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Yale wielded one of the swords crafted by Aiwai and activated the Sword Qi before rushing towards one of the attackers.
The highest level of the attackers was the Veteran Rank, and they had never focused in swordsmanship or any other weapons, only in increasing their level, so their battle ability was far lower than it should be with their level.
In fact, in swordsmanship, even Kermu was superior to them because he had recently reached the master stage thanks to Krienek's guidance. However, the difference in power between Kermu and those attackers was too high to be surpassed just by swordsmanship.
Yale's sword cut the opponent's sword without difficulties and the opponent's body followed behind. There were a lot of opponents, but he only needed one hit to end one of them.
Originally, being a lot of battlers against one would have ensured their victory, but Yale was using it to counter them as he could easily slay them with one hit and they were so near with the others that they couldn't avoid Yale's strikes.
Of course, the other party managed to left Yale without a place to escape soon, and all of those surrounding Yale attacked him at the same time, so even if some of them died, it was impossible for Yale to kill them all without being injured.
However, all the attacks hit a target without Yale attacking any of them, but there wasn't any happiness on their faces as all of those who had attacked fell lifeless to the ground.
Yale has teleported to escape of the encirclement making that the disciples of the great elders killed each other.
Everyone was shocked that the person they believed to be Kermu had used teleportation and provoked so many loses in a short time. Yale was still restraining his power at the 8-star Apprentice, but that was still enough to provoke huge losses for the other party.
In fact, despite almost everyone being affected by the illusions of the great elder and the other man who treated Kermu as trash, seeing that scene made them feel that there was something amiss, but the illusions of an 8-star Sage and a 9-star Grandmaster wasn't so easily countered.
Even though those disciples of the great elder killed each other, the reason for their death was still Yale, and the latter didn't waste any chance to absorb their bloodlines, which finally created the Space Bloodline on his body.
"Space Slash: The attack cut through the space surpassing any defense as long as the other party didn't have a better control of the space. Space Law. Can be used by controlling the Space Law. The deficiency of control of the law could be substituted with Origin Points. A full power strike without relying upon any power of the Space Law would require 10.000 Origin Points. With current understanding, the cost would be 6000 Origin Points."
As Yale had obtained the Space Bloodline, he had also obtained a new Law Skill, which was related with the Space Law. In fact, the Space Slash was also a legacy passed down in the Kurk Clan, but no one managed to master it, and they needed to add some modifications to use something similar to it. That modified version was the skill that Kermu had used back then in the Special Realm.

Although Yale's opponents killed each other, that only extended to the ones directly surrounding him, the others were still fine and discovered that Yale had appeared behind some of them.
However, Yale wasn't someone who waste chances, and he used the Space Slash to kill as many as he could kill in a single attack. That attack instantly killed more than half of the opponents.
The attack itself was strong as was a Law Skill, but the reason it killed so many opponents was that at that same instant, Yale reached the grandmaster stage in swordsmanship allowing the Sword Qi range to increase a lot.
Moreover, since those disciples were groomed for the sake of that plan and the great elder never feared that Krienek's disciple would pose any threat to them, the great elder had never taught his disciples how to defend well.
They had a great strength to destroy others even without having learned the usage of weapons or martial arts, but in defense, they were extremely weak. Thus, they were lacking in battle prowess and could be easily defeated as long their opponents avoided their attacks.
Those disciples were only pawns for the great elder, even if some died there wouldn't be any problem for him, but the great elder's face changed when so many of them died in an instant.
"That is the Space Slash, but it didn't seem any modified version... is that the original one?"
The great elder deduced the true nature of Yale's Space Slash, which induced fear on him because not even Krienek, who the great elder feared to face directly, was able to train the real Space Slash.
"That brat must die!"
The great elder directed his power to the stage and infused his power to the remaining disciples making that the power of all of them increased by a whole rank instantly. Of course, that was in exchange for those disciples losing their rationality and were reduced to their most basic instincts just like beasts.
