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Chapter 114

Currently, there were many laws .

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   Newton’s three Laws, The law of conservation of energy, Moore’s law, Murphy’s law… . . No matter what kind of law, after countless verification, it was perfected .

   It takes a long term process for a law to be a scientific law .

   Now, Ye Xiaochen said that it was a scientific law, which represents that the study of this law has been perfected .

   Many experts were extremely curious about it .

   If a new scientific law was found, then the benefit in botany field would be too huge .

   “I call this scientific law as the law of life . As long as there is life in the object, it can give birth to the instinct of consciousness and has a medium of mutual communication sense . ”

   Under the expectation of many experts, Ye Xioachen finally said it .

   The whole surrounding was silent .

   Because what Ye Xiaochen said was too vague or to say it was too mysterious .

   Ye Xiaochen was not surprised by this .

   Actually, the law of life he said was just one part of another law .

   The complete law is called the law of creation, as long as there is the existence of energy in the material, it has the instinct of giving birth to consciousness, and has the media to communicate .

   Facts have proved that the law of creation was very correct . In the endless universe, life was bright and colorful .

    A ball of energy could give birth to consciousness and become a kind of life .

   A stone could give birth to consciousness and become a lifeform .

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   There were too many unimaginable existences that could give birth to consciousness .

   If practiced Dao, they could even possess boundless wisdom and could create civilization .

   In comparison, the current definition of life on earth was too narrow .

   “Mr . Ye, you said the birth of consciousness . I will leave it aside for a moment, but what does the medium of mutual communication sense mean? ”

   Academician Yang slightly frowned, he had some difficulty in understanding it .

   It was the same for others .

   It wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen had already demonstrated amazing accomplishments in the field of botany, then it was afraid if he was replaced by other people, they would consider it as empty talk .

   Ye Xiaochen smiled, he suddenly got up and placed a flower pot containing noble orchid in the center, and said, “It is said that humans have five senses, but it is not true, I think there is also sixth sense which can influence the consciousness of the human mind . Therefore, for people to communicate with the plant, it must be done using sixth sense . ”

   Everyone was getting more curious .

   Was there really a sixth sense?

   There was no lack of study on the sixth sense field .

   It was just too mysterious, and there hasn’t been any substantial development to this day .

   “To say, in order to communicate with this pot of noble orchid, it can be done only through the sixth sense, this is the media sense of human beings . Similarly, there must be a similar media sense in this noble orchid, so that the humans and plants consciousness can communicate”

   Ye Xiaochen pointed towards the noble orchid and said .

   No one spoke, and even the sound of breathing was low, there was only Ye Xiaochen’s voice .

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   Suddenly, he stretched out five fingers and gently placed them on a leaf of the noble orchid flower .

   Everyone was watching Ye Xiaochen’s movement with endless curiosity .

   What does this have to do with the communication of Nobel orchid? You won’t be using fingers to communicate, right?

   “It is said that the five fingers are connected to the heart . This heart doesn’t only represent human’ heart organ but also with humans spirit . Isn’t there a saying join hands in hand and heart with heart? ”

   Ye Xiaochen gently laughed .

   His fingers moved in a strange rhythm as if striking the leaves of Nobel orchid .

   Five Finger spirit listening!

   This was a low-level entry level immortal technique given in the Shennong system introduction Guide

   The immortal planters who just started practice don’t have the immortal spirit, so it was impossible to communicate with the consciousness of immortal plants .

   However, for the excellent immortal planters there was another way, even if there was no immortal spirit, they could still be able to communicate with simple spirit of immortal plants .

   It relies on fingers to hear the spirit .

   Through the touch of five fingers, strike with some specific frequency rate . Because of the special nature of fingers which is close to the human’s spirit, could produce an invisible spiritual characteristic .

   Of course, this requires a very strong concentration . If there was no patience and was an anxious person who couldn’t calm down . it’s absolutely impossible for them .

   In general, the Five Finger spirit listening could be practiced once you have become a true immortal planter and must be an excellent immortal planter .

   As Ye Xiaochen was a Shennong, he has natural spirit talent . He could touch with his five fingers to achieve communication .

   However, he doesn’t need to use any specific technique, with direct contact it could be achieved .

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   If it was replaced by others, they absolutely won’t be able to do .

   “Using this principle, I developed a Five Finger spirit listening . skills that allow me to create contact with plants through a specific frequency, thus enabling a subtle sense of communication . ”

   Ye Xiaochen’s face showed a sense of pride .

   “Five Finger spirit listening?”

   The people present on the scene were shocked and felt curious .

   Just from its name, it could be seen that it was extremely important .

   “Everyone knows that while playing the piano, the master pianist can infuse the audience with the emotions through the piano . My Five Finger spirit listening  has the same purpose, it expresses information through the striking of fingers to the plant consciousness . ”

   Ye Xiaochen smiled and said .

   The crowd was surprised as if there was a magical door and all wanted to see the world behind the door .

   “If you don’t believe me, let me show you . ”

   Ye Xiaochen smiled .

   Suddenly, his face changed, he closed his eyes and revealed a sense of solemnity .

   At this moment, his temperament of the body dramatically changed . Restrained from inside and elegant from outside .

   Every movement was eye-catching .

   All the people’s eyes couldn’t help but concentrate on Ye Xiaochen’s body .

   His five fingers started to move, in the beginning, it was slow, but it expressed a very unique rhythm as if they were playing the piano .

   “This Five Finger spirit listening has skill called ‘Instant fragrant’ . ”

   Ye Xiaochen with closed eyes said gently .

   In the conference room, there was a silence, no one spoke anything .

   Everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen’s fingers, they seemed too afraid of missing any small details .

   Ye Xiaochen finger striking frequency rate became faster and faster, and finally, it became so fast that naked eyes couldn’t see it .

   From the gap, they were able to see that with Ye Xiaochen’s finger strike, the whole noble orchid flowers seemed to be shaking .

   At this moment, Ye Xiaochen’s face became more dignified .

   Suddenly, the original noble orchid trembled and the freshly bloomed flowers withered .

   Instant Fragrant

   Before it was moist, fresh and fragrant, but the next moment, the bright colored gone and it became dry and withered .

   This amazing changes made the people who were in the room stunned .

   Incredible .

   A noble orchid flower which was in most prosperous period of time, in just a short moment it withered .

   After a long silence . there was the sound of taking cold breaths, everyone’s eyes turned fiery .

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