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Amongst the branches of the Realm Tree, Realm Master who was dressed in green clothes and had a beautiful appearance stood there gracefully. Her delicate and pretty face looked especially fresh and beautiful in the midst of these beautiful Realm Tree.

Below, countless soldiers were gathered. People were pouring in from all directions, an extremely spectacular sight.

Realm Master looked serene.

A large number of bird cries came from the sky, following that, countless birds flew from the mountain. They were densely packed, covered the entire sky, and flew towards the Realm Tree.

There were eagles as big as a small house, giant birds with their bodies covered in flames, and strange, lightning-like birds with their eyes. Light monster Lu Li was incomparably mysterious.

In the distance, countless roars of fury and low roars rang out.

The ground started to tremble slightly, and dust started to rise into the air, as sounds of running could be heard. Looking ahead, it was actually the Wanhua Realm's countless beasts, gathering towards their location.

The Wanhua Realm was after all a natural realm, and not only did the people here belong to the Realm Master, they also belonged to here. The spirit of this place, everything here, the Wanhua Realm was in trouble, the ones that stood out to protect were not limited to the Spirit Cultivator, but countless of beasts and birds of prey.

They gathered outside, lined up neatly, as if waiting for Realm Master's orders.

Seeing that, the Realm Master turned slightly: "Is there any news from the Sword World?"

Hearing that, the person on the side immediately cupped his fists and replied respectfully: "Reporting to Realm Master, there has been no news for two days now."

"Two days?"

The Realm Master frowned, "The structure of the All Empty Sect will be completed tomorrow. Logically speaking, there should be news today, but why haven't there been any movements?"

"Maybe the messenger is already on his way." The man said respectfully.

"Is that so?"

The Realm Master was deep in thought.

"Don't worry Realm Master, although my Wanhua Realm is not as powerful as the other realm s, but it is still more than enough to deal with a few sect forces. Even if the All Empty Sect comes over now, we are not afraid!"

"That's not what I'm worried about."

Realm Master shook her head lightly.

"True Devil Realm hasn't made any unusual moves, maybe they don't plan on making any move against our Wanhua Realm this time."

"Do you think that's possible? If it were you, would you still be willing to be indifferent? "

"But …"

That person opened his mouth, but was unable to say anything.

Realm Master extended her hand out and waved gently in the air. Her slender fingers shone with a bright green light and drew a circular seal in front of her.

Realm Master extended her jade finger and tapped on the talisman lightly. A beautiful Spirit Life Qi danced on her finger, but following the constant collisions between the profound strength and the circular seal, Realm Master's beautiful face slowly turned serious. In the end, a trace of pressure that was difficult to grasp appeared in the depths of her eyes, as if she had learned of some extremely bad news.

She ripped the circular seal in front of her, waved her hand, urged her profound strength and shouted: All troops are to come out immediately, gather at Gate of Nature, prepare to meet the enemy!

This sudden order stunned all the Realm Tree ministers standing behind them.

"Realm Master, there is no news from inside the Sword World, and All Empty Sect needs to be ready by tomorrow. We are not ready yet, why are we rushing to leave?" an old man behind him asked curiously.

"The situation has changed, do not speak anymore, head to Gate of Nature! "Faster!"

Realm Master bellowed, her voice was extremely serious, there was no doubt about it.

Seeing that, everyone knew that Realm Master did not speak nonsense, so they did not dally and immediately gave their orders.

Soon enough, the soldiers under the Realm Tree began to move, one by one they rose into the air and rushed towards Gate of Nature, and the birds in the sky, as well as the Hundred Beast All Spirits below, all started to move quickly, the ground and sky started to converge into two sets of green torrents, rushing towards Gate of Nature, the scene was extremely grand.

After leaving the Linglong Mountain, Su Yun stepped on his flying sword and flew straight to the Gate of Nature with Hu Qianmei.

"Big brother, I'm sorry, I've caused you trouble again."

Hu Qianmei grabbed Su Yun's clothes, stepped on flying sword, raised her head and smiled at Su Yun.

Her face was still pale, without much blood, and the profound qi on her body had consumed a lot of energy. If not for Su Yun's timely feeding of pills, she would not have been able to speak at all.

"Now that things have come to this, there's no use apologizing. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?"

"Can I pay for it with my own body?"


"Hehe, don't you dare not recognize the good intentions of others! When I first met Xiao Huailin, I wasn't greedy for his cultivation, and only knew that he had provoked my brother, so I killed him! "I don't want him to come and seek revenge on me again."

Hu Qianmei said.

Hearing that, Su Yun laughed bitterly and shook his head: Who would have known that Xiao Huailin's background is so great, he actually made the people of Cloud Heavenly Palace move, but luckily, we still have time, we can quickly leave the Wanhua Realm, and return to Ultimate Martial World, the place is vast, there are countless of capable people, and the hidden sects are countless of people, I am afraid that the people of Cloud Heavenly Palace do not dare to do anything, after entering the Ultimate Martial World, they will have no way to deal with us.

