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Chapter 112

What were Premium vegetables?

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There was a special market in the country for the premium vegetables, and Chang Xu has long known about it .

This time, Chang Xu has directly increased the price by almost 10 to 20 times .

For example, take cucumbers, its original price was 1 . 8 yuan per kg .

Now, it was directly priced 36 yuan per kg .

Such a price, in the premium vegetable market, could only be considered moderate .

If the other supermarkets also purchase at the same price, then Ye Xiaochen’s revenue would probably increase by ten to twenty times .

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was on fire, it seems that there were really too many benefits of fame!

“Brother Ye, you have made me admire you, obviously have such amazing ability, but you are still low-key and run the farm . ”

Chang Xu sighed .

With such amazing capability, wherever he goes he can make a name for himself, but he was still running the farm and growing vegetables .

“What amazing ability? It is all exaggerated and spread out . ”

Ye Xiaochen said .    

“Brother Ye, about the cooperation to open the chain restaurants, can we discuss it again?”

Chang Xu suddenly said .

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“Brother Chang, I am still saying it  again, I definitely won’t put the farm in the shares . ”

Ye Xiaochen looked at him, he didn’t know what he was thinking, he felt it was other people who asked Chang Xu to test him .

He was now full of confidence, and fame, was he still afraid of not finding a partner?

Now, Chang Xu has taken the initiative to raise the price . Why? It was because of his fame .

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need the cooperation of him . Naturally, there will be many people coming to his door and even would help Ye Xiaochen to pay the breach of contract and terminate the cooperate contract .

Fame was more important than anything else .

“Naturally, we have considered this repeatedly and we think that putting the farms in shares is indeed a problem . Brother Ye, what do you think about the farm technology as shares?”

Chang Xu said .

Now, it was Ye Xiaochen who has the initiative, and they have become weak .

In fact, to some extent, there was no big difference between the farm and farm technology as shares .

The main problem of Ye Xiaochen farm was it involves the presence of immortal land .

Unless he could move the special constructions like immortal lands, he could not change the farm location at any time, till then this farm would be his base .

“That’s not a problem . ”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and directly nodded .

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“That’ great, Brother Ye, we have already discussed it . in the future, you will own half of the shares in the Vegetarian chain restaurants and name of the restaurants also will be chosen by you . ”

Chang Xu was very excited, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart .

Now every second count, if he was late, there might be other capitalists who would enter the arena .

Although half of the shares were given, it was totally worth it . Because Ye Xiaochen’s reputation was worth this price .

In the future, for restaurants promotion, it would rely on Ye Xiaochen’s fame .

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen also has amazing vegetable cultivation techniques .

Ye Xiaochen knew that if he further delayed for a bit, or negotiates with them, he could get more benefits .

However, that’s too much trouble .

He was not the kind of person who was too demanding and not to mention if he cooperates with other people he wouldn’t know full details of them and it would be easy to things go wrong .

However, Liu Fusheng, Xu Lin, Chang Xu, and others, he knows about them and also is friends with them, which makes the cooperation easier .

With half of the shares, it was enough to establish absolute control over the company .

However, there was no need for it .

For him, making money was secondary, his attention was still on growing immortal plants .

After the establishment of the Vegetarian Chain restaurant, he has to rely on other people to run the business operation . He just needs to be an arm flinging shopkeeper(TN: who asks others to work but does nothing himself) .

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After leaving the Food Cube, Ye Xiaochen went to other supermarkets for delivery .

Without any exception, these supermarkets owners launched their marketing campaign on Ye Xiaochen’s name .

When Ye Xiaochen went to delivery, these supermarket owners took initiative to raise the price, and some price limit reached almost the same as Food Cube’s one .

Originally, these supermarkets were mostly dominated by ordinary vegetables and did not have premium vegetables .

This time they saw the opportunity to promote their supermarket, they immediately listed all the vegetables provided by Ye Xiaochen in the premium vegetable section and increased the prices more than 10 to 20 times .

However, the buyers were still coming continuously and did not got reduce because of the high price .

The main reason was fame and not to mention these vegetables were very delicious .

In current society, rich people were not afraid of eating expensive things, they were afraid of not eating safe food .

The vegetables were supplied from the farm founded by a top botanist and were even visited by the experts’ group, and they were all super premium vegetables . Naturally, its safety was certainly high .

After the supermarket owners finalized the new price, the supermarket owners wanted to renew the vegetable delivery contract in advance, they were going to strike while the iron was hot .

Ye Xiaochen politely declined them, but he still promised that even after the contract was over, he would still provide some premium vegetables for their supermarket .

This could be considered as Ye Xiaochen’s gift .

Although they bought the vegetables because of Wang Shuisheng’s face, Ye Xiaochen was a nostalgic person and this was his personality .

Precisely, because of this reason, he promised to continue to cooperate with Chang Xu and Liu Fusheng .

Perhaps, Ye Xiaochen could not be considered as a qualified businessman .

The supermarket owners were not disappointed, but were joyous, as Ye Xiaochen’s promise was an absolutely unexpected surprise for them .

Now even if Ye Xiaochen kicks them off, it wouldn’t be unreasonable .

From now on, these supermarket owners will be personally sending someone to Ye Xiaochen’s farm to get the goods, and Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t need to deliver the goods again in person .

Currently, Ye Xiaochen’s status was not ordinary and could not be allowed to deliver the goods in person . How will it look like? Even if Ye Xiaochen wants to, they can’t afford it .

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen was obviously happy, delivering in the future would be really troublesome and it would waste a lot of time .

After delivering the good, Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Wang Shuisheng’s villa .

In the morning Wang Shuisheng called him and congratulated him for what happened yesterday . Things have spread, naturally, he has to talk with Wang Shuiheng, although his relationship with Wang Xinyi was not public, still, there was a tacit understanding .

When he arrived, Ye Xiaochen felt some changes .

For example, sister-in-law Chu Qingqing personally gave him a cup of tea, before there was no such good treatment, it used to be the job of the nanny .

Wang Shuisheng was continuously smiling and asked some things . He urged Ye Xiaochen to communicate with these senior experts more .

He was afraid that Ye Xiaochen has become famous at such a young age, his temper would not be stable and will have arrogance and pride .

However, he saw that Ye Xiaochen did not seem to be arrogant and impatient because of being famous . He was even more satisfied with him .

As Ye Xiaochen had to meet the experts’ group, he did not stay there for a long time .

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