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Chapter 119

“Mr . Ye, in order to thank you for the help you provided to Global company last time, this is our token of appreciation, we hope that Mr . Ye can accept it . ”

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Ling Jinxiu pushed the wooden box towards Ye Xiaochen’s direction and said in a sincere tone .

Ye Xiaochen’ eyes fell on the wooden box, he didn’t pick it up . He smiled and said, “Miss Ling, please take it back . ”

Fang Yuan beside him was anxious, seen or haven’t seen you should have accepted it . At least you should have seen what was inside it!

Of course, he restrained his temper and didn’t open his mouth, he had an eager expression which anyone could see it .

“Mr . Ye, I absolutely don’t have any other meaning . This is my company’s reward given to Mr . Ye . ”

Ling Jinxiu wouldn’t absolutely give up like this .

“Okay, let me first look at it . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Ling Jinxiu, he guessed that if he doesn’t accept it, she would endlessly pester him .

Fang Yuan stretched his neck to look inside the wooden box .

“Car keys? Oh my god, is it the Porsche?”

Fang Yuan released a low cry, his eyes almost bulged out .

He immediately remembered the cool black Porsche cayenne which was near the building, it was brand new and seemed like recently bought . Now it appears that it was specially bought for Ye Xiaochen .

Wasn’t this too much?

It was more than three million!

He couldn’t describe the envy in his heart .

Such a luxury car, even if he doesn’t eat and drink for ten years, he wouldn’t be able to afford it .

Ye Xiaochen saw the car keys inside the wooden box, he was also a little shocked . He raised his head and looked at Ling Jinxiu, his heart already had the thought of to owe nothing .

This Ling Jinxiu was too generous, right?

A car worth two to three million was giving him as a gift .

The Porsche Cayenne parked downstairs would belong to him as long as he agrees .

It felt as if his heart was burning in the fire .

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His face was tranquil and calm, “Mrs . Ling, this intention is really too big!”

“Mr . Ye, it’s not big at all . Compared with the loss our company would have suffered, this car is not that worth . ”

Ling Jinxiu smiled .

When she expressed the thought of giving Porsche Cayennes as a gift to Ye Xiaochen, there were a lot of objections from within the company, but when she explained all the pros and cons, no one objected to it .

This car was not only a present but was also a potential investment .

Take a soft hand and give a soft mouth .

(TN: It is a Chinese saying, where it means when you got something from others you have to do things for others, it can also be understood as there is no free lunch in this world)

Later, if the company has any troublesome thing, they could always invite Ye Xiaochen confidently .

No man would refuse such a car .

However, this Ye Xiaochen, she couldn’t see through him .

“Well, it’s hard to refuse . ”

Ye Xiacohen laughed and continued, “Okay, I’ll accept this gift but I am saying it, in future if there are any affairs, I’ll charge for it . ”

“Naturally . ”

Ling Jinxiu’s delicate face showed a touch of indescribable joy .

She breathed a sigh of relief before she was very uncertain .

“Mr . Ye, the transfer procedure of this car, we will handle it for you, there will be no issues . ”

Ling Jinxiu said .

Ye Xiaochen nodded his head, he was not an unreasonable person, since it was for him, he would accept it . Anyway, it was not for nothing, last time, he gave a very big help to them .

Mostly, this time he accepted it, next time he would have a chance to earn more extra income .

In the first help, he got a Porsche, so if next time the Global Company asks for his help, the reward wouldn’t be lower than this .

Ye Xiaochen happily thought in his heart .

Ling Jingxiu left with her people .

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Leaving behind the black Porsche Cayenne .

“Xiaochen you’re so awesome, you got a Cayenne, it’s more than three million! ”

Fang Yuan followed Ye Xiaochen downstairs and went towards the black Porsche Cayenne, and was astonished .

“You don’t understand the concept of shorthand and short mouth?”

(TN: It is a Chinese saying, where it means when you got something from others you have to do things for others, it can also be understood as there is no free lunch in this world)

“That’s right, could it be hard for  you?”

Fang Yuan thoroughly respected Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen pressed the button on the car key, and suddenly the Porsche gave out a Ding sound . The flashlights in the rear-view mirror and other places lit up .

He was about to open the car door when Fang Yuan with mischievous laugh came and said, “Xiaochen, let me have a kick of it, okay?”

“You won’t be driving, would you?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a supercilious look .

Fang Yuan drove a Geely today, obviously it was not his rather he borrowed it .

(TN:Geely-Chinese Car Company)

“You drive mine, I will drive yours . Anyways, you can drive it . Let me try the taste of driving a 3 million yuan luxury car”

Fang Yuan was rubbing his hands .

“All right, but don’t damage it . ”

Ye Xiaochen gave the car key to him .

“Don’t worry, I promise, I won’t . ”

Fang Yuan went inside the car .

Ye Xiaochen sighed . To tell the truth, currently, he also wanted to have a taste of driving this luxury car!

Quickly, two cars, one after another left the Town and went towards Jing county .

In the hotel parking lot .

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“Xiaochen, the feeling of driving a luxury car is really great, just as I got out of the car, there was a beautiful girl winking at me . ”

Fang Yuan with a satisfied face was saying .

“Stop dreaming . ”

Ye Xiaochen directly rejected Fang Yuan’s thoughts .

“Damn, I can’t even dream . ”

Fang Yuan was heartbroken .

Ye Xiaochen was about to take the key back, suddenly Fang Yuan said, “Hold on . Xiaochen, take some pictures of me, I will show off it in the group . ”

“is it interesting?”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless .

“Yes, I can’t explain to you blockhead . ”

Fang Yuan was already in POSE .

Ye Xiaochen seldom plays with the social network software, unlike the young people of the new era .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but take photos of him .

Fang Yuan took photos from the side, rear and inside .

After taking photos, he immediately uploaded in WeChat .

“Xiaochen, quickly give me a like!”

Fang Yuan hurriedly said .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t do anything about Fang Yuan .

Ding Ding .

It wasn’t long before Fang Yuan started getting non-stop notifications .

“Brother, see how many messages I got for a photograph, but this brother will just ignore them and let them be impatient . ”

Fang Yuan said proudly .

Well, Ye Xiaochen thoughts couldn’t follow Fang Yuan’s Dimension .

At Four O’clock, Ye Xiaochen finally came out of the hotel .

He came to the parking lot and saw next to the black Porsche Cayenne some young girls were taking pictures .

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, does everyone likes to take selfies with the car?

He stood next to them for a while, but the girls don’t seem to be aware of it, they kept taking photos and even putting various kinds of attractive poses .

Ye Xiaochen, couldn’t help but cough, “ beautiful girls, have you finished taking pictures?”

“No, you wait . After we finish taking pictures, you can take . ”

One of the girls replied .

Ye Xiaochen was sweating, actually considered him as also a selfie lover .

“No, I need to drive the car . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Drive, we will be taking pictures, and won’t block you . ”

A young girl looked at Ye Xiacohen and said .

“If you don’t get out of the way, how can I drive?”

Ye Xiaochen was completely speechless .

“This car is yours?”

The girl looked up and down at Ye Xiaochen and then looked at the car, she felt a little disharmony .

Ye Xiaochen calmly pressed the button on the car key .


Porsche Cayenne made a noise, and then the flashlight on the rear-view mirror and other place lit up .

The girls were stunned .

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