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Chapter 116

These days Ye Xiaochen has been thinking about why the yellow immortal beans were deteriorating?

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Previously, he planted the immortal radishes and the best one had five rings, but these Yellow immortal beans highest was three rings, the gap was too obvious .

He broke his head thinking about it, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find out the cause of it .

Over the next two days, he would be going to Jing county to meet with experts group and exchange ideas on the botany .

Apart from these, he would be giving pointers on Five Finger spirit listening to Academician Yang alone .

All the five were talented, but Academician Yang was the best .

Of course, he did not teach them other finger methods, as their mastery of the basic Five Finger spirit listening method was far from sufficient to learn other methods .

Unless someday they could enter the spirit listening state anywhere and anytime, then only they would be qualified .

Academician Yang and others were very energetic, they spent a lot of time every day practicing the basic Five Finger spirit listening method

During this period, every day he would be getting many calls to his mobile phone, asking for cooperation with him .

For example, to invest in Ye Xioachen’s farm .

To order his premium vegetables at a high price .

There were also invitations to give lectures or offers to hire him at a high salary .

In a word, he was now a hot product .

However, Ye Xiaochen refused everything .

At this moment, his main thought was on the immortal land .

“What is the reason?”

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Ye Xiacohen was sitting on a bamboo bed in the immortal land, he pulled his hair and his face was tangled .

It’s been days and he couldn’t find the cause .

What surprised him most was these twelve yellow immortal bean pods haven’t cracked yet .

However, he had no idea about these immortal beans . Even the previous yellow immortal bean did not improve in the quality, let alone these twelve immortal beans .

“I don’t understand, I really can’t figure it out . ”

Ye Xiaochen found himself extremely confused, he was little possessed .

It couldn’t go on like this!

He simply didn’t think more about these things and sold these immortal plants .

He didn’t even have the idea of auctioning it, so he put all of them on consignment in the store .

Immortal beans were sold out soon .

After deducting the charges, Ye Xiaochen received 708 immortal yuan and 48 spirit yuan .

If he had auctioned, he would have gotten more immortal yuan .

However, he does not have the mood for it!

Soon, one after another immortal inquired about immortal beans . Ye Xiaochen wasn’t in the mood to chat with them, so he just sent one or two sentences .

Ye Xiaochen opened the identification list of the store, and carefully studied the information of the immortal beans .

He found that the divinity and spirit properties have been somewhat enhanced .

That is to say, the situation of immortal beans had nothing to do with his Shennong Talent . It should be caused by other circumstances .

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“What is the reason?”

Ye Xiaochen carefully pondered .

“The quality of immortal beans get affected, by the talent of the planters, the planting environment, fertility of the immortal soil, richness of the immortal qi……”

“For the immortal qi, I everyday use immortal spring water, so there should be no problem with it . ”

“Moreover, I have also considered spirit absorption characteristic of the immortal bean plants . So there is adequate spacing between . In addition, the seedlings of the immortal beans tree were very lush . ”

“So, what can be the reason?”

“Is it due to fertility?”

“Not right . The green manure should be able to meet the demands”

Ye Xiaochen fell into deep contemplation .

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen looked at the Fusang tree, next to it were thirty seedlings of red immortal  beans with flame-like buds .

“Yes, the red immortal beans belong to fire category immortal beans . It needs the shelter of the Fusang tree which has the characteristic of Spirit transformation to get enough immortal fire qi . What about immortal yellow beans? The immortal soil has the ability to absorb the external energy and convert into the immortal qi, but does the immortal soil has the characteristic of changing the property of the immortal qi?”

“Is it the immortal earth qi of the immortal land? After the last planting of the immortal beans, it consumed too much immortal earth qi resulting in the lack of immortal earth qi in the immortal soil and unable to meet the requirements of the yellow immortal beans? ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the problem and his body trembled .

Perhaps there was no lack of immortal qi in the immortal land, but it lacks the immortal earth qi .

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen quickly took out the Shennong system introduction guide and carefully looked at it .

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen put down the Shennong system introduction guide, took a long sigh and shook his head .

As expected!

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He had read this information before, but he didn’t pay any attention to it and neglected it for a while, which caused the current problem .

“According to the above information, if I want to solve this problem, then I should either buy earth property immortal fertilizer or need to possess the earth property treasure like an earth spiritual pearl . Another way is to leave the land, and let the immortal land gradually recover the immortal earth qi . ”

Ye Xiaochen whispered to himself .

The second method was temporarily impossible . Those treasures were generally very expensive .

The first method, immortal earth fertilizer in the store was also very expensive .

As for the third method, it was too wasteful .

“It seems that it is necessary to buy the attributed immortal fertilizers! ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed .

This was another huge expense .

Nevertheless, this time’s income of immortal yuan was quite high, so he could still afford it .

“Well, it is no wonder that the immortal beans have high output and high profits . The original reason is after using the attributed immortal fertilizers, the profits will greatly reduce . ”

Ye Xiaochen understood, whatever species it was, they would have all kinds of restrictions .

The radish had no such order . Their price was low and demand was small .

If it was immortal beans, then need to consider too many factors, once there was a problem, it might cause huge losses .

If he had known the reason earlier, he might have gained more .

“It seems that I need to add immortal earth fertilizer to the planted 30 yellow immortal bean seedlings, otherwise, the harvest certainly will not be good . ”

Ye Xiaochen opened the store and searched for information about all kinds of immortal earth fertilizers .

There were many kinds of immortal earth fertilizers, including low- grade and high-grade .

Ye Xiaochen’s target was naturally the low-grade immortal earth fertilizer .

Enough for the current yellow immortal beans .

However, the price was too expensive .

A pack costs 100 immortal yuan .

It was worth a piece of immortal land .

He gritted his teeth and directly bought it .

The pack of immortal fertilizer was not very big . It was similar to the washing powder . There was black granules inside it and had a strange earthy smell .

The method was simple . The water of immortal spring was used for irrigating the immortal land .

A grain of immortal manure could satisfy the fertility of immortal bean requires from planting to flowering and fruiting stage .

Once the fruit was produced, another grain of immortal fertilizer must be consumed .

In this pack, there were only 100 grains of immortal fertilizer .

In other words, one immortal yuan for one grain .

It was too expensive .

The thirty immortal yellow beans, from planting to harvest requires sixty immortal fertilizer, which means the sixty immortal yuan would be gone .

It was just too expensive .

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