All of those disciples had a mark on their souls, so it was easy for the great elder to influence them to reach that state. A master interfering in a battle among disciples was something extremely shameless, but that great elder didn't care about it because he feared that if the Kermu that before his eyes would have time to grow, he could turn into the greatest danger for the True Kurk Clan.
A lot of people was in awe for Yale's Space Slash making the illusions on them almost disappear, but the sudden rise on the strength of the other party avoided that the illusions were completely dispelled.
However, the illusion had lost a lot of effectiveness, and the people were starting to doubt. If the battle lasted any longer those who were immersed in the illusions that made them think bad about Krienek and Kermu would awaken, and the great elder would be in a bad situation.
Seeing that the other party increased their power in an instant making some of them reaching the Master Rank, Yale removed the sealing of his level, and in a second his power reached the pinnacle of the 9-star Expert Rank.
Yale had increased his power when he obtained the Space Bloodline and reached the grandmaster stage in swordsmanship, but the system still restricted it, so he was unable to reach the Master Rank despite having all the stats at the limit.
Moreover, the next sub-quest that he had obtained wasn't an easy one to fulfill.
"Eradicate the True Empire's branch from the Revgen Empire. Reward: Information about the Condensed Essences."
Fulfilling that sub-quest was one of Yale's objectives since the start, but for Yale, accomplishing it wouldn't be something easy given the size of the Revgen Empire and the fact that the noble clans had traitors inside.
The great elder's face changed when he felt that the person, he believed to be Kermu increased his power instantly by two ranks. He felt confident that by increasing the strength of all his disciples by a rank, there would be no way for the other party to retaliate, but then the other party increased two ranks as if that was just an easy matter.
At that moment, everyone also awakened from the illusion because the fact that they sensed that Kermu was at the 9-star Expert Rank was shocking enough to break the last bit of illusion that made them think like fools.
No one doubted that Kermu was a peerless genius at that moment, all the reasons given by the great elder and his followers rendered fake in an instant.
Moreover, Yale looked normal after the increase of his power while the others looked like brainless beasts with eyes void of wisdom.
Even Krienek was shocked by Yale's increase of power because he had felt Yale's level before and after a short battle Yale had increased a lot his power.
"As expected of the Ancestor, common sense can't be used to measure him. Moreover, that Space Slash was incredible, I need to beg him to teach me later on."
At the start, Krienek doubted about Yale's victory in that competition, but at that moment, he was sure that Yale would win.
Yale didn't even need a minute before killing all of those disciples who had lost their intelligence. Almost everyone thought that would be a one-sided competition, and they were right, but the winner was the person they thought that would die in a few seconds after starting.
Krienek was about to say some words after his side won the competition, but his face changed at the next second.
The great elder had rushed to the stage, and his arm was piercing through Yale's heart.
"You were so cocky before, but you are just an ant for me!"
After saying that the great elder threw Yale's lifeless body with all his strength making it crumple some houses before disappearing from the sight of everyone.
"True Kurk Clan, kill everyone!"
The great elder knew that his plan had failed and that he could only continue advancing by force.
Krienek faced the great elder without hesitation, but the other people of the Kurk Clan weren't ready for battle and ended suffering severe loses.
After some seconds, the Kurk Clan had turned into a sea of blood with a lot of corpses and people on the verge of death.
At the start, Serka focused on healing those who were injured, but the True Kurk Clan weren't fools, and she quickly turned into the target. She managed to survive by faking her own death, but she was using all her power to heal her own body and avoiding a real death.
Although she had faked her death and fooled the True Kurk Clan, the injuries she had suffered were enough to kill everyone who didn't have her healing power; that was the reason the members of the True Kurk Clan thought that she was dead after seeing her injuries.
She had seen Yale dying before her eyes, and she didn't know what would happen to Kermu who was hiding in that dimension Yale had shown to her. She was desperate and couldn't accept that end.
"Someone... help us..."
Those were Serka's last thoughts before losing her consciousness; her healing power was still healing her body, but it wouldn't last more than a minute since she had fainted.

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