with the immortal grass . Maybe the second harvest of the immortal grass can be done much earlier . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing .

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen concentrated all his energy on the immortal grass .

All the immortal grass grew nearly two inches tall and looked much lusher .

Under normal circumstances, it would take nearly a week to grow so tall .

All the immortal grass growth went smooth, there was no problem .

Next, he used the art of growth on the immortal radishes, it went smooth .

In this way, Ye Xiaochen became more and more skilled in the art of growth .

At the same time, the immortal wheat matured .

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