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Chapter 125

It was ten o’ clock, Ye Xiaochen drove his car and arrived at Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

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Today, Wang Shuisheng’s many family members and the closest relative of the Wang family were there .

“Ye Xiaochen, you have come . ”

Wang Yuandong came out and even took the initiative to greet Ye Xiaochen .

He looked at Ye Xiaochen’s car, and felt a little jealous, this was a Porsche cayenne 2015 turboS model and was more than 3 million .

He also drives a Porsche, but it’s worth was just only a million .

“There’s quite a lot of people today . ”

Ye Xiaochen followed Wang Yuandong inside the villa .

“Xiaochen, come and sit here . Let me introduce you to the people present here . ”

Wang Shuisheng was sitting in the living room, talking with a few people, after seeing Ye Xiaochen come in, he immediately got up and said .

Several others also stood up, all were looking at Ye Xiaochen with a surprised face .

Ye Xiaochen greeted them one by one .

These people were aware of the fact that Ye Xiaochen was the person for whom the experts’ group personally visited . They were all surprised meeting the young man who was in the limelight .

The recent rumors about Ye Xiaochen were endless .

Now after seeing him, they were more curious .

If it wasn’t for Wang Shuisheng personally introducing him, they would have never connected the two people, after all, Ye Xiaochen looks too young and ordinary .

Suddenly, they remembered some gossip which was going around in the family that Wang Xinyi has found a boyfriend .

Was it Ye Xiaochen?

They were all smart people, they suddenly understood why in the Mid-Autumn festival Wang Shuisheng called over Ye Xiaochen, the meaning was different, it was clear that he considered Ye Xiaochen as his people .

Ye Xiaochen accompanied them and talked for a while, then got up to find Wan Xinyi .

After lunch, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi out for a walk .

It was a drive .

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Driving out during Mid-autumn festival was not a good choice .

There was a lot of traffic on the streets and the traffic jam was very serious .

Wang Xinyi still liked it very much . For, her watching the pedestrians and vehicles was a kind of happiness .

What was more, Ye Xiaochen was with her .

Finally, the car reached a park in the outskirts of the city .

Today, many people have taken advantage of the holidays and came out with their families to relax .

There are a lot of children .

After Ye Xiaochen parked the car, he walked slowly with Wang Xinyi along the creek in the park .

From time to time, those two would stop to take pictures .

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi pulled Ye Xiaochen’s hand and pointed to the sky .

Ye Xiaochne looked up, a huge colorful kite was flying in the sky .

The colorful centipede kite was very long, extending all the way to the outside sky of the park .

The other end was connected to the center of the park .

Wang Xinyi made some hand gestures .

Ye Xiaochen was now quite proficient in the gestures and sign language, he understood it at once and also made some signs .

Immediately, two people walked towards the place from where the colorful kite was released .

After walking for about ten minutes, the two reached the place from where the kite was flying .

A lot of people were gathered here .

It was the park management staff who was flying the kite .

The colorful centipede kite was still flying . Then another centipede kite was also released . More than a dozen people were pulling the ropes .

The travelers were also pulling the ropes .

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It was easy for such a large kite drag a person to the sky, however one end of the string was connected to the wheel, allowing to pull in or out .

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi also tried to pull the ropes .

The tension was very strong, the kite was rising high in the air, the long colorful kite was winding and suddenly the rope was pulled straight, the people who were pulling the ropes lost little stability .

The two people pulled the ropes for a while and then quit .

Wang Xinyi’s face was red and she was very happy .

There were too many people .

Ye Xiaochen was afraid that Wang Xinyi would get separated .

He took her hands and came out of the crowd .

When Wang Xinyi held Ye Xiaochen’s hand her face was red, did not know if it was due to tiredness caused by pulling the rope and because of shyness .

She did not object and let Ye Xiaochen pull her .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but secretly feel happy .

Even when the crowd was less, Wang Xinyi didn’t break free from Ye Xiaochen’s hand .

The two people walked to an empty square with a fountain in the middle which was drawing water from the river course and looked quite spectacular .

The two took a picture in front of the fountain before they continued to walk .

There were a lot of people here, as well as flower vendors, handmade ornament vendors, and other vendors .

The business was going well, and many people were buying it .

Ye Xiaochen asked Wang Xinyi if she wanted to buy a bonsai?

