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Chapter 156

A sign that wheat has matured, was when all the leaves in the wheat would turn yellow and there would be no greenish color .

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And the top wheat ear would be in gold color, just as if it was gold and looks very beautiful .

The wheat stem was thick and strong and was as tall as a person, there were about four ears .

There was a lot of wheat hanging on it .

Ye Xiaochen took out his immortal sickle and began to harvest .

It took him more than an hour to cut down all the wheat plants and put them in a basket .

Next was the threshing of the wheat .

The method to remove the wheat was very simple . Put the ear of wheat in the water and stir them gently . All the wheat grains would fall off automatically and there would be no damage to the wheat grains .

There were a lot of wheat grains in one ear, ranging from twenty to thirty .

According to the average, the wheat plant has four ears, so 30 grains in each ear, so there should be 120 wheat grains in a plant and a hundred plants would have 12000 wheat grains .

Ye Xiaochen knew that this immortal wheat has spirit characteristics like immortal beans and could be used to refine wheat soldiers .

In fact, all the cereal, like immortal corn, immortal millet, immortal maize, etc could be used for refining soldiers .

However, out of all the crops, immortal beans were the most outstanding .

This time Ye Xiaochen decided to keep a hundred of immortal wheat grains with himself and put the rest all in the store .

First, he sliced a wheat grain to check the lines of the pattern .

Although it was small in size, the immortal pattern in wheat grain was still clearly visible, there six circles .

He wondered how many immortal yuans would he get this time .

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Immediately, he chose all to sell in the store .

There were 13,189 wheat grains in total .

If added the 500 wheat grains left with him, then it would be 13,689 wheat grains .

The average price of wheat grain was 13 spirit yuan .

The total price was 1,779 immortal yuan .

Deducting the five percent consignment fee, he would get 1,691 immortal yuan .

Adding the previous 7173 immortal yuan, his total now has reached 8,864 immortal yuan .

Ye Xiaochen finally revealed a smile, he knew that this was enough to buy the page of Shennong manual containing the Shennong matra .

Soon, all the immortal wheat was sold off, and Ye Xiaochen couldn’t wait to buy the page of the Shennong manual .

After 8,800 immortal yuan was deducted, the page of the Shennong manual appeared in the storage space .

He couldn’t wait and took out the page .

Like the last Nuwa spirit seed, the Shennong mantra was written on the animal skin paper .

There was a humanoid image on it, but the image no longer had the head of the snake, but of a real person . Its posture was peculiar and there were many red and black dots on it and had an immortal mark .

Beside it, there were many immortal words .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen was stunned, no one should say he was stupefied .

He doesn’t know more than eighty percent of them .

Damn, I still need someone to translate this .

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He almost vomited blood due to anger .

He had only sixty-four immortal yuan .

Moreover, there were more immortal words than the last one, there were at least 1800 words . Deducting the repeated words, and the words which were translated last time, there should be no less than 700 to 800 words which he doesn’t know .

Ye Xiaochen was very sad, he thought after getting the page, he would be able to practice, but now it seems he has to wait for more time .

Damn, was there any mistake? Why couldn’t they give a translated page?

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled bitterly .

If he had known about it before, he wouldn’t have bought it .

Now he has the Shennong matra, but couldn’t practice it, which was really sad .

All he could do was put the page in storage space .

All right, he has to wait again!

It was estimated that it would take another week or two to harvest the latest immortal plant, which was the fifty yellow immortal beans he planted .

Ah, it’s a tough day!

Ye Xiaochen felt for the first time that the growth rate of these immortal plants was so slow .

There was no other way, Ye Xiaochen took out one hundred and twenty immortal wheat grains, and soaked in the seed promoting liquid . He has to wait until tomorrow to plant the seeds .

After doing all the work, Ye Xiaochn then thought about how this immortal wheat would taste .

Anyway, he has to satisfy his tongue first .

What had happened really made him angry, and now he just wanted to have a good meal and blow off the anger .

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Back at home, Ye Xiaochen took out ten spirit cut-off wheat grains at once, then grind them into powder with a millstone, mixed some flour and began to male dumpling wrappers .

Mother was surprised seeing Ye Xiaochen’s actions .

Ye Xiaochen made dumplings with leeks, the leek was grown from immortal spring water . He used to cook eggs with leeks, and would taste very delicious .

Now, it was used to make dumplings and it won’t taste bad .

Soon, thirty dumplings were ready .

He put it in a steamer and began to cook on the gas stove .

Not before long, a strong fragrance of wheat mixed with leeks came out and filled the whole house .

After half an hour .

Mother and father were eating dumplings, and said it was delicious .

“Son, what is in this dumping? Why is it so delicious?”

Mother was very curious .

She thought her son has planted something nice on the farm,

“Haha, of course, it is a good thing . It tastes delicious, right?”

Ye Xiaochen said in a mysterious tone .

“It is more than delicious, it is simply extremely delicious, I don’t know how you made it . ”

Mother sighed .

During this period, she has eaten more delicious food than in her entire life .

The tofu that was made last time, was also very delicious .

Ye Xiaochen smiled . In fact, he was thinking about an issue, that was how to use these spirit cut-off immortal pants .

Directly eating the spirit cut-off immortal plants certainly won’t do, and the quantity was too less .

However, the taste of these plants themselves was great that they could be used as the super seasoning .

Whether it was cooking rice, adding a few immortal beans, or making tofu, or even while making dumplings, putting few immortal wheat grains could make the whole food delicious .

Using the spirit cut-off immortal plants as seasoning could solve the problem of less quantity of immortal plants and would maximize the spirit cut-off immortal plants .

If the restaurant uses the immortal plant seasoning then the restaurant business will become even better .

He thought he could give it a try .

Anyway, he had some immortal plant product on his hands, which could be used properly .

His method was simple, grind immortal beans, immortal wheat, and other immortal products into powder and make a seasoning .

In this way, when cooking a dish, if a little bit of seasoning was added, it would immediately improve the taste of the dish .

He has kept some immortal plant seasoning at home, while cooking, mother would use little seasoning which made the taste of food delicious .

Mother was surprised and asked what kind of seasoning it was .

Ye Xiaochen explained that this was pure natural seasoning which he made .

When he gave the immortal plant seasoning to the immortal spring restaurant, master Lin and other chefs were shocked .

Because these seasonings were able to elevate the taste of the dish to a higher level .

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