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Chapter 142

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen asked his mother and father to look over the vegetable delivery, and then drove towards Shashi city .

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It was not even eight o ‘clock when he reached Shahsi city .

He did not immediately start the search, but first went to the People’s Hospital in the Shashi city to see Li Tingting .

“Ye Xiaochen, you unexpectedly came? I thought it was a lie . ”

Li Tingting was in a single person ward and a specialist was accompanying her .

She was surprised when she saw Ye Xiaochen coming in .

When she chatted, she thought he was joking .

Now, seeing Ye Xiaochen, her heart was warm . After all, a person was concerned about her, it made her happy .

“Of course, it’s true, but I came so early in the morning, and no shops were opened and could only bring some fruits from home . ”

Ye Xiaochen put down a bag of muskmelons and watermelons .

The season of muskmelon has long ago ended .

However, in Ye Xiaochen’s farm, the muskmelon vine was still blossoming and bearing fruit, it was extremely unusual .

“It’s all right, you should have come empty-handed . ”

Li Tingting was really happy .

“Let me wash muskmelon for you . It’s very sweet . ”

Ye Xiaochen from the bag took out the melon which also had beautiful looking oranges .

He went into the bathroom, washed it and came out, then he picked up the fruit knife from the side and sliced it .

All of a sudden, a strong, indescribable melon fragrance emerged and filled the whole room .

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“It smells so good!”

Li Tingting’s eyes flickered with surprise .

It was not that she had never eaten a melon, but even if it was the imported melons, they definitely were not so fragrant .

This kind of sweet smell really could make people intoxicated . Deeply attracted by this fragrance, saliva involuntarily flowed out .

Ye Xiaochen sliced the muskmelon into several pieces, then took a small plate, inserted a toothpick on a piece and handed it to Li Tingting .

“It is really delicious, I’ve never eaten such delicious melon . Ye Xiaochen, is this melon really grown by you?”

She said while eating .

“Of course . ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“You really have the skill, even the muskmelon grown by you is so delicious . ”

Li Tinting chewed slowly .

While eating muskmelons, Ye Xiaochen slowly led the topic towards the pendant .

“Yesterday afternoon, I was in Huangxin pedestrian street shopping with my friends . When I was near the corner of the street, suddenly a person directly snatched my pendant and ran, while I fell on the ground . ”

Li Tingting recalled .

“Did you catch the man who snatched your pendant?”

Ye Xiaochen curiously asked .

“No . I only saw a shadowy figure and my friends couldn’t notice as there were too many people . Moreover, the location happened to be the blind spot of the camera . ”

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Li Tingting shook her head .

“People need to be safe . ”

Ye Xiaochen saw that Li Tingting was little lost, she was thinking about the pendant .

After all, the pendant meant a lot to her .

“Well . ”

Li Tingitng nodded .

Ye Xiaochen was about to say something when suddenly the door of the ward was pushed open .

A man and a woman came in .

They were carrying something in their hands .

The man was in his forties, tall, has a big back and well-maintained body . Wore a windbreaker and had a very imposing manner .

The woman was beautiful, seemed to be in her thirties and was elegant, she was the perfect match with the man .

Ye Xiaochen saw that the smile on Li Tinting’s face disappeared and was replaced with a disgusted expression .

It was the disgust from the heart against the man and woman who came in .

“Tingting, father and step-mother came to see you . ”

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Xiaochen and had a hint of doubt in his eye, but soon he stopped looking at Ye Xiaochen and said to Li Tingting .

There was a hint of concern in his tone .

“Tingting, are you hurt anywhere?”

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The beautiful woman also showed a concerned look .

Ye Xiaochen had some curiosity, the middle-aged man’s face resembled a little bit like Li Yang’s, now he heard his words, he suddenly understood that this person was Li Tingting’s father .

However, last time Li Tingting said that her father abandoned her and her mother and broke the father-son relationship with her grandfather .

Presently, this doesn’t seem to be the case .

“You don’t have to pretend . Get out of here . ”

Li Tingting’s eyes were cold .

“Tingting, I know that you have resentment in your heart, but who can say things they understood clearly that year? Besides, I am not at fault alone . ”

The middle-aged man showed a complex look .

“All I know is that you abandoned me, drove my mother mad, and broke the father-son relation for this lowly woman, there is nothing to say anymore . In my heart, my father is dead . ”

Li Tingting said with tears in her eyes .

“Tingting, you!”

The middle-aged man was angry and raised his hand .

“Xiangjun, what are you doing, Tingting is injured now, you can’t stimulate her . ”

The woman hurriedly caught the middle-aged man .

Ye Xiaochen who was watching was ready to go forwards and stop, but seeing the situation, he quickly halted his movements .

However, he was a little embarrassed, if he knew this situation was going to happen, he would have come late .

He cannot go out nor interrupt .

“Tingting, you have a good rest . I and your aunt came by night plane, and afraid we have to fly back after a while, I’ll see you again . ”

Middle-aged man Li Xiangjun looked at his daughter’s tearful appearance and his heart became soft . Although it was full of apology, he didn’t know what to say . In the end, he has lost his daughter’s love .

“Tingting, no matter how you scold and blame me, this stepmother apologizes to you . ”

The woman also said a sentence, then left the ward with Li Xiangjun .

By the time two left, the room became silent again .

Li Tingting lowered her head, her hands were on her knee and tears were streaming down from her face .

Ye Xiaochen went forward and didn’t know what to say .

“Ye Xiaochen, I am a little tired . I am going to sleep first . ”

After a long time, Li Tingting looked up and said .

“Okay, have a good rest and don’t think too much . ”

Ye Xiaochen gently nodded and walked out of the ward .

At the hospital parking lot, Ye Xiacohen walked towards the Porsche Cayenne and was about to open the door . He sensed something and looked around, and found that nearby from the black Mercedes car, a pair of eyes containing heavy pressure was looking over .

Though the window was closed by the time he looked at the yes .

Ye Xiaochen was extremely sure that it was the middle-aged man who appeared in Li Tintign’s ward .

Ye Xiaochen saw the Mercedes going away, his eyes narrowed slightly . He always felt that these eyes seemed to contain some kind of warning .

He shook his head, he was too lazy to pay any attention to it . For him, finding the pendant was the most important thing . As for Li Tingting’s family affair, he didn’t care about it .

Immediately, he got into the car and drove out of the hospital gate .

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