Wang Xinyi shook her head, but not far from that there was a handmade goods stall which attracted her attention .

She went to the stall and picked one of the handstrings, which was not much expensive just a few dozen yuan .

Although the material of the handstring was ordinary, it was still very beautiful .

She picked up one more handstring which was a little dark in color and gestured at Ye Xiaochen’s hand .

“For me?”

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Ye Xiaochen was surprised and immediately raised his hand .

Wang Xinyi grabbed Ye Xiaochen’s wrist with one hand and held with the other hand .

The action was gentle and honest .

Ye Xiaochen wasn’t able to describe his feelings .

Wang Xinyi wanted Ye Xiacohen to wear the handstring . In sign language, she asked if ye Xiaochen didn’t like it?

Have to say, the handstring Wang Xinyi picked was quite matching with his hand .

After seeing Ye Xiaochen nod, she picked another handstring and put it on her wrist . She raised her hands towards Ye Xiaochen and showed a charming smile .

It was a bit like a Couple handstring .

One hundred Yuan .

Ye Xiaochen was in good mood and quickly paid .

They were about to leave, then suddenly from a nearby stall a bang sound came, something hit the ground and a quarrel followed .

Ye Xiaochen took a look and saw a woman customer quarreling in front of the flower and grass stall .

On the ground, there was a flower pot, the cultivated soil and broken ceramics were scattered on the ground, a Scarlet Kaffir Lily was lying down with a tragic sight .

Originally, this family was looking at the bonsai pots in the stall, but unexpectedly the child broke the Scarlet Kaffir lily pot .

If it was an ordinary Scarlet kaffir lily, its cost might have been around a couple of hundred yuan .

However, the stall owner insisted that this was a rare Scarlet kaffir lily, called Peacock tail and asked for compensation of thirty thousand yuan .

The family denied it and was only willing to pay a hundred yuan .

Immediately, two sides began to quarrel .

The stall owner quickly gathered the support of his companion, four to five people were surrounding the family of three, and wouldn’t leave them without taking money .

The stall owner obviously was a fraud .

It was just there were several husky fellows on the stall owner’s side, and from the first glance, it could be said that they were not to be trifled with .

“This is obviously a pot of ordinary Scarlet Kariff Lily flower, I have never seen the peacock tail variant flower, why should I pay thirty thousand yuan and let me tell you, I’m a reporter . What you are doing is clearly blackmail . ”

WenXin aggressively looked at the stall owner and strongly argued .

She works in the TV station and got this rare Mid-autumn festival holiday . She came here with her husband and son to enjoy . However, she didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing .

“You are a reporter and still can’t pay for compensation . I am saying you, even if you are a central reporter, you have broken my peacock tail flower pot and have to pay for it . ”

The stall owner was not all afraid of Wenxin’s reporter identity at all . He was extremely aggressive and said, “Quickly pay, otherwise you will not be leaving today . ”

“Boss, let’s do this since today is a Mid-Autumn Festival . Let’s not make it a big deal and it also won’t be good for you . How about a thousand yuan?”

Wenxin’s husband Ye Zili was a gentle-looking man with medium stature and light tone .

“One thousand, Hmph! One thousand wouldn’t be enough to even buy a leaf of my peacock’s tail flower pot . Thirty thousand yuan, not a penny less than that . ”

The boss didn’t budge .

Ye  Zili’s face turned ugly and didn’t know what to do . “What thirty thousand, I won’t even pay a thousand since you want to blackmail then I can only report to the police . ”

Wenxin hurriedly took out her phone .

“If you want to report to the police, quickly do it, any way you have to pay thirty thousand, not a penny less than that . ”

The boss did not seem to be afraid at all .

Not long after that, a police vehicle arrived .

The arrival of policemen did not have any use, they just let the two sides negotiate .

Currently, the Scarlet Kariff flower was destroyed, and no one could estimate the price of the Scarlet Kariff flower, what price the stall owner says that much will be it .

“For the sake of police officers face, you need to just give me twenty thousand and  leave . ”

Wenxin was fuming, this stall owner was really arrogant, there was police here, but still, dare to blatantly blackmail .

She looked around, hoping someone would come forward and say something .

Unfortunately, no one came, all were just watching .

Suddenly, Wenxin’s eyes lit up, as she saw an unexpected person .

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