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Chapter 124

These immortal Yuans were temporarily reserved in case of any emergency needs .

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He did some calculations and was surprised to find that he had already spent more than 910 immortal yuan in the Store .

Only 90 immortal yuan was less to reach a thousand immortal yuan .

“It seems that by the time of the next harvest, I will be able to scrape enough  to reach one thousand immortal yuan consumption quota of the Store and can get the chance to draw a lottery . ”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was very excited .

This lucky draw was very precious!

Although the possibility of getting cheap things was high, there was still a chance of getting a good thing .

Especially practicing law, it was the thing which he wants the most .

A Shennong without cultivation, what kind of Shennong was that?

Anyway, it was still early morning, Ye Xiaochen began to work . First, he mixed the seed promoting liquid with the immortal spring water and let all seeds of immortal grass soak in it, then he plowed the whole immortal land . Finally, he mixed the general immortal fertilizer with the water of immortal spring and used the special fertilizer device to fertilize the whole immortal land uniformly .

The next day, after handing over all the vegetables to the driver, Ye Xiacohen with his parents in the Porsche cayenne went to his grandmother’s house .

To guard against someone intruding the farm, he concealed all the immortal lands .

Grandmother’s house was in the Xianfeng town .

Geographical location was far worse than the Taiping town, and in terms of economic development, the Xianfeng town ranks last in the Jing County .

Here there were many mountains and many roads in the mountainous interior to the shuttle .

Fortunately, in the past two years, the village road was hardened with cement, otherwise, in the past, these roads were all unpaved and were even very difficult to walk .

Shuiyuan village, this was the village where Grandmother’s house was located .

After the car reached the end of the cement road, it entered in the rough road . Although it was covered with sand and gravel, it was pushed down by the truck .

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 Ye Xiaochen could only drive slowly .

Finally, they arrived at his uncle’s old house .

Next, to the old house, there was a flattened yard .

This year, his uncle has been staying at home and didn’t go out to work, in order to construct a new house .

However, the construction of the new house was not going smooth, one neighbor has a bad relationship with his uncle, and has been making things difficult for him and was preventing uncle from building a new house .

It was said that some time ago, they were almost about to fight .

In the countryside, this situation was very common . Neighbors would often have disputed because of minor conflicts and bad relations .

The neighbor that was making things difficult for uncle was a former debt dodger and behaves like hoodlums .

Moreover, this guy has three sons and they were very aggressive .

To build the new house, his uncle has tolerated everything, even when the other side was repairing the floor, he took the initiative to bear some of the expenses, but even then this guy was still greedy .

The car stopped .

Grandma, Big Uncle(mother’s brother), Big aunt, uncle’s son, Aunt(mother’s sister), aunt’s husband, aunt’s daughter, and others came out to welcome them .

They were very enthusiastic .

Especially, the big aunt was full of smiles and took the initiative to go towards his mother and helped in carrying things .

Originally, the relationship between his big aunt and his mother was not good . As for what was the cause of contradiction, Ye Xiaochen was not clear about it . He only knew that they were not on talking terms .

Last time when the experts’ group were visiting Ye Xiaochen, many relatives came to his home, but only his big uncle and big aunt did not come .

However, now this attitude seems to have changed one eighty degrees .

“Old three, little Yingmei didn’t come back?”

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Grandmother had gray hair and was healthy, but because of years of hard work, her back was somewhat bent .

“No, mother . She won’t be back till eleven . ”

Mother said to his grandmother .

Ye Xiaochen also hurriedly greeted grandmother .

“Xiaochen, you have grown up . ”

Grandmother took Ye Xiaochen’s hand and was very happy .

During this period, all the stories of her grandson have let her heart feel very proud .

“Brother Xiaochen, this car is a Porsche cayenne, I am afraid it would have cost one to two million? ”

At this time, the big uncle son’s He Kequan asked curiously .

He was currently a junior college student in Tan city, and he returned home because of the Mid-Autumn festival holiday .

“Not so much, it’s just three to four hundred thousand . ”

Mother replied in a tone filled with pride .

Busted .

Ye Xiaochen quickly winked at his cousin .

Unfortunately, He Kequan didn’t notice it at all and said, “This is a Porsche cayenne . The cheapest is at least a million yuan . ”

“At least one million?”

Mother was stunned, then immediately she put a clear look on her face and said, “Oh, I thought it was three to four hundred thousand, originally it was this expensive . ”

Although she was surprised, she maintained an unconcerned look .

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His big Aunt who was carrying things, exclaimed, “So expensive, a million yuan ah! Xiaochen’s skill has grown and can make lots of money . Third sister, third brother-in-law, you guys will certainly have a happy and prosperous life in the future . ”

Mother’s brows raised in delight and were repeatedly being modest .

“Now, don’t stand outside and talk . Let’s go inside . ”

Big Uncle smilingly said .

“Yes, yes, let’s go inside . ”

Grandmother hurriedly pulled Ye Xiaochen inside the home .

Grandmother’s house was an old fashioned red brick building with a cement flooring .

Inside there were red lacquered wooden sofas .

The people sat down and talked .

Big Aunt and other aunt took the initiative to serve tea and prepare lunch .

While talking, he talked about the construction of a new building with big Uncle .

“Haha, brother-in-law, the problem has been resolved, a few days ago Big Shan took the initiative to talk with me, and said that I shouldn’t pay the money for the floor repair . ”

Big Uncle said while laughing .

“This time it is really lucky due to Xiaochen, otherwise with the character of Big Shan, it wouldn’t be easy to give in . ”

Grandmother said .

“Yes, Big Shan asked about Xiacohen and also apologize for the previous matters . ”

Big uncle said with a smile .

Ye Xiaochen’s parents were surprised when they heard about it . They didn’t expect things to take such a big turn .

Suddenly, they also somewhat realized the reason for the change in Big Aunt’s attitude .

Immediately, the two people’s heart was filled with endless pride, this difficult problem was easily solved with the influence of their son!

After drinking the tea served by her great Aunt, Ye Xiaochen looked at the time and told to grandmother and big uncle that he had some works .

“Xiaochen, you hurriedly go, don’t delay your matters . ”

Grandmother immediately said .

In the eyes of Big Uncle and others, now Ye Xiacohen was not an ordinary person, in the future, he must attend many social gatherings and certainly would become a huge person, naturally, they couldn’t delay his time .

Hardly as he left the house, few people came over, they were grandmother’s neighbors .

During Childhood, Ye Xiaochen used to call them as the uncle, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather .

“Foster uncle . ”

“Aunt Yan . ”

“Third grandfather . ”

“Elder grandmother . ”

Ye Xiaochen greeted them and talked a few polite words with them and then got in the car .

“Auntie, your family will be having a very nice future as you have Ye Xiaochen like the person in the family . ”

“Yes, I have long known that Ye Xiaochen was a capable person . ”

“Right, Lian sister, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any girlfriend, how about I introduce a girl to Ye XIaochen? The family financial situation is very good and the girl is also a university student . ”


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