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Chapter 113

Shahsi .

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Southern Province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co Ltd .

An emergency meeting was in progress .

“Everyone, you should have already heard that this time the experts’ group’s inspection was made to specifically meet Ye Xiaochen . ”

Ling Jinxiu’s eyes swept over the room and said .

Even till now she found it hard to believe .

Before in her mind, she concluded that Ye Xiaochen had discovered the solution of broccoli seed defect accidentally .

However, now it seems that this was not the case at all, the person has the capability .

Moreover, she faintly guessed the fact about the mysterious expert who treated the Fusang tree, she felt it had to do something with Ye Xiaochen .

The people at the scene were discussing it, The news was really amazing, when they heard about it they were not able to react .

“Ms ling, previously Mr . Ye solved the defects of the broccoli seeds for our company and we only provided free seeds for his farm, which is far from enough to represent our company’s intention . I would suggest you can start on this aspect and maybe try to create a relationship with Ye Xiaochen . ”

An executive said .

Others nodded, this reason was very suitable .

As a  company closely related to plants, if they could have a relationship with a top botanist, the benefits would be very big .

Once the company encounters some technical difficulties, it was possible to invite them .

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Otherwise, even if you have money but no relationship, you won’t be able to invite them .

It was said that Ms . Ling had invited a student from the headquarters who studied under Academician Yang, she hoped to invite the experts’ group to the company with the help of it, but there was no result yet .

If earlier they had a relationship with Ye Xiaochen, perhaps there wouldn’t have been such trouble, because Ye Xiaochen’s reputation was big enough .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen himself was a top botanist .

Although there was no professional title with respect to the field, in the hearts of many people, Ye Xiaochen’s status has already been labeled as a top botanist .

“For this, I will personally visit him . ”

Ling Jinxiu stood up and concluded the meeting .

 …………… . .

From the Yang City, Ye Xiaochen drove straight to Jing County and met with experts group .

“Mr . Ye, is the consciousness guidance really feasible? After all, between plants and humans, there is no medium of communication . How with the external help can we communicate with the plants’ consciousness?”

In a spacious conference room, many experts were gathered together .

Few observers after breaking their head were fortunate enough to enter

For example, the expert Ling Jinxiu invited from headquarters and was a former student of Academician Yang .

He was just a student and Academician Yang just gave a few lessons and pointers, it was not at the point where he was proud of that student .

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However, he still gave him the opportunity to come and watch .

There was also Wang Yuandong, originally according to his capacity, it was unlikely of him to come and listen, but he was Zhang Keqin’s student and had the relation of being Ye Xiaochen’s classmate, so he was able to come .

At this moment, he was looking at Ye Xiaochen who was on an equal footing with many experts . He had a complicated mood, he once thought that he could be in a high position than Ye Xiaochen and look down at him .

However, now, he could only listen and doesn’t even have the qualification to take a seat, he could listen because of his identity as Ye Xiaochen’s classmate .

How ironic it was!

However, he immediately restrained his mood and focused on listening to the lecture . This was a very rare opportunity .

Fang Yuan was also there .

He Just came in to play soy sauce, but he doesn’t know how many people were envious of him .

(Tn: “playing soy sauce” is an internet slang in China, here it refers to being just a passer-by who has nothing to do with the topic . )

There were several others who have worked very hard to get a chance to attend .

“Professor Tian, what you said is, in fact, the topic which I have recently studied . Communication between people can be carried out through words, and its medium is the human body’s sensory organs . Similarly, the human- animal communication, there is some commonality, therefore humans are able to tame certain animals . However, plants and humans, or animals have a distinct difference . there is no sensory organ with similar functions . So the communication between humans and plants is very difficult . In fact, in the study of such issues we often commit dogmatism, always to study the conventional experience, but it is not known that this is a dead end . Only by breaking the rules and starting with a new angle of thinking we may be able to open up a new field . ”

Ye Xiaochen gave an eloquent talk .

The people present at the scene were listening carefully, they were afraid that they would miss any information .

“I don’t know, how many have you ever read any web novels?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly changed his tone and smiled .

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“I have . ”

Fang Yuan raised his hand first .

Other shook their heads .

The elderly such as Academician Yang has never heard of it . After all the field is very different . They don’t need to rely on reading novels to spend their leisure time .

“In the web novels, there is a fantasy called Xianxia, The people in them either are martial artists or Cultivator . You can cultivate the soul and consciousness . Am I right, Fang Yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed .

He used to read web novels in college, but after graduation, he stopped . Now, he was basically not interested in it, especially after getting the Shennong System, all his attention was devoted to it .

“Yes, the cultivators inside the novel can use the soul to detect everything around them and can even communicate with each other through the soul and do not need to directly talk… . . ”

Fang Yuan found that he was not playing soy sauce at all, but was being useful . He immediately began to talk non stop about web novels to the experts present .

He was feeling proud, this was a very awesome experience and later in front of others, he could brag about it .

When the people present on the scene heard it, they were surprised, it was simply breaking their worldview .

“Mr . Ye, since this is a web novel, it shouldn’t be true right?” “

An expert said .

“Is it true? I don’t know . After all the world is very big, do not know how many wonderful things are hidden inside it . It is just like saying aliens do not exist, but this cannot be verified and at the same time it cannot be completely denied . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Of Course, he can’t say that the Cultivators inside the web novel have the possibility of being real

“Mr . Ye, have you found a method to communicate with plant’s consciousness?”

Academician Yang seems to have caught the meaning of ye Xiaochnen’s words and curiously asked .

“It cannot be said that it is a concrete method . It can be called a law, the law of communication . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .

Since he was talking with the experts’ group, he naturally to need to take out some dry goods

(Tn: “Dry Goods” it is also an internet slang used in china . Dry goods refer to meaningful things, that can be used as methodological knowledge, experience, etc . )

“What is the law?”

Academician couldn’t wait to ask .

Law generally referred to as observations that describe some aspect of the natural world, it is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe .

Mastering law is equivalent to opening a door to science .

Everyone’s eyes light up .

Finally, it was time to take out some dry goods .

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