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The fleet vehicles entered into the road of Yufeng Village.

Suddenly, the luxury bus stopped again.

What were the experts up to?

Many leading officials were silently cursing in their hearts.

"Town head Song, you send someone to Yufeng village and ask them how to reach to Ye Xiaochen's house?"

Academician Yang put his head out of the vehicle and said to Song Baisheng who came over.

"Academician Yang, you said Ye Xiaochen, Are you talking about that Ye Xiaochen who opened a small farm?"

Song Baisheng was startled and asked again.

"Well, if there is only one Ye Xiaochen in this Yufeng village, then it is him."

Academician Yang laughed.

He had already investigated it.

This time, obviously they came prepared.

"Well, Academician Yang, then I will ask the village officials." Song Baisheng quickly said.

The dialogue between Academic Yang and Song Baisheng was loud enough that everyone could hear it.

The crowd was amazed.

Ye Xiaochen?

Was it really as the Song Baisheng mentioned a university student with a small farm?

How was that possible?

How could the experts’ group be so excited to find the farmer Ye Xiaochen?

Yes, a farmer.

Even if Ye Xiaochen was a college student and did undergraduate, however now he was growing vegetables for livelihood, a farmer.

Wasn't this a joke that these botanical big shots were just looking for a farmer?

The experts’ reply was positive, that they came to find Ye Xiaochen.

Academician Yang saw the discussion of people from the vehicle.

He was also very helpless.

He also doesn't want to let a great number of people involved, who told these bureaucrats to make this affair so big? What could he do?

Unless if they don't go to Ye Xiaochen.

However, to not look for Ye Xiaochen, how could they be willing.

They can't do anything. They could only hope that Ye Xiaochen wouldn't be angry about it.

"I didn't know it was Ye Xiaochen. How did he get to know these experts?"

Fang Yuan was stunned for a while.

"It seems there are many things about YE Xiaochen which I don't know."

Fang Yuan sighed incessantly.

He thought for a moment, then immediately ran over and shouted, "Academician Yang, I know where Ye Xiaochen's home is."

This was an opportunity to show his face!

Fang Yuan was no doubt a smart man, he immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Suddenly, many people looked towards Fang Yuan and were surprised.

"Fang Yuan, you don't talk nonsense."

The station master of the promotion station yelled.

"Stationmaster, I really know it, Ye Xiaochen and I are university classmates. I also went to his house previous time to play."

Fang Yuan said.

"Haha, Since this young man is a classmate of Ye Xiaochen, let him lead the way."

Academician Yang laughed and said.

Suddenly, many people's expression looking at Fang Yuan changed.

The car continued to move, and soon reached a fork in the road.

The Fang Yuan sitting in the guiding car pointed towards the gravel road, "Go from there."

"Are there no concrete roads?"

The driver of the car asked.


Fang Yuan directly shook his head.

Immediately, the driver began to turn towards the gravel road.

"Why are we going from here?"

"Why there is no cement in this road?"

"Yes, currently wasn't all the village roads were hardened with cement?"

"This road is very bad."

In the other car, Song Baisheng felt his body shaking, but fortunately, the car was moving very slowly.

However, his facial expressions were slightly ugly, he was scolding this village official, as the road was not hardened with cement.

County, City leaders, and experts, what would they be thinking?

"Song Baisheng, what is going on? Isn't hardening the village road the main policy? How come such an important village wasn't hardened yet?"

The shaking county leaders were directly cursing.

It was really bad for the county's image.

In this car, there were also city news journalist, if even a little report was done, then it would become troublesome.

In the car.

Fang Yuan's heart was secretly felt bright.

Although it was only a slight face, it was not ordinary.

A girl next to her asked curiously, "Fang Yuan, are you really a classmate of Ye Xiaochen?"

She was a journalist, as a journalist professional sensitivity, she immediately felt that she could dig up a lot of primary information about Ye Xiaochen from the Fang Yuan.

"Of course, for four Years, YE Xiaochen and I have been classmates in the university."

Fang Yuan said proudly.

If Ye Xiaochen becomes really famous, then won't he also as his classmate become famous?

"That's great, then can I ask you questions about Ye Xiaochen?"

The girl’s eyes sparkled.

Although she hasn't seen Ye Xiaochen, able to let the experts’ group attach so much importance to this person, how could it be an ordinary person?

She was very interested in this Ye Xiaochen. Fang Yuan was a classmate of Ye Xiaochen, she immediately turned like a curious baby and asked about Ye Xiacohem.

Meanwhile, she was also recording down it with her pen.

"Of Course, when it comes YE Xiaochen, there are too many things to say…… "

Fang Yuan blinked his eyes.

He thought and thought, and there was nothing to say because Ye Xiaochen has been too low key in the university, that let people easily ignore his existence.

He smiled awkwardly and began to rack his brain for the solution.

"Here, we should immediately get down."

Suddenly Fang Yuan's eyes shined and hurriedly said.

"Eh. You haven't said anything yet."

Said the girl.

"Cough, let's talk about it later?"

Fang Yuan squeezed his eyes and hurriedly made the driver stop in front of the house.

The girl was a little disappointed. She thought that she would soon see Ye Xiaochen and her attention diverted.

The village officials who rushed back to the village in advance had already informed village families through loudspeakers.

Do good Hygiene!

If someone from the experts’ group come to the house for the question, what would they answer!

For a while, the whole village was in chaos.

Everywhere a lot of cleaning was going on.

The time was tight, the whole village became like a battlefield, making sure that there was no garbage in front and back of the house.

"It’s strange, why are the experts’ group coming to our village?"

"Yes, I heard there are also foreigners in these group of experts?"

"Then, won't we have a chance to see a foreigner. There is not much feeling when watching foreigners on Tv. don't know what would be difference watching face to face?"

"These experts all have the big names, it was strange they are coming to our village."

Ye Xiaochen's parent after the busy work, have already cleaned all the trash, they were standing under the eaves and were talking.

Sister-in-law Hui, the eldest aunt, and others also were gathered and talking with each other.

Suddenly, the sound of the horn came from the far corner of the road.

Then a car came in.

As the roads were not hardened and were full of stone, it was very bumpy and the car was coming slowly.

"You guys look, so many cars, will it not be experts groups?"

Said the aunt.

"Maybe, but how did they get in through this road?"

"Yes, this not a good road to come."

"By the way, I heard there would be some big official coming with the experts’ group, Can we ask them to allocate some money to harden this section of road?

"No, the experts’ group will not be in charge of such matter, and just now village officials told us to say as little as possible."

The others started speaking.

For some reason, this section of the road has not been hardened. It has already been for several years and was not yet solved.

As they were speaking, the vehicles suddenly came to a stop, and a large crowd of people was getting out of the vehicle.

All the people were slightly surprised, Could it be that the experts’ group were coming here?

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