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"Well, this must not be a  problem, anyways you are experts, you know about it."

Mother hesitated for a moment and then nodded and said.

Just as Academician Yang and others were about to enter the immortal land, suddenly, two big local dogs rushed over and bared their teeth at Academician Yang and others.

Academician Yang and others immediately got frightened, and the entourage accompanying them were started, they came forward to protect Academician Yang and other experts.

It would become a joke if the experts were bitten by a local dog.

"Rhubarb, Erhuang, what are you guys doing?"

Mother like a brave warrior rushed and shouted at them.

After seeing the mother, the two dogs began wagging their tails.

The people present at the scene breathed a sigh of relief.

These two local dogs were extremely huge and did not resemble like local dogs, they could be compared with the wolfdogs.

Standing there, they gave an extremely oppressive atmosphere.

Many people inwardly clicked their tongue, the local dogs could grow up so big?

Obviously, they don't know that these two dogs have been living in the immortal land for a long time.

After mother scolded the two dogs, the group just entered into the immortal land.

As there were things planted in the immortal land, the space inside of it was not too big, only experts could enter, as for the rest of the people, they were waiting outside.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiaochen was driving his vehicle on the way from Yang City to Jing County.

Suddenly, he pulled over his vehicle to the side of the road, and a map of the farm appeared in his mind.

He saw many people entering the farm.

Needless to say, it should be the experts’ group.

"The farm’s ordinary vegetables in the greenhouse can be seen, but can't let people see the strangeness of the immortal land. "

Ye Xiaochen's heart shook.

This immortal land was a big secret.

After thinking till here, he looked at the farm, the interior building had unremarkable signs.

The constructions could be hidden.

Like Immortal land and immortal spring.

Of course, hiding the immortal land doesn't mean that the immortal land would disappear, rather it makes the people not see the existence of immortal land.

The immortal land was dependent on the original land.

The immortal land was hidden, the original land would exist like before.

Of course, immortal plants would also exist.

However, the immortal plant’s appearance would be ordinary and there was no need to deal with it.

If he hides it, and if some people who enter think that there were no plantings, and casually trample, then what would he do if they step on the immortal plants?


All the experts who went inside did not find anything special.

The cool breath surrounding the immortal land seems to have disappeared.

The two dogs who were wagging their tails watched the strangers with vigilant eyes. Suddenly, they became restless.

They have long been accustomed to the scent of immortal land.

Now, the scent of the immortal land has disappeared, and they immediately sensed it.

Suddenly, they bared their teeth again at the experts.

According to their simple thinking, when these strangers entered, the scent of immortal land disappeared.

It must have something to do with these people.

Being the stared at by such big two dogs, even the experts who were calm and fearless became frightened.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen' mother and father were also with them, otherwise, they would have gone out without any delay.

Mother also found out the situation, and scolded the two dogs again, letting them become well behaved again.

"What type of bean is this?"

An expert crouched in front of an immortal bean, which was covered with yellow bean pods It was very eye-catching.

This was the second generation immortal yellow bean, if it was the immortal beans purchased from the store, then it was sure that they would become more surprised.

"Is it a new variety cultivated by Mr. Ye?"

Another expert wondered.

In their eyes, Ye Xiaochen was master in the field botany. Naturally, everything on this farm was extraordinary.

"You guys look here, what is this sprout? The buds are actually red as flames."

"Can't identify it, but it looks like a bean sprout, however, the color is not right."

"Oh god! you guys look here, what is this?"

Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise, which immediately attracted the attention of many people and hurriedly looked at it.

An expert was standing in front of a strange little tree, it was an only half foot tall, and red in color, there was a green and golden bud at its top.

"This, this, is this the Fusang tree branch that Mr. Ye Xiaochen took it previous time?"

"This branch unexpectedly can be cut alive?"

"Alive, absolutely alive, you guys look, this bud although is green golden color, without a doubt it is a real bud."

"It's unimaginable, a branch of the Fusang tree was actually cut alive, how did Mr.Ye achieve it?"

They have done all the experiments. The broken branch would soon turn into ash, let alone applying to cut. They couldn’t even preserve it.

They have all come to an agreement that the branch of the Fusang tree could not be cut alive.

However, now they have witnessed another miracle.

"That’s great."

Academician Yang, with the cane in his hand, was trembling with excitement.

He knows the significance of it, this means that the rare and precious Fusang tree could be produced in large quantities.

What an amazing cutting technique!

All the people present on the scene were aware of this.

The importance of this kind of cutting technology was much more than this, it was even able to cut Fusang tree alive, then couldn't it be used on other precious and endangered plants?

The re-cultivation of precious and endangered plants was often met with difficulties.

Sometimes, you could only watch an endangered plant slowly disappear, but there was nothing you could do about it.

If they could master this amazing cutting technology, then they would be able to cultivate a large number of them.

All the experts looked at each other.

They felt that visiting Ye Xiaochen was absolutely correct.

They were looking forward to communicating with Ye Xiaochen.

Outside the greenhouse.

Many city and county leaders and entourage saw the experts looking excited, they gathered around, do not know what they were doing, they were curious

They did not go in to disturb but began to arrange for resting place and lunch.

There were many people, the experts amount to twenty people, and including other people makes the total reach fifty or sixty people.

It was not easy to arrange a place for such a large crowd of people.

Half an hour later.

The experts remained in the immortal land and did not leave.

Everything in the greenhouse made them very curious, they began to talk in a group of three and five.

There was a large crowd of people waiting outside under the sun, naturally, it was uncomfortable.

Ye Xiaochen's parent with neighbors began to arrange for cutting some farm-produced fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and other farm fruits and distributed to the people present on the scene.

"Wow, this watermelon is so sweet and refreshing, it tastes much better than the one bought from the supermarket."

"What kind of melon is this? It's so delicious."

"This cantaloupe is very fragrant and tastes so sweet, I have never eaten such a delicious cantaloupe before."

"Yes, it is extremely delicious, it's better than what's on market. You can see the standard from the way the melons have been planted."

Many people ate the fruits and marveled at it.

Even those city and county leader who usually eat exotic delicacies and top-notch fruit were also attracted by these fruits.

They have never eaten such delicious fruits.

Experts were also served with the watermelon and cantaloupe when these experts tasted they were full of praise for it.

Ye Xiaochen's mother felt happy in her heart when so many people praised the melons.

Just then, on the road outside of the farm, a sound of the engine came.

Ye Xiaochen was back.

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