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Chapter 154

Ye Xiaochen was holding the handle of the millstone in one hand and a small tea sized bowl on the other hand . From time to time in the middle hole of the millstone, he would pour the water in the beans which were soaked all night .

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These beans were the common soybean harvested from the farm .

A month ago he harvested these beans

According to the normal time, it would take more than two more months to harvest .

Because of Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent, beans were matured in advance .

Ye Xiaochen was now grinding beans to make Tofu .

Originally, there exists a special soybean milk machine that specializes in crushing the beans, but Y Xiaochen thinks that the soya bean milk made by machinery was not as good as made from the millstone .

It just happened that Ye Xiaochen’s family had millstone, which hadn’t been used for a long time .

He moved it out, washed it and then manually started grinding the soybean .

Among these beans, Ye Xiaochen also mixed few yellow immortal beans and red immortal beans .

He thought after mixing the immortal beans, it would definitely make the Tofu delicious .

When the immortal beans were ground and blended with the soy milk,  a faint fragrance emerged which was extremely attractive .

When the last bowl of beans was poured into the millstone, gradually ground into soymilk, which flowed out from the gap of the millstone and fell into the below stainless steel basin .

The bean liquid in the stainless steel basin was not pure white but had a hint of yellow and red color . This was the color of yellow immortal beans and red immortal beans .

He had eaten red immortal beans, it had a completely different taste from the yellow immortal beans .

The most peculiar thing was that after eating a red immortal bean, he felt his whole body warm and then sweat started to come out . The sweat was black and the impurities in the body seemed to be removed .

Obviously, the red immortal bean had a detoxifying effect .

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As for the yellow immortal bean, the effect was much more peaceful, it subtly improves the physique .

Ye Xiaochen felt some physique enhancement after eating some yellow immortal beans .

After the beans were grounded, Ye Xiaochen moved the rotary plate of the millstone, inside the remaining soymilk on the plate with water, and poured it in the stainless steel basin .

The bowl was full of soymilk .

The bean fragrance it was sending was extremely good to smell .

The next step was to filter the okara out of the soy milk, leaving only pure soy milk .

His mother bought a white cloth bag to filter the soy milk .

Ye Xiaochen holding the basin directly poured the bean liquid into the bag, and immediately soy milk started to flow out from the bag .

After all the soy milk flowed out, the mother began to tie the bag tightly and put it on a wooden stool specially used for squeezing and began to knead the bag vigorously and immediately the liquid started flowing out from the bag again .

Squeezed for more than ten minutes, until no more soy milk was flowing out, what left a bag of okara .

This okara was also edible .

What’s more, there were red immortal beans and yellow immortal beans mixed in it, so it could not be discarded .

This okara could be used to make the soybean cake .

The next step was to boil the soymilk .

He put the soymilk on the pan, put the pan on the woodstove and fired it .

Always when boiling soy milk, should simmer it on a low heat to remove the froth .

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If at this time soymilk was cooled, you could find the pieces of bean skin .

At this time, his mother used a piece of gypsum to get the gypsum water and put it in a pot .

Gypsum water brine was especially used to make tofu .

When the brine is mixed with the soymilk, a chemical reaction occurs that turns soymilk into tofu curd .

After making the brine, the mother brought the vegetable bowl from the house and with a spoon scooped out the soymilk from the iron pot .

Then, Ye Xiachen and his mother lifted the iron pit from the wood stove and poured the hot soymilk in the brine pot and stirred it thoroughly .

Soon, the white bean curd slowly started emerging .

The mother bought a wooden container to specially make tofu .

First, she put a gauze on the bottom of the container, and then scooped out bean curds into the container with the spoon . After filling the container, she put a lid on it, then put a weight on the lid .

In just a few hours, the tender tofu would form .

The wooden container was filled with the jellied tofu .

There was only a bowl of tofu curd left in the pottery jar, which would be used for the cooking at noon .

Ye Xiacohen picked a bowl of soy milk from the table and took a sip, it was really sweet . Although no sugar was added, it tasted sweet .

“Xiaochen, won’t you add sugar?”

The mother bought a sugar jar and asked .

“Mother, don’t add sugar in it . It’s better like this, you try a sip . ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly said .

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“How it will be good without sugar?”

Mother didn’t believe him .

“Just try a sip . ”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said .

Mother took a sip, suddenly her eyes showed a surprise expression . It was really delicious . Even if there was no sugar, there was sweetness in the beans .

And there was a mellow bean flavor, which was very memorable .

After drinking a bowl, the mother had a feeling of wanting more .

“It’s really delicious, had I known about it before I would have kept two more bowls . ”

Mother said .

“Isn’t their bean curd ?”

Ye Xiaochen drank the bowl of soy milk and then put his next target on the bowl of bean curd .

He took a spoon and ate it .

It was really too good, the bean curd was very tender and fresh, it was incomparable, it was simply the best taste in this whole world!

“Don’t eat everything, leave some for your father . ”

Mother also ate a potion of bean curd, she finally held herself back and left the portion of bean curd for the father .

“Okay . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help put his eyes on the tofu container . Don’t know how the tofu would taste?

Suddenly there was an idea in his mind . If he used farm beans and little immortal beans to make the bean products and serve them at the Immortal Spring Restaurant, it would be another hit product comparable to the pickled vegetables .

Unfortunately, the immortal beans were too precious and limited, so it couldn’t be wasted .

He could use it for himself and family, but rather would not sell it at the restaurant . Let’s just forget it .

Ye Xiaochen walked out of the house and came to the side yard .

The building materials such as redbricks were piled up .

The foundation has been laid, it was about a foot high .

Father was watering the foundation .

In a few days, the construction team would come over and start the construction process .

“Father, I will water it . You go back and drink soy milk . ”

Ye Xiaochen went towards his father and said .

“It’s all right . It will be finished soon . ”

Father said .

Ye Xiaochen was about to say something, and suddenly his phone rang . He took it out and saw that Li Jiaren was calling him .

It turned out there was a meeting this afternoon and informed Ye Xiaochen to attend .

The meeting was just a summary and progress of the previous month’s company’s operation .

In addition to the various department heads of the company, the shareholders will also attend the regular meeting .

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