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Chapter 117

Ye Xiaochen was very helpless, however, there was no other way, he always could not only plant radish, but he has to plant immortal beans also .

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As for the red immortal beans, he can’t plant too many . The Fusang tree’s current scope of influence was very small .

He was now worried about thirty red immortal beans, would it be too much?

However, they have already been planted, and there was no other way . They couldn’t be pulled out . He reluctantly said to himself, carrying out experiments, would get some experimental data .

Soon, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly used the 30 immortal fertilizers grains on the yellow immortal bean seedlings through the water .

In order to distribute evenly, he had to mix thirty times in a row .

Damn, it almost bored him to death .

“Now there were only 30 plants . If there were more plants in the future, I will die of fatigue . No, I have to buy the Special Fertilizer Device . ”

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself .

The sprinkler could be only used for irrigating, but not for fertilization .

However, the price of the special fertilizer device made him hesitate a little .

This thing was not cheap .

After all, it was an advanced type of equipment, its cost was 80 immortal yuan .

Currently, he had five immortal lands, although it was a lot, he needs to increase it .

He also needed the buy seeds .

The immortal spring water was also in short supply, so he needed to buy another immortal spring .

As for the absence of an existing well, there was a solution for that . Buying an immortal well chain, he could connect the two immortal springs together which would save the trouble of digging another well and would not occupy space .

The immortal well chain was not cheap . It needs 50 immortal yuan and could connect only one immortal spring to another one parallelly . If he wants to connect more immortal springs parallelly, he must again buy the immortal well chain .

Ye Xiaochen found that as more immortal yuans he earned, the more places he needed to spend them .

After some pondering, Ye Xiaochen finalized the purchase list .

Two immortal lands and one immortal spring costs 300 immortal yuan .

A special fertilizer device, 80 immortal yuan .

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An immortal well chain, 50 immortal yuan .

Fifty yellow immortal seeds, 50 immortal yuan .

As a result of buying yellow immortal beans, Ye Xiaochen also bought a pack of immortal earth fertilizers, costing 100 immortal yuan .

How could there be greater gain without greater investment?

A pack of immortal wheat seed, which was also a yellow level first order immortal plant, 20 immortal Yuan one pack, and one pack contains one hundred seeds .

It was much more expensive than the immortal radish seeds .

The immortal wheat was not only used as food but could also be used as a raw material for refining low- level Lingdan .

Although this immortal wheat does not have the spirit absorption characteristic, it has very unique spirit characteristic .

This unique spirit characteristic was very special, only one kind of immortal plants could be planted in an immortal land and other immortal plants would not survive .

Among the immortal plant kinds, some have solitary spirit characteristic, especially in some medicinal herbs, the solitary spirit characteristic was more obvious .

In this way, adding all the miscellaneous things and the purchase list, it added up to seven hundred immortal yuan .

He was only left with four immortal Yuan .

He was poor again .

However, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with the expansion .

It took some effort to place the two immortal lands, he placed one immortal land in another shed and prepared to transplant the Fusang tree and thirty red immortal bean seedlings .

As for placing the immortal spring, it was very simple .

The immortal well chain was a peculiar bead . Inside the bead, there was a strange light chain .

As long as the bead was put in the previous well, the immortal well chain would automatically get activated, and then the second immortal spring could be connected parallelly .

As for the immortal bean seeds and immortal wheat seed, he placed them into the immortal liquid solution .

By the time everything was done, it became night .

He didn’t even have dinner, so he rushed home .

“Why were you so busy? Don’t work too much . ”

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Mother said in distressed stone .

She served hot foods .

“It was nothing . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and began to wolf down .

He was really hungry .

After eating a bowl, he was just about to get up and get another bowl, but mother came over and said, “I’ll fill it for you . ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and handed bowl to his mother, then he took out the phone and sent a message to Wang Xinyi .

Wang Xinyi didn’t see the message, so she didn’t reply .

At this time, the mother came with a bowl full of rice .

Ye Xiaochen took it and looked at the WeChat while eating .

He immediately remembered that for a few days he didn’t contact with Li Tingting and immediately sent her a message in WeChat .


This time Li Tingting immediately responded .

“Today, I’m feeling bored to death . ”

“Who provoked our beautiful Tingting?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled .

“Nobody provoked me . The ice lantern succulent plant I kept is going to die . ”

(Tn:’冰灯玉露’ I couldn’t find the English name so just used Chinese name ‘bingdeng’ which in English means ‘ice lantern’)

Li Tingting replied with a pitiful expression .

“Ice lantern succulent, this thing seems quite expensive?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a surprised expression .

He knows little about the succulent plant, which he had seen during school time .

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This thing was delicate, difficult to maintain and has a high requirement for the environment, this plant was considered a kind of house pet .

“Yes, I spent ten thousands of yuan, but didn’t expect to turn out like this . ”

Li Tinting sent a helpless expression .

So expensive?

Ye Xiaochen was surprised .

According to his impression, a better succulent plant could be bought from a few hundred to thousand yuan, even if it was a premium one, it won’t be so expensive, right?

He naturally doesn’t know the popularity of succulent plants in recent years, especially after breeding done by some famous experts, they produced a lot of precious hybrid species, coupled with the pursuit of enthusiasts, the price has been steadily increasing .

“Ye Xiaochen, you look at it . ”

Li Tingting sent a message and a picture at the same time .

He opened the photo, it was an ice lantern plant in a pot .

It looked exquisite and beautiful . There were light yellow textures on the emerald green leaves .

It was very beautiful .

Even if Ye Xiaochen hasn’t done much research and doesn’t have appreciation ability towards the succulent plant, he could still feel that this ice lantern plant was very valuable .

“This ice lantern plant looks very beautiful, where is it dying?”

Ye Xiaochen replied with a surprised expression .

“This is the old one, I will send the picture of the new one now . ”

Li Tingting replied .

Soon another picture quickly arrived .

Ye Xiaochen looked at the picture, there was a huge change in the ice lantern plant, its colors were dim and were seriously dehydrated .

“Ye Xiaochen, can you do anything?”

Li Tingting sent another message .

“How did you raise it?”

Ye Xiaochen asked .

“This ice lantern plant previously was easy to raise, I seldom take care of it and used to give watery every few days, but during this period something went wrong”

Li Tingting replied .

“Impossible, this ice lantern looks like it hasn’t been watered for a long time, how long has it been since you watered it?”

Ye Xiaochen messaged .

He still knows little about the characteristics of succulent plants . Although he hasn’t raised any, he could still deduct some details, and with his current insight and vision, he immediately found the problem .

“Well, this time I was busy with the tombs, so it’s been more than a week since I watered it . ”

Li Tingting sent an embarrassed expression .

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes .

“Ye Xiaochen, can you do something about it? I have watered it, but it is of no use . You have to help me . If it dies, my grandfather will surely kill me . ”

Li Tingting sent out another pitiful expression .

“It has been hurt in the roots, watering alone won’t do anything . ”

Ye Xiaochen replied .

Just like in people, after serious dehydration, it was useless to give water directly and must be given saline, glucose, electrolyte, etc .

It was the same with the ice lantern plant .

Ye Xiaochen told her a solution .

“Great, I’ll try it now . ”

Li Tinting sent a smiley .

Ye Xiaochen put down his phone and drank the leftover soup .

“Mother, I am going to the farm . ”

He picked his phone, told his mother, stood up and walked out of the house .

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