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Chapter 141
Chapter 141- Hospitalized
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The art of growth has great side effects but also has high potential .

If the side effects could be controlled to a certain extent, then it would become very useful .

Currently, the wind immortal grass was growing very slowly, with the art of growth, its growth rate could be increased . Even if the rate increases just by a few times, it would be enough .

Moreover, the requirement to use the art of growth was not high .

As long as a person has spiritual talent, they could use it .

Therefore, for him, it was an excellent learning technique .

Of course, he wouldn’t directly start using it on the wind immortal grass .

And even won’t use the art on immortal plants .

Once he fails, the loss would be very big .

So, he was first going to target those ordinary vegetables .

As long as he could master the art of growth to a certain degree, then he could carry out the operation on immortal plants and could reduce the loss .

Otherwise, even all the immortal plants from the farm might not be enough for him to use .

He couldn’t do anything about it, from the interpretation of the art of growth, this technique requires a lot of practice and has a very low success rate at the start .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen went out of the immortal land and found a radish seedling .

This radish seedling was the best experimental target .

He gently touched the radish seedling with his hand .

It was less than two-inch tall and was very young .

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He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and maximized his spirit .

As the spirit seed was gradually condensing, it was sharpening his spirit talent .

In an instant, he had all the information about the consciousness of the radish plant .

“The core of the technique lies in forcibly infusing the plant’s consciousness with certain information, it was almost like brainwashing it . Let this information become the instinct of consciousness and stimulate its potential to produce rapid growth . ”

However, even the slightest error in the growth could make the plant collapse .

After all, the plant’s consciousness may seem simple, but was still very complex and to sort it out clearly, it was very difficult .

On Ye Xiaochen’s forehead, there was a cold sweat .

This method of forcibly infusing the plant consciousness consumes a lot of spirits .

Fortunately, his spirit seed was gradually condensing, and it gave all kinds of incredible effects; the recovery of the spirit was very fast and because of it, he was able to support the art for a long time .

If Ye Xiaochen had opened his eyes, he would have been shocked to see that the radish seedling which was only two-inch tall suddenly trembled and started to grow at the rate visible to the naked eye .

In a short span of ten seconds, its length has doubled .

However, the radish seedling looked abnormal, its two leaves were too large but its stem was too thin, and unable to support the leaves, it crumbled .

The growth rate hasn’t slowed down .

Suddenly, the main stem of radish broke .

Ye Xiaochen was in contact with the radish seedling consciousness, naturally, he was aware of even the most subtle changes in the plant .

He opened his eyes and looked at the broken radish seedling, it was twice larger than its previous height, and the leaves were three times larger .

“The art of growth is indeed magical!”

Ye Xiaochen was not disappointed, instead, he was surprised .

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Ye Xiaochen knew that after forcibly infusing the information in the consciousness, the growth rate will be fast till it becomes mature .

It was just the Art of Growth that was astonishing .

After using the Art of growth, it was best to eliminate the infused information to minimize the side-effects .

Only the infusion was easy, but elimination was difficult .

This was the hardest part of the Art of Growth .

During the elimination, it was easy to harm the consciousness of the plant .

Because of this, at the time of infusion, if the information was simple and had a few aspects involved, it was better .

In fact, a degree of balance was required during the infusion of information . If it was too simple, like just to increase the height of the plant, and the thickness was ignored, it was easy to make plant thin and break it .

The degree of control was very important .

Ye Xiaochen was not frustrated, he continued to experiment and under his art, the radish seedlings changed .

Some grew tall, and the main stems were too thin .

Some were too thick and weren’t tall .

In some, the leaves were too small .

Some vegetables grew too slowly and some leaves were very loose, various kinds of problems have emerged .

Although Ye Xiaochn was slowly adjusting it, the result was still inevitable .

However, there was still some progress .

Don’t know how long it has been, Ye Xiaochen looked at the small area of discarded radish seedlings around him and smiled slightly . The feeling of controlling the growth of plants was really wonderful .

He rubbed his eyebrows, although there was spirit seed to recover the spirit, he has used the spirit too much . The spirit seed was not completely formed, and was unstable and had a certain impact on his soul .

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He returned to his bamboo bed in the immortal land . He took out his phone and found that Li Tingting had replied .

“Sorry, I woke up just now and saw your message . ”

“It’s four o ‘clock, why are you still sleeping and it’s not even the weekend today?”

Ye Xiaochen immediately replied .

“I had a bad day and, currently I am in the hospital . ”

Li Tingting’s reply was a bit slow and sent a sad emoji .

“Hospitalized? Are you sick?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“No, today while walking on the street, someone snatched my talisman and because of it got dragged down to the ground . ”

After some time, Li Tingting sent the message .


Wasn’t that the Pendant on Li Tingting’s neck?

Ye Xiaochen was terrified and immediately replied, “was it the pendant? Who snatched it?”

“You are a strange person, asking about the pendant and not caring about how I am . ”

Li Tingtign sent a message that contained little resentment .

“Well, I’m sorry, are you shocked? How are you now?”

Ye Xiaochen obviously cared about the pendant, it has the spirit material .

Otherwise, for what other reason had he taken her WeChat?

Of course, these words couldn’t be said .

“My head got hit on the floor and suffered a slight concussion . I will be in hospital for one to two days . ”

Li Tingting sent the message .

“Pay attention to your rest, oh right, in which hospital are you in?”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a moment, then sent the message .

“Why, will you come to see me?”

Li Tinting sent a wide-eye emoji .

“Can’t I?”

Ye Xiaochen replied .

Right now he was anxious about the pendant .

This was something he needed, but someone took it away .

So he has to go to Shashi and find the pendant .

Maybe, he could use this opportunity to get the pendant .

As for how to find the pendant, it was a problem . However, as long as the person who took the pendant was still in Shashi city, it would take some time but could be found .

After all, the spirit qi was obviously attracted to the spirit material .

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly began to extract the spirit qi without rest .

After all, he didn’t know how long it would take to find the pendant nor how much spirit qi would be required to find it .

In addition, Ye Xiaochen designed a device and installed the bottle containing the spirit qi on the car, so that spirit qi could be slowly released, and then he could search while driving along the streets .

It was late at night that Ye Xiaochen got ready with everything .

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