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Chapter 140

The construction of the new house would proceed as scheduled .

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For the house layout style, consulted the most popular consultant in the present countryside, there were many changes in the details .

As long as there was money, there was no need to worry too much, just need to supervise little .

The farm management didn’t fall at all .

All kinds of vegetables, immortal plants were growing nicely .

The business of the immortal spring restaurant was very hot, the daily flow of earnings has reached three hundred to four hundred thousand .

If the manpower issue wasn’t considered, the restaurant scale could be expanded .

But after much consideration, he gave up .

If the restaurant size was too large, the management difficulty would increase, and there would also be some disconnection from the natural, pure and elegant style theme .

If there were a lot of guests, it would give people a busy crowded market feeling .

When space was limited, the service quality could be guaranteed .

The quality of the restaurant, in addition to the quality of service and food taste, also depends on the dining environment, which was an important factor .

Instead of expanding, branches could be opened .

Of course, currently, it was not possible . A restaurant must have a very professional chef system .

Presently, the immortal spring restaurant was mainly supported by Master Lin and a few other chefs .

Although they have some apprentices, they were not yet able to support the Immortal Spring restaurant .

Anyway, the immortal spring restaurant was on the right standard and was earning gold every day .

There was another matter, Ye Xiaochen every day after going to sleep he would dream, and things were becoming more and more serious .

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Even after he woke up, he had a feeling of sleepwalking, it was as if he had become the strange figure in that dream .

The thumping in the space between the eyebrows was getting stronger and stronger as if it was about to break out of its shell .

Ye Xiaochen from the limited clues could only guess that the spirit seed was rapidly condensing .

Moreover, the condensation of spirit seed has greatly increased his control over the pollination bee .

Previously, after the range of one meter his connection would cut off, but now it has increased at an alarming rate and reached the range of two meters .

His bond with the pollinating bee was growing stronger . The only thing that bothered him was it was picky about food and was not willing to eat the honey powder .

On the contrary, it likes to collect pollen from immortal plants .

Unfortunately, the flowering period of immortal pants was quite limited, and couldn’t fully meet its need .

Thirty immortal bean plants which have been irrigated with immortal fertilizer were filled with the bean pods .

Besides, thirty other immortal bean plants were also filled with bean pods, but the color was red . Its growth was slightly slower than the other immortal beans .

He was looking forward, once the beans were ripe, there would be an unprecedented harvest .

The wind immortal grass was still growing slowly .

Ye Xiaochen thought when he would have immortal yuan, he would buy some water attribute immortal fertilizer . Otherwise, it would take a very long time for the plant to mature .

The growth of the rape seedlings was going smooth, however, the growth cycle of rapeseeds was long, even with his Shennong talent, it would take one to two months to have a harvest .

He contacts Zeng Hongye, mainly to report on the cultivation of rapeseed .

After all, she was the leader of Yang city, and Ye Xiaochen felt that he needed to be in touch with her .

Zeng Hongye told him that the aftertaste of the dishes of the immortal spring restaurant was still lingering, but because of work, she couldn’t go .

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Ye Xiaochen laughed and said that as soon as possible he would open a branch in Yang city .

The location of the second restaurant would be Yang city .

It was something already planned .

As for the third restaurant, it must be opened in the Shashi city, the capital of Southern Province .

Of course, this was all just plans, at least until the chef team, management team and service team were trained .

The funds were not a problem, even the initial capital hasn’t been completely used, it was still in the account .

And not to mention, the restaurant’s ability to make money, within two months, they could get enough money for funds .

In the flash, it was the middle of October .

On the farm .

Ye Xiaochen was talking with Fang Yuan .

This boy could be said to be flushing with success .

After the experts’ group visit, he took the shortcut to promotion .

Now, he was already the head of the station master office . Although he was still at the deputy section level, he was enjoying the section level treatment .

He called Ye Xiaochen to inform him that he was going to get married to his girlfriend .

The date was set at the end of October .

“Say, Fang Yuan, isn’t this too fast?”

Ye Xiaochen was stupefied .

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“Fast? It could already be considered slow, the parents of both sides are urging to hurry up things . ”

Fang Yuan was a little upset and said, “It seems I am going to step into the grave of marriage . In the future, I could only look at you being free and at ease . ”

“Marriage grave, marriage is a good thing . Okay, I will definitely attend . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Haha, that’s good, if you come then I will have a strong face . There will be a lot of classmates, let them see, who is the best brother of Ye Xiaochen!”

Fang Yuan said with excitement .

Fang Yuan has a wide circle of networks and hasn’t broken contact with classmates . During the wedding, many students will definitely take part in it .

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen suddenly wondered if he marries, how many college classmates would come?

He thought a lot, and suddenly sighed, it seems that there weren’t many who had good relationships with him .

Even if it was Fang Yuan, only after the previous encounter that it got better .

Not only college classmates, even primary school classmates, junior school classmates, and high school classmates, it seems there weren’t many impressions, let alone have contacts .

“It seems either my character is not good or the relationship is not good . ”

Ye Xiaochen could only sigh .

After several years of studies, how was he still alone?

Sitting on the bamboo bed, Ye Xiaochen took out his phone .

First, he sent a message to Wang Xinyi, and then remembered that he didn’t contact Li Tingitng for a while .

Ye Xiaochen felt that he was really not good at communicating with people . Even after so long time, he hasn’t settled the pendant matter . Instead, if replaced with a person who has experience in relationship, the pendant won’t only be in the pocket, but also would get hold of Li Tingting .

He sent a message .

There was no reply from Li Tingting .

Ye Xiaochen shook his, and could only take out the Shennong system introduction guide to read .

He reads during his leisure time .

Swimming in the ocean of knowledge, he feels enriched .

The more he read, the more aware he felt .

After a while, Ye Xiaochen suddenly put down the book, there was a shine in his eyes .

“Is the Art of Growth really so magical?”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself .

This was what he read in the Shennong system introduction guide .

This art was especially used for the quick growth of immortal plants .

Excessive enthusiasm spoils results .

Due to this art, the foundation of the immortal plant would get unstable, and various problems could appear .

The advantage was, it allows the immortal plants to grow several times or even dozens of times faster .

There were profound immortal planters, who in the blink of an eye were able to grow seed from birth to point of maturity .

“If I can master the Art of Growth, would I not be able to let the wind immortal plant grow faster?”

Ye Xiaochen’s face revealed a touch of eagerness .

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