"Earlier, I went to the Gate of Nature, planning to leave and hide, and find everyone else later on, but I never expected to be stopped by that smelly fellow called Ju Gu. They decided to hand me over to the Realm Master, so I ran off all the way, preparing to use the crack to leave the Dark Place, if I were to be handed over to the All Empty Sect, I'm afraid I would really suffer a fate worse than death!"

"This time, Prime Minister Rong has spoken, do not worry, we will leave immediately. We cannot delay any longer."


Hu Qianmei nodded, without asking further, she swallowed another pill and recovered her profound qi, quietly grabbing onto Su Yun's clothes, she looked ahead.

Suddenly, a wonderful phenomenon appeared.

and Hu Qianmei looked around, and saw many creatures flying from all directions. There were monsters everywhere, and all sorts of creatures, as well as birds chirping. All of them rushed towards one direction.

"What's going on?"

Su Yun frowned.

"This direction, is the direction of the Gate of Nature, what are these guys planning to do?"

Hu Qianmei did not understand.

Su Yun lowered his head to think for a moment, then deliberately slowed down his pace: "Don't worry about it for now, if these creatures are heading towards the Gate of Nature, then it means that something is happening to the Gate of Nature. Let's go look at the situation first, if anything goes wrong, the Realm Tree people will go back on their word and we will leave the Dark Place."


Hu Qianmei nodded.

If it were not for the dangers associated with the cracks in the Dark Place, Su Yun would not have given up hope and gone to the Gate of Nature.

The entire Wanhua Realm was in an uproar. Countless creatures had gathered in the Gate of Nature, this scene, could be said to be unprecedented and unprecedented.

Su Yun and Hu Qianmei rode on their flying swords and approached the Gate of Nature. The two of them stood on the same mountain, looking from afar, with a single glance, they were extremely shocked.

Just by looking at how the inside and outside of Gate of Nature had been surrounded so tightly that not even a drop of water could leak out, countless soldiers, countless living creatures, all of them densely packed.

"Could it be that he's here to get me?"

Hu Qianmei was startled.

"Do you need it? Why did you send out so many experts just to capture you? " Su Yun shook his head: What's more, if I wanted to take you, I would have done it long ago in the Linglong Mountain. Rong Muke's cultivation was even higher than Ju Gu's. Don't think too much into it. With so many Realm Tree experts and so many creatures, it must be related to the Realm Master. Perhaps the All Empty Sect's people will be here soon. " Saying that, Su Yun's heart uncontrollably jumped.

"Is that so?" Hearing that, Hu Qianmei's pitch black eyes looked towards the huge door that was surrounded by millions of fresh flowers, and said: "Since that's the case, we can't stay any longer, brother, Rong Muke said that he has already notified the people here, we can leave now, and return to the Ultimate Martial World, if we continue delaying, there will be trouble!"


Su Yun nodded, the two of them started sprinting, dashing towards Gate of Nature.

As they got closer, they could hear the constant roaring and howling of the people around them.

"Who are you? Hurry and descend, or else you will be killed! "

Several harsh shouts came from below. It was the officers of the army.

I am Su Yun! Get out of the way, Prime Minister Rong Muke has ordered us to disperse! "

Su Yun shouted.

However, none of the officers listened to Su Yun, and immediately shouted: "The All Empty Sect is about to arrive, the Gate of Nature has already been sealed up, no one is allowed to use the Gate of Nature to enter or leave, I do not care who you are, leave, or else once the war starts, if you all die, do not blame us!"

"What?" The Gate of Nature has been sealed? "

Su Yun and Hu Qianmei were startled, the two of them raised their heads, only to see that in front of the gigantic Gate of Nature, flew a large amount of Spirit Cultivator, all of them had their staff in their hands, while some had their scrolls in their hands, they walked around the Gate of Nature with their eyes closed, as though they were saying something, as though they were trying to say something.

The floated in front of the Gate of Nature like a beautiful curtain, completely covering the entire door.

"Could it be that the people from All Empty Sect are really coming?"

Hu Qianmei said in a daze as she lightly lifted her pink lips.

"I'm not sure, but I heard that the Bridge of Realm that was set up by the All Empty Sect should arrive tomorrow. Why would they come today?" Su Yun said in a low voice: "Things are already at this point, we don't have much time, since Gate of Nature cannot leave, we can only return to Linglong Mountain, quickly, follow me to Dark Place!"

Hearing that, Hu Qianmei regained her senses, she anxiously turned and flew with Su Yun, returning to Linglong Mountain.

If the Realm Master was not here, and Rong Muke was not, Su Yun would not be able to pass through the iron like defense and get close to the Gate of Nature. Furthermore, with the seal formation down, it would be impossible to break the seal formation to pass through the Gate of Nature, and with the seal formation set up, it would be extremely difficult to break it.

Now, if he wanted to leave Wanhua Realm, he could only go to Dark Place!

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