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Taiping town, in a temporary conference room.

More than twenty experts were gathered together, the group consists of both domestic and foreign experts.

Among the accompanying personals, there was deputy mayor of Municipal government in charge of agriculture and two leaders from the promotion station of the municipal agricultural bureau.

"Secretary Liu, governor Zhu, the experts’ group time is very precious, can your county will be able to arrange the itinerary?"

Deputy mayor Hou Shuwen came to Jing county leaders and asked.

"Mayor, we have already arranged everything, but the experts’ group staying in Taiping town also has made thing difficult."

Zhu Changqing said with a wry smile.

The place that they have arranged for inspection was not in the Taiping town, but a Red rice planting base in the county, which was an agricultural project belonging to the Government group.

It was the only place that Jing County could prepare.

"I'll with talk with the experts’ group."

Hou Shuwen nodded. His task was to finish the inspection early and escort the experts’ group back to the city and then try to let the experts’ group stay In Yang City for a longer period.

Now in the Yang city, there were lots of working group from other cities were gathering outside the Yang City, all of their purposes was to let experts group inspect their city.

The expert groups current schedule was to go to Yang city, and there were no further plans.

Naturally, the other cities like a shark smelling the fishes were desperately trying to pull experts group to their homes.

During this period of time, do not know how many calls he had got.

Immediately, Hou Shuwen walked inside the meeting room.

These experts group seems to be whispering about something and ignored Hou Shuwen's entry.

He coughed and said to Academician Yang, the nominal leader of the experts’ group, "Academician Yan, The Jing County has already arranged the schedule. Why don't we start now?"

"Mayor Hou, we already have decided the destination for inspection."

Academician Yang looked at Hou Shuwen and said in a formal tone.

"What, A destination for inspection?"

Hou Shuwen didn't feel good. So these experts come with some purpose?

At least, he had no idea what the experts’ group have planned.

The traveling route of experts group seemed very strange, came from Shashi city and arrived closed to the Yang city.

The experts’ group have not revealed the next step.

Now, the experts’ group have arrived at this Taiping town and suddenly stopped their journey. They do not wish to let Jing county arrange the destination and have already decided the destination for investigation.

What does this mean?


Hou Shuwen's reaction was slow and couldn't think of anything. He was the deputy mayor of the prefecture-level city, naturally, there was no need to mention his abilities.

However, what exactly the experts’ group want to inspect?

"Mayor Hou, we will be going to this place."

Academician Yang suddenly took out his mobile phone and opened the navigation map.

He pointed his finger on a position.

Hou Shuwen took a look, Yufeng village.

What was this place?

It was normal for him to not know a village under Jing County. He went out and asked the leaders of Jing County.

"What? Yufeng Village?"

"What village is this?"

"Which town does it belong to?"

"It seems to be a village under Taiping town."

All the Jing county leaders were confused.

The experts’ group was going to visit a village in Taiping Town.

Did the experts’ group take some wrong medicine? First, they wanted to stay in the Taiping town, and now, they were going to visit a village, what about their arrangement?

It would take a half day to do the inspection, the experts’ group might return to Yang city by afternoon.

"Quick, go and call Song Baisheng here."

A county leader said.

Soon, Song Baosheng with his jolting Buttock came running.

"What? The experts’ group is going to visit Yufeng village?"

Song Baisheng was stunned at first, and then became excited, "good, really good….."

He saw that the county leaders wanted to kill with their eyes. He stopped his excited voice abruptly and immediately said, "leaders, it is a great honor for us that the experts’ group will visit the village under Taiping town. We will spare no efforts to organize the inspection, absolutely no mishap will happen."

He was so happy in the heart, finally, he got the pie.

No wonder when he got up today, the Magpies were chirping outside the window. It turned out to be a good sign.

The county leaders saw Song Baisheng's annoying act, but they were helpless. After all, this thing was decided by the experts’ group.

They could only agree and absolutely couldn't oppose it.

"You arrange the things as soon as possible. You must make sure that the places visited by the experts’ group are clear and report to us as quickly as possible."

Liu Ping firmly said.

"Yes, I will fulfill the task."

Song Baisheng hurriedly said.

After Song Baisheng left, Liu Ping said with a bitter smile, "Unexpected;y we are being busy in vain."

"It should be said that you jing county are not busy in vain. Aren't you guys curious about the place that experts are interested?

Hou Shuwen smiled,

The county leaders present on the scene were slightly stunned and immediately showed a pondering look.

There were all guessing something.

Why did the experts’ group choose Jing County?

When experts arrived at Taiping tow, why did they stay and selected Yufeng village?

"Leaders, I have arranged thing. In addition, I have asked the officials of Yufeng village. Yufeng village has a farm, but the farm size is very small. The owner of the farm iv a very you man with the surname Ye and is unmarried. Did undergraduate from the Southern province Agricultural University, afterward he opened a farm in the village, in addition to it, there is no other planting base there."

Song Baisheng said.

"Is there any retired expert in Yufeng village?"

Secretary Liu quickly asked.

"No, absolutely No one."

Song Baisheng shook his head and said.

"That's strange. What is it there that is attracting experts?"

The leaders present felt strange.

If it was the small farm, they won't believe it, it was just a college graduate, how could he get in touch with experts group?

No way, they could only arrange things for the experts’ group to go to the village.

Suddenly, the fleet set out from the town and headed straight for Yufeng village.

"God, why are the experts’ group going to Yufeng village where Xiaochen is located?"

Fang Yuan was also in the vehicle.

He couldn't figure out what the experts’ group were going to do in Yufeng village?

Don't ….. Were they going to look for Xiaochen?

His heart trembled and could not think of any other reason.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn't helped him in solving the problem of Broccoli seed defects, he would never have thought about it.

Ye Xiaochen had once refused the special offer of millions of annual salary from the global company!

Till now, he felt pity for YE Xaicohen.

Thinking till here, he touched his mobile phone, but he hesitated and did not call him.

He was not sure yet.

Perhaps, besides YE Xaicohen there was still some old experts living in the village.

Otherwise, how could Ye Xiaochen ability become so strong?

There is no person guiding, who would believe it!

Yes, it should be.

The Fang Yuan finally found a stable reason.

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