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Chapter 139
Chapter 139- Discussion
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The September months payment for all vegetables and pickled vegetables has been settled .

Full 350,000 yuan .

As Ye Xiaochen’s farm was classified as a Province special grade planting base, he could get tax privileges .

So the 350,000 will completely enter into his pocket .

If you have money in the body, you will have enough confidence .

The original plan of constructing the house, he was ready to implement it .

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen immediately discussed with his mother and father, to begin the construction of the house, it was better to be sooner than later .

The site selection and foundation approval were confirmed within a few days .

However, Ye Xiaochen and his parents didn’t reach an agreement on the amount of money to be used for the construction of the house .

The two elders thought it was enough to spend near four hundred to five hundred thousand .

However, Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts were different, since they were constructing a house, naturally, it should be good, after all, they will be living there and there shouldn’t be any grievance .

After all, now he has money .

And next month his earnings would be more than a million .

Mother and father were frightened, because according to Ye Xiaochen’s thought if he doesn’t use near 2- 3 million, he won’t construct the house

“It cannot be too luxurious, let’s just build a middle-class building . You can save money for the future . ”

The mother strongly disagreed .

“Mother, I drive a car which is worth millions, can’t I even build a house costing a few million?”

Ye Xiaochen felt his mother’s thought was too stubborn .

“You can’t spend money like this . How much interest would we get every year if deposited in the bank! ”

Mother persuaded patiently

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“Now, the interest rates are very low and there is high depreciation . Sister, you say, isn’t this true?”

Ye Xiaochen said .

The sister looked at the red face mother and brother, don’t know whom to help?

As for father, he was always the mother’s yes-man person, how would he dare to make suggestions? He buried himself in the cigarette smoke .

“Anyway, it is not the same, at most five hundred thousand . ”

Mother said .

“Okay, five hundred thousand, so let it be five hundred thousand, I will go to the farm and build another house . You live in yours and I will live in mine, all right . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s temper also emerged .

“That can’t be done, you build two houses, but our family has only you, what is this!”

Mother immediately panicked .

She knows her personality, don’t look at her usually gently disposition, sometime she would as stubborn as a bull .

“This is not okay, that is not okay, then what should I do?”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Earned money, if it wasn’t used to spend, would it be useful if it was deposited in the bank?

As for making money, will there be only fewer opportunities in the future?

He felt that if he doesn’t change his mother’s habit now, he would face more disputes in the future .

He just wanted his mother to realize, life wasn’t what it used to be before, and there was no need to live with hardship .

Buy what you want, use what you want and eat what you want .

Don’t be reluctant to part with it, money wasn’t brought with birth and nor could it be taken after death . The money is valuable only if it is spent, otherwise, it is just a pile of paper .

“Mother, you, you lister to brother . ”

Besides, my sister couldn’t help and finally said in a weak voice .

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The mother’s sharp eyes swept at her, and immediately the sister shrank her neck .

“Mother, you see, sister is also supporting me . Now we are two and you are one, the minority should obey the majority . ”

Ye Xiaochen proudly said .

Sister was still loyal, surely it was pure love .

“Old man, what do you think?”

Mother with a bad mood looked at father, obviously, there was a threat .

“Mother, you can’t do this . You are threatening the father . It’s undemocratic . ”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but speak .

“If you don’t want to say, don’t say . Old man, do as you please . ”

Mother folded her hands around her chest .

Father looked at mother and then at Ye Xiaochen, he mumbled a few times and then said, “Xiaochen has grown up . Let’s listen to him . ”

“Yes . ”

Ye Xiaochen shouted in excitement .

The sister also showed signs of joy .

Mother glared fiercely .

“Okay, you all are in the same boat . ”

Mother walked away angrily .

Ye Xiaochen saw his mother was really angry . After all, his mother used to be in charge of the family, and this time no one listened to her, so it was naturally difficult to accept .

Immediately, he got up and tried every way to persuade her and finally made the mother’s anger dissipate .

Mother was a hard mouth but a soft-hearted person, only she couldn’t change her thoughts .

The next morning, at the dining table, mother suddenly said, “Xiaochen, in future, if you have some matters to decide, you can decide . ”

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“Mother, some important things, I must discuss with you . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought his mother was still angry and quickly said .

“It is not what you think, and I have thought about it clearly . Our older generation’s thinking is very different from your younger generation . You have grown up and are matured, for some of your thoughts and plans, if we intervene again, it would affect you . ”

The mother laughed and said .

Ye Xiaochen was silent, he felt that his mother had really thought about it .

He couldn’t help but secretly take a sigh of relief .

Sometimes, a thorn in an elder’s heart would easily create problems if it lasts for a long time .

“And also, what you said yesterday about building two houses, I think it makes sense . ”

Mother said .

Ye Xiaochen was stunned .

“When it comes to relationships with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it is very difficult to deal with . Living under the same roof for a long time will definitely create conflicts . In the past, your grandmother and I often would quarrel with each other . So, when you get married, you will be living in another house and, your father and I will live in this house, not far from your house, which is for the best . ”

Mother said .

After hearing this, Ye Xiaochen’s heart was full of warmth . The parent always thinks about their children .

The matter was finally settled .

First build a new house for the parents, according to the standard using five hundred thousand yuan .

As for Ye Xiaochen’s house on the farm, it could wait . .

As today was October 7, the last day of National Day, Ye Ying needs to return to college .

After eating breakfast, Ye Xiaochen with his sister drove to Jing county north railway station .

The high-speed train ticket was already booked for 10’ o’clock .

Ye Ying’s classmate, Xu Wei also was on the same train .

She took a minibus to Taiping town and joined them .

“Sister, after arriving remember to call . ”

Ye Xiaochen accompanied Ye Ying and Xu Wei till the door of the waiting room .

“Okay . ”

Ye Ying walked side by side with Xu Wei and then turned back to wave towards Ye Xiaochen .

In the waiting room .

Ye Ying and Xu Wei sat side by side with their luggage .

“Xiao Ying, what does your brother do?”

Xu Wei asked in a curious tone .

“My brother runs a farm . ”

When Ye Ying talked about his brother, her cheeks were overflowed with shallow dimples .

“Farm, it should be very large?”

Xu Wei was surprised .

To be able to afford such a car, that person wouldn’t be ordinary .

Unexpectedly, Ye Ying who usually looks low key has such a rich brother .

She was envious .

“Not big, but my brother opened a restaurant . The immortal spring restaurant which was  just opened in the county . ”

Ye Ying said .

“Immortal spring restaurant, that restaurant was opened by your brother? Your brother is really great . ”

During the National day, she went to the county with her family to celebrate the birthday of a relative .

Those people praised the immortal spring restaurant as heaven on earth, the dishes were more delicious than the exotic delicacies .

It was high grade, expensive . Generally, if you go for a casual meal, you need to pay around your one to two months salary .

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