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Chapter 115


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“Mr . Ye, How, how did you do it?”

Academician Yang suddenly stood up and stared at Ye Xiaochen with hot eyes, his voice was trembling .

Others conditions were not much better than him .

“It’s…It’s amazing”

Fang Yuan looked at the boss “I am not dreaming, am I?”

“This is a miracle . ”

Wang Yuandong had no idea how to express his inner shock .

This method was simply unimaginable .

“Elder Yang, Just now I said that I developed this Five Finger spirit listening . It is a technique for communicating with the plant’s consciousness . As long as it is grasped, not only I but  even you can use it . ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

“I, can I also use it?”

One expert asked in a trembling voice .

If this technique could really be used and was effective, then it illustrates the fact that Ye Xiaochen’s technique and the law he mentioned might really exist, at least it was in the right direction .

“Right . ”

Ye Xiaochen said in an affirmative tone .

“Xiaochen,  can we learn it?”

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but ask .

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Others were also eager, their eyes were fiery, What Fang Yuan asked was also the thing they wanted to ask .

“Of course . This technique might seem easy, but it is very difficult to master, because you must be sincere, and should not get disturbed by the outside world and need to keep the heart calm, so as to truly communicate with the plant’s consciousness . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Is it required to have this talent? Is there a way to test this talent?”

Fang Yuan rubbed his hands, he was very interested in this .

“Yes, and it is very simple to test . Close your eyes, use your fingers to tap on the table, apart from the touch of your fingers, if you can exclude all the perceptions of the outside world, which means that you have this talent .  ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“How to tap? Should I tap randomly?”

Fang Yuan had an expectant look .

“This is my own created spirit listening finger method, which is specially used for the training of the heart . With the talent and practice, you can enter the state of spirit listening as soon as possible . If you can reach the state of listening anywhere and anytime, you are considered to have initial mastery . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

“Teach us quickly . ”

Fang Yuan said impatiently .

Ye Xiaochen nodded and began to teach the simplest method of spirit listening .

It was really simple, anyone who has practiced a few times won’t get it wrong .

The people present on the scene began to try .

Those foreign experts were no exception, someone next to them specially translated .

Just less than one minute, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and was about to speak, but ye Xiaochen stared at him and signaled not to speak .

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It was only then Fang Yuan realized that others were also trying .

If he makes any noise, it would surely affect others .

After a while, one by one people opened their eyes, apparently, they were unable to go into the state of Spirit listening .

They did not speak anything and watched silently .

After a few minutes, only five people were left with their eyes closed .

It was Academician Yang, Professor Tian, Zhang Keqin, and two foreign experts, Dr . James and Gandhi respectively .

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but look at Zhang Keqin with surprise, to be able to insist on for so long, then it was highly probable that they have entered the spirit listening state .

This special method of spirit listening seems simple but was extremely strange . Once you were not able to enter the state of spirit listening, then later you will become more and more impulsive . Finally, it would become unbearable and simply you wouldn’t be able to persist .

Currently, the faces of the five people were calm, there was no agitation expression .

He was not surprised when Academician Yang and others entered the state of spirit listening . Those who could reach this level must be very talented in the field of botany and such persons usually have a relatively high spirit talent .

However Zhang Keqin’s talent was also good, it was very rare, After all, he was lacking compared with Academician Yang and others .

Like this, it lasted for 7-8 minutes, Zhang Keqin opened his eyes first, his eyes revealed fatigue, it seemed that his spirit consumption was large .

He rubbed the eyebrows with his fingers .

Followed by him other four opened their eyes .

When they opened their eyes, they looked excited .

Although they felt tired when they entered the strange state, they couldn’t stop their inner excitement .

The spirit listening state was very wonderful .

It isolated their four senses, no should be five senses, although the perception of five fingers seems to exist, it was illusory as if it was connected with the soul .

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If the guess was not wrong, it was probably the sixth sense .

It was amazing that using this technique they reached the field of sixth sense .

“Mr . Ye, thank you so much for your contribution to the field of botany . Please accept my bow . ”

Academician Yang first stood up and suddenly bowed to Ye Xiaochen .

Several others felt moved, they also stood up and bowed to Ye Xiaochen .

Ye Xiaochen could afford this respect because Ye Xiaochen taught them the spirit listening method . It was very precious and invaluable .

Ye Xiaochen stood up and wanted to say something, but when he saw the firm color in their eyes, he didn’t open his mouth .

The others saw the scene and understood that professor Ye Xiaochen’s spirit listening was effective, but they were unable to do it .

This means that they don’t have the talent for spirit listening .

However, Academician Yang and four other people had it .

They were envious, excited and regretful, the mood was very complex .

Without the talent of spirit listening, there was no opportunity to touch the consciousness of the plant .

It would be difficult or almost impossible for them to achieve higher achievement in the field of botany . After all, they have reached their peak in the field of botany .

After Ye Xiaochen walked out of the conference room, the experts left in the room began a heated discussion . The Academician Yang, Zhang Keqin and three other people were the objects of inquiry by other experts .

They were very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s spirit listening .

“Xiaochen, say, what is it like to be in spirit listening state?”

Fang Yuan followed him .

“Can’t say, the path is unknown . ”

“Damn . ”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes, and pitifully asked,” I, I really don’t have this talent?”

“What do you think?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at him with a smile .

“Well, if no talent then no talent . Anyway, I don’t rely on it for my living . ”

Fang Yuan put his hand on Ye Xiaochen’s shoulder and said with emotion, “ Xiaochen, I didn’t expect that one day you would be able to reach this extent . Honestly, I feel like I’m dreaming . “

“Did you wake up from the dream?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

“No, it’s better not to wake up . Brother, now I can borrow your wind and can certainly mix in the scenery . ”

(Tn: Borrow your reputation and use it)

Fang Yuan laughed .

“Okay, let’s not talk about it . I am going first . ”

Ye Xiacohen waved his hand

“Hey, Are you not having lunch!”

Fang Yuan continued, “it’s already arranged . ”

“Forget it, I need to go back . ”

He has to take care of the farm .

And there was a very annoying problem that has not been solved .

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