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Chapter 126
Chapter 126- Fake
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In the crowd, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were also looking at the scene .

Wang Xinyi couldn’t hear voices, so she didn’t know what was going on, Ye Xiaochen had to use sign language to explain the situation .

Wang Xinyi asked in gestures, “is that scarlet kafir very expensive?”

“It is hard to judge like this, but buying a pot in this kind of place certainly won’t be so expensive . ”

Ye Xiaochen said in sign language .

The expensive Scarlet Kafir was very rare to come by, and only on high-end occasion will it be able to sell at a good price .

To say that there was such an expensive Scarlet Kafir flower in a place like this was false .

“Can you help them?”

Wang Xinyi asked .

“I’ll give it a try first, whether I can help them, that is a different matter . ”

Ye Xiaochen said in sign language, but in his heart, he was secretly sighing, she was really a kind girl .

The other party has a lot of people on his side .
If it weren’t police officers being present, he would have been reluctant to get involved .

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Nowadays the society was more impetuous and complex, if they don’t agree, they would use fists and knives . Ye Xiaochen feels that his life was very precious .

Just as he was about to walk, suddenly, the woman who claimed to be a reporter looked at Ye Xiaochen and shouted in surprise, “Mr . Ye, Mr . Ye, you are also here! please help us . ”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned . Does this woman know him?

No, he doesn’t have any impression of this woman .

He sighed in his heart, it seems that even if Wang Xinyi doesn’t ask him to help them, this woman won’t let him go .

“Do you know me?”

Ye Xiaochen held Wang Xinyi’s hand, came out of the crowd and curiously asked .

“Mr . Ye, you may not know me, I was one of the reporters who accompanied the group of experts, so I was able to recognize you . ”

Wenxin was surprised, she didn’t expect to see Ye Xiaochen on this occasion .

She had interviewed Fang Yuan and from his mouth, she heard a lot of things about Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist, and even the experts’ group personally visited him .

The difficulty which she has encountered currently, she could only look for Ye Xiacohen’s help .

Ye Xiaochen suddenly realized it was originally like this . Last time, there were too many people, he naturally couldn’t pay attention to everyone .
Wenxin’s husband He Zili was surprised when he saw his wife asking for help from a strange man, first, he had lots of questions .

However, he immediately responded, and was overjoyed, because he had already guessed Ye Xiaochen’s identity .

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“Mr . Ye, you are a top botanist, I hope you can help me, this stall owner is insisting that this scarlet kafir is very valuable and asking for twenty thousand yuan . If it was true, I would have accepted it, but this is clearly a fake!”

Wenxin said .

The stall owner saw Wenxin found a helper, he became a little anxious then squinting his eyes he disdainfully glanced and said, “His hair hasn’t grown, what top botanist, do you think everyone is Ye Xiaochen!”

Suddenly, he seemed to realize something, he stared at Ye Xiaochen and asked in a surprised tone, “are you that Ye Xiaochen?”

“Yes, Mr . Ye is a top botanist whom the experts’ group personally visited . I don’t know whether your Scarlet Kafir is really a rare variant peacock tail, but I believe that with Mr . Ye’s ability, he could definitely be able to distinguish it . ”

Wenxin hurriedly said .

The people present at the scene were surprised, recently, they have heard a lot of rumors about Ye Xiaochen .

Now the man was actually in front of them, naturally, they were curious about him .

Both the police officers showed a gesture of respect to Ye Xiaochen .

The stall owner’s face changed, but he sneered and said, “Even if he is Ye Xiacohen, so what, you have damaged my flower and you need to compensate for it . ”

He glanced at the fallen Scarlet Kafir flower pot and wondered if even a top plant expert could identify it .

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, so many people were staring at him .

He made Wang Xinyi stand aside and walked towards the damaged Scarlet Kafir flower pot .
Many of the leaves were broken and roots were damaged .

Even if this was the rare Scarlet Kafir flower, such damage made it lose all its worth .

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The value of the Scarlet Kafir flower lies in its leaves .

A defective leaf was worthless .

From the external appearance of several other Scarlet Kafir flower leaves, it could be seen that the leaves were perfectly straight, hard glossy surface .

Ye Xiacohen with his hands touched the soil and ceramic fragment, he gently touched the leaves of Scarlet Kafir flower .

After a while, he found something .

“Boss, you are saying this Scarlet Kafir is a rare peacock tail variant?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the stall owner and smiled .

“Of course, Mr . Ye . I have a picture of every bonsai tree here, you can take a look . ”

The stall owner was scared of Ye Xiaochen, still like before said in a strong voice .

However, his tone was much more polite than before .

Ye Xiaochen was a famous botanist in the Yangshi city, he couldn’t help but fear this!

“No need to look at the photos . ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a slight smile on his face, “You are faking technology is quite good, the glue between the leaf and the plant is very natural, and handling the processing is also very good, the textures on the leaves are lifelike . ”

The stall owner’s face immediately changed, he hurriedly said, “Mr . Ye, I respect you as a top expert, but you can’t talk nonsense like this, please provide evidence, which part does this Scarlet Kafir looks fake? ”

Anyway, this Scarlet Kafir was in a very bad situation, just from Ye Xiaochen’s words it couldn’t be concluded as fake .

“Of course I have proof and it’s ironclad evidence . ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled .
He picked up the Scarlet Kafir flower from the ground, and carefully removed the soil from its leaves, and with his fingernails pinched on one of the leaves .

Immediately after that, from the little opening, a black liquid started flowing out of it which had a very pungent smell .

The stall owner saw the black colored liquid and was surprised, “Impossible, it’s impossible . ”

This black liquid was a special chemical that could be injected inside of the flower with a syringe, it could make the flowers and leaves of the plant more bright for a certain period .

This kind of medicine has a lot of side effects . Over time, flowers would face some serious problems .

However, with the conventional test, the chemicals inside the flowers couldn’t be detected at all, unless more sophisticated tests were performed .

However, currently, this chemical was flowing out straight, it was very obvious .

“Well, do I need to say anything more?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a slight smile .

The reason from the leaves the black liquid started flowing was he communicated with the consciousness of the Scarlet Kafir flower plant to let the chemical discharge .

From this black chemical liquid, one could casually judge that the Scarlet Kafir flower was faked .

Could flowers release the chemical composition by themselves?

What else could he say in this situation?

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