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Chapter 118

Farm .

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The moon was clear .
The Mid-Autumn festival will be approaching soon .
Ye Xiaochen laid on the bamboo bed which was in immortal land and chatted with Wang Xinyi .
Previously she went to bath .
The two were seeing each other through the video call, Wang Xinyi was wearing a white silk nightdress, the long hair draped over her shoulder and gave a dream-like feeling .
The video call was only for a short while and then they turned it off . After all, they could only type and couldn’t talk to each other .
Suddenly, his phone rang .
It was Fang Yuan’s call .
Ye Xiaochen quickly messaged Wang Xiny that there was a phone call coming, and would chat later with her . Closing the WeChat, he pressed the answer button .
“Xiaochen, I need to tell you something . The Global company you met last time contacted me and said that they wanted to meet with you again . This time, the new president of Global company will be coming . ”
The sound of Fang Yuan came from the phone .
“Meeting me again?”
Ye Xiaoche said, “Forget it . Just say to them that I am not free for the time being . ”
He guessed that it would be like last time, at most increasing the price .
“Don’t, bro, I have already promised them . You won’t be making me lose my face, will you?”
Fang Yuan bitterly cried .
“Damn, You promised them on behalf of me!”
Ye Xiaochen was speechless .

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This guy has a big mouth .
“You have no idea, the beautiful assistant was very beautiful and a little gentle, I couldn’t resist . ”
Fang Yuan gave a mischievous laugh .
“All right, just for this time . Don’t repeat it again!”
Ye Xiaochen shook his head and laughed .
“Ok, Ok Ok, next time, I won’t be so soft . Xiaochen, can you give me some of your time?”
Fang Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief .
“Tomorrow, the same place . ”
Ye Xiaochen said .
“Good, then I will be hanging up . You rest early . ”
Fang Yuan hung the call with joy .
Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he opened WeChat and continued to chat with Wang Xinyi .

Since the vegetables don’t need to be distributed by himself, it has saved a lot of time .
He just has to wait on the farm for someone to receive it .
At nine in the morning, Fang Yuan called and said that the people from the Global company had reached Taiping town .
Ye Xiaochen got on his motorbike and went straight to Taiping town .
As for his discussion with the experts’ group, he postponed it to the afternoon .

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Taiping town, near a tea house, many people lingered around and watched .
Because there a powerful luxury car was parked .
Ye Xiaochen still has some understandings on the cars . In the past, during his college time, his classmates used to discuss these models, so he got to understand something from them .
Just take the car in front of him, it should be a Porsche Cayenne, as to which model it was, he couldn’t identify it .
However, the Porsche Cayenne cars price were extremely expensive, it was at least a million yuan .
Next, to the Porsche, several other cars were parked, all were either Audi or Benz, but when compared to the Porsche, they were still lacking .
“It’s a Porsche Cayenne . Did someone from our town buy this car?”
“It doesn’t have Shashi code, Certainly does not belong to our town . ”
“That’s not for sure . Someone might have been doing business in a different city and might have bought that city’s license plate code . ”
“This car looks cool”
“Must be very expensive?”
“Yes, at least a million . ”
“A Million is nothing . There should be many cars in our town worth a million . Last time I saw a BMW 7 series . ”
“This is not an ordinary Porsche model, but a Turbos model which was released last year . Just the bare car price was more than2 . 8 million yuan, taking with full accessories, hehe, should be at least more than three million . ”
“Ah! It’s so expensive?”
The pedestrian who had the knowledge of the car told the origin of it, which immediately made a lot of people take a cold breath .
One million and three million, that’ was two million difference .
Suddenly, many people took out their phone and hurriedly took photos .

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Ye Xiaochen parked his motorcycle at the roadside and locked it . Although this motorcycle was old, there were many thieves in the town . Often there was the case of the motorcycle being stolen .
Once a motorcycle was lost, it was almost impossible to find it and was also useless to call the police .
He glanced at the car and guess it was from Global company .
Just as he arrived near the door, Fang Yuan welcomed him,” Xiaochen, you have come . The people of Global company are seated above . Tsk, Tsk you can never imagine that the boss is a goddess class beauty, she is even more beautiful than her assistant . ”
His voice was very low, and his face was shining .
Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded seeing the pig like brother Fang yuan, he was too lazy to reason with him .
On the second floor, in a private room .
Ye Xiaochen met with the people from the Global Company .
There were six people .
Although Fang Yuan did say that the company’s boss was a great beauty, he had done some psychological preparation, but after seeing her, Ye Xiaochen was still surprised .
She was dressed in a professional suit, hair tied, a delicate face and had minimal makeup .
This was a woman with a strong character .
Fang Yuan introduced both sides . Ye Xiaochen shook hands with her, politely greeted and took his seat .
“Mr . Ye, we are really thankful for your help last time, you have solved a difficult problem for the company . ”
Ling Jinxiu spoke in a vigorous and clear tone .
“Haha, I just found it accidentally . ”
Ye Xiaochen laughed and said . He wanted to know the purpose of Lin Jinxiu .
Have to say, talking to beautiful women was never boring .
“Mr . Ye is joking . Currently, in the southern province, there is no one who doesn’t know you . ”
Lin Jinxiu slightly smiled and said, “For the last time’s help, because the company’s state just changed, we had no time to thank you properly . This time, the company has finally stabilized, and belatedly came to express the thanks to Mr . Ye, please forgive us for that . ”
“Mrs . Ling, the previous time I already said it was just a coincidence and moreover, your company has already thanked me . ”
Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to have ambiguous relation with the Global company, being stuck like glue was very troublesome
Although he just received little seed reward, he like a generous adult let it pass .
“Mr . Ye for you it might just a slight effort, but for our company, it was a rescue from the major crisis . How can just a word of thanks be enough? ”
Lin Jinxiu shook her head and said, suddenly she looked at her assistant .
Immediately, the beautiful assistant placed a delicate wooden box on the table .
Ye Xiaochen looked curiously at the wooden box .  
Don’t know what was Ling Jinxiu’s idea?
“What is in the box?”
Fang Yuan sitting next to Ye Xiaochen was more curious about it .
The previous time, The Global Company offered a million yuan annual salary, and high-end apartment and a car to hire Ye Xiaochen .
What about this time?
Would it be better than the previous one?
If it was before, he might have felt that Ye Xiaochen refusing such superior treatment was a huge loss .
This time, the situation was different . The experts’ group personally came to visit, he had the title of the top botanist .
With Ye Xiaochen’s current status, this kind of treatment could only be considered general .

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