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At Ye Xiaochen's Gate.

The fleet stopped.

A large crowd of people got down from cars and headed for Ye Xiaochen's home.

The expert's group was escorted by its entourage.

Yang City reporters, cameraman carrying the cameras were takings pictures.

The whole line up was extremely huge.

Ye Xiaochen's parents and neighbors who were talking under the eaves were shocked by seeing such a line-up.

Why the experts’ group were coming here?

What to do?

What should I say?

After all, they were ordinary people, when did they encounter such a scene?

Fang Yuan was first to get down from the car, he ran like he was in a 100-meter race and said in a loud voice, "Uncle Ye, Aunt Ye. I am Fang Yuan. Today experts group have come to visit Chen."


To Visit Chen?

Which Chen?


The neighbor's eyes fell on Ye Xaiochen's parents.

By the way, Chen, was it not Ye Xiaochen?

Sister in law Hui, Eldest Aunt, and others was dumbfounded. What is this rhythm?

These aloof and remote experts unexpectedly came to visit YE Xiaochen, they didn't mishear, right?

Ye Xiaochen's parents were also confused.

What do you want to do by paying a visit to our son?

Could it be that our son committed some crime?

It should be wrong. They came to visit, not to arrest.

The two elders breathed a sigh of relief, however, they were still nervous.

What did they want to do by finding our son?

In the process, Fang Yuan repeatedly explained, then YE Xiaochen' believed that the experts’ group really came to find their son.

This was a good thing!

Fang Yuan quickly introduce the two elders to many leaders, experts, and professors of experts group.

The two elders were already extremely nervous, after listening for a long time, they couldn't remember anything. They only know that these all were big people.

The two elders hurriedly welcomed the experts’ group, city leaders and county leaders into their house.

The room was very small to accommodate so many people.

Most of the people could only wait outside.

Hui Sister-in-law and others quickly helped in making the tea and carrying it.

"Is Mr. Ye Xiaochen not present? "

The experts’ group sat inside the house.

As they had few seats, they borrowed some from the neighbors.

Academician Yang looked at Ye Xiaochen's parent’s nervous face and asked politely.

Although he was older than Ye Xiaochen's parents, he still used honorifics.

In his opinion, to be able to cultivate Ye Xiaochen like son, they were absolutely worthy of respect.

"Xiaochen went to Yang city for delivering the vegetables, it will take some time for him to come back. Oh, old man, you quickly call your son and ask him to come back immediately. "

Ye Xiaochen's mother replied.


Ye Xiaochen's father took out his mobile phone, however, he was too nervous and several times dialed the wrong number.

"I’ll do it."

YE Xiaochen's mother immediately grabbed the phone and quickly dialed Ye Xiaochen's number.

On the other side of Yang city, in Wang Shuisheng's home.

Ye Xiaochen was talking with Wang Shuisheng.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He took out for a look, his mother was calling.

"Brother Wang, I'll take a call."

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

"Child Chen, you come back quickly, experts, experts, experts group are here. "

Mother's hurried voice came out.

"What? The experts’ group are there?"

Ye Xiaochen frowned.

"Yes, everyone is here. Furthermore, there are many leaders. You quickly come back."

Mother almost shouted.

"All right."

Ye Xiaochen laughed helplessly.

What a hassle!

He thought that even if the experts’ group would come they would be using some other method. However, they came with such a large force. Was it necessary to put him in such fire?

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and frowned.

When he entered the room, Wang Shuisheng saw the worry on his face and asked, "Xiaochen, what' the matter?"

"I met a little trouble, I guess I will go home early."

Ye Xiaochen said.


Wang Shuisheng asked.

"It's nothing."

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said," I'll go to Xinyi first."

"Go ahead."

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen walked towards the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

Waiting until Ye Xiaochen left, then Wang Shuisheng eyes flickered, with a questioning voice he asked, "the third Uncle, is Ye Xiaochen and aunt?"

"These are not the things you should ask. Leave it to them."

Wan Shuisheng glared at Wang Yuandong.

Wang Yuandong's heart was howling in grief, it seems to be true and moreover, the third uncle doesn't seem to object it.

If Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were together, then shouldn’t he need to call Ye Xiaochen…. He trembled at the thought and did not dare to think about it anymore.

At home.

Mother hung up the phone said, "I’m sorry, have to let you wait."

"That's all right, anyway we have some time. By the way, doesn't Ye Xiaochen run a farm? Can you show us?"

Academician laughed and said.

They obviously know about YE Xiaochen's past and know about Ye Xiacohen's accomplishment in botany. Unexpectedly, he resigned to open a farm. This was a little strange, so he was very curious about the farm Ye Xiaochen opened.

"Good, I'll take you there."

Naturally, the mother agreed.

Immediately, the group of people marched towards YE Xiaochen's farm.

After arriving at the farm, many people were disappointed.

This farm was really small!

Small greenhouse, very average drainage facilities, there was no shadow of any high tech features.

This was just an ordinary greenhouse.

But to many people’s surprise, when they entered the farm, the fresh air made them feel very comfortable.

"The air is really fresh!"

"Yes, originally I was feeling my chest little stuffy, but when I got here, I feel a lot relaxed."

"Look, these vegetables are really nice."

"It is really beautiful. I've seen a lot of farms and never saw such good vegetables!"

"It’s not that the vegetables are better, the excessive pesticide must have been used, so there are fewer pests."

"It is also possible that, since the experts’ group came to find Ye Xiaochen, perhaps this person's vegetable cultivation level is very high."

A large number of people entered into the farm.

However, all the people were very conscious not to destroy any single farm plant.

YE Xiaochen's mother and father became the guide, leading the experts into the greenhouse, introducing the planted fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse.

"My son's vegetables and fruits are very delicious."

"All the vegetables here are free of pesticides. My son has great abilities."

"Look at those watermelons, they are in their third blooming. My son said that he has transformed it and can be harvested many times. "

"You don't know, my son's pickles vegetables are very delicious. I guarantee that you will want it a second time after tasting it."

Ye Xiaochen's mother started her chatterbox, she was talking non-stop, she was telling how strong her son was.

Academician Yang and others listened to Ye Xiaochen's mother, they were very interested.

Finally, they came to the greenhouse where immortal land was.

"This greenhouse, my son won't let us in. Saying that the vegetables planted here are not ordinary vegetables."

Mother said.

"Can we go in and have a look?"

Academician Yang became very curious about the farm.

The quality of the vegetables here was very excellent.

Even in the Academy of agricultural science 's special greenhouse, those well cultivated experimental vegetables couldn’t reach this level.

Whether the pesticide has been used on the vegetables or not,  with his vision and experience, he could tell this with a glance.

The vegetables here were absolutely the most original ones.

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