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Chapter 143

Inside the black Mercedes, the middle-aged man Li Xiangjun and beautiful woman Bai Ru were sitting in the back row .

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“Xiangjun, don’t worry . Just now we have asked the attending doctor of Li Tinting, he said Li Tingting would be fine as long as she rests for two days . ”

Bai Ru gently comforted .

“I am not worried about Tingting, I understand her temper . Ah, in this life, I will never get her forgiveness . ”

Li Xiangjun said .

“No, Tingting, is still young . When she grows up, she will definitely understand you . ”

Bai Ru said .

“Did you notice the young man in the ward?”

Li Xiangjun suddenly asked .

“Yes, I saw him, he is a nice young man . ”

Bai Ru said .

“You think he is a nice man?”

Li Xiangjun was surprised .

“Of course, just as you were about to hit Li Tingting, even if I didn’t stop you, the young man was ready to interrupt . ”

Bai Ru gave a light smile .

“You are still so attentive . In the parking lot, I saw him enter a Porsche cayenne car . I’m afraid he comes from a wealthy family . ”

Li Xiangjun continued, “No matter what thoughts he has about Tingting if he wants to get close to my daughter, he must first reach my level . ”

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He spoke in a dominating and majestic tone .

He took out his phone and pressed a key . No sound came out from the other side .

“Investigate the details about the young man who was in my daughter’s ward . ”

He spoke in a cool and calm tone .

After speaking he hung up directly . Seemingly indifferent if any response came from the other end, or he was confident that someone from the other end would definitely pay attention to his command 24/7 .

………………………… .

After driving out of the parking lot, Ye Xiaochen had turned on the device containing the bottle filled with immortal spirit qi

Suddenly a pale red gas started floating out from the edge of the window of the passenger seat .

From the side mirror, he could see the direction of the reddish gas .

Of course, Ye Xiaochen must drive carefully and speed should not be too fast .

In this way, Ye Xiaochen drove along the road .

The attraction range of the immortal spirit qi to the spirit material was about a hundred meters at most, once it exceeds a hundred meters, even if there was an attraction force, it would be difficult to determine the direction of the flow of the immortal spirit qi .

It was a test of endurance .

Besides, the person who snatched the pendant could also be on the move and he could easily miss him, he might even enter the area he already searched .

He felt a lot of emotions in his heart, he could only hope to have good luck, otherwise, his chances weren’t much better than looking for a needle in a haystack .

If he was a practitioner, he could use the practitioner’s means .

At least in the Store, he saw a tracking talisman specially used for tracing . Unfortunately, such talisman usually requires magical power to activate .

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Most importantly, currently, he doesn’t have any immortal yuan to buy it!

Considering that the incident took place in the Huangxin pedestrian street, he was planning to go there first and use it as a location to start his search .

Of course, he knew that the possibility was very small because the man’s first thought would be to leave that place after snatching the pendant .

However, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind, there was a doubt .

Why did the person only grab the pendant on Li Tingting’s neck?

It was not gold, or diamond or jade any other precious thing .

Besides, the man’s timing was great, he targeted when she was near the corner of the street .

This couldn’t be done by an average person .

Even if the person wants to find the blind spot of the camera, it would take a while, and during the search, the person might get filmed . Once the police investigate and replay it, the flaws could be revealed .

In short, this was no ordinary theft!

Ye Xiaochen even suspected that the person specially targeted the pendant .

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt a movement in his heart . For a long time, he was thinking about a problem .

Since the immortals exist, would there be any high-level martial artists or cultivators on this earth?

Although so far he hasn’t seen any, it does not mean they don’t exist .

After all, even the immortals exist .

It was just his current scope was very narrow and he couldn’t see any places where light doesn’t shine .

No to mention others, Ye Xiaochen from childhood had never seen any black gang fighting or killing like depicted in the movies .

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In fact, it could happen in every corner of the city .

It was a different society .

Light and darkness always exist .

Just they interweave without attention and were often overlooked by the ordinary people .

Perhaps, in the future, he would be able to get in contact .

Furthermore, he hasn’t started practicing and naturally he doesn’t want to encounter those things earlier .

No way, he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself .

Ah, he couldn’t say any, at least he has a pollination bee with him, which was still very powerful .

It was because of his confidence in the pollination bee that he dared to come to Shashi city and search for the person who snatched the pendant .

The best he could do was to release the pollination bee, sting the person down and then get the pendant .

According to the GPS, if he takes the next intersection he would reach the Huangxin pedestrian street .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s eyelid jumped and he subconsciously stepped on the brake under his feet, which made his body suddenly lean forward .

The car immediately slowed down .

The car in the back almost rammed into the car, that person started cursing .

Fortunately, the speed was not fast, otherwise, the car would really collide with his car .

Ye Xiaochen came back to his senses .

However, he did not pay any attention to the curses, instead, the heart was filled with ecstasy .

Because he found that all the red immortal spirit qi that was leaking was directly going in one direction .

This shows there was a spirit material within the hundred meters area .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was excited .

Indeed, I traveled far and wide to find the thing, only to find it easily .

He expected to take a long time and was even ready for the long war .

Who would have thought he would come across it now?

Indeed, Heaven’s has eyes opened .

It seems his luck was not bad .

Whether there was a parking space or not, he immediately parked the car near the road .

He turned off the device installed in the car .

Then took out the small bottle, released the immortal spirit qi and looked out of the window .

There was a cluster of tall buildings, but behind them, there was a residential area .

Immediately he stopped his breath and tried to calm down himself

It was his first time doing this kind of detective thing, he was quite nervous .

Only after his heart calmed down, he got out of the car .

He closed the door, locked the car and walked towards an underpass entrance .

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