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The County committee and county government have attached great importance to the experts’ group coming to Jing County.

Taiping town, it was the only road to enter into the Jing County Expressway and was the only road that connects Sha City to Jing County.

The experts’ group would be passing by the town, so the town government has prepared things long ago.

Early morning, on both side of the national road of Taiping town, people were standing, there were students from the various schools, government department people, village committee members and so on.

In short, the people who could be used were already present.

Standing on both side of the road, drawing the banner, setting up brocade banners, people were bustling with noise and excitement.

Today was a sunny day, so many people were standing in the sun, but no one left.

This was true even for the head of the town government.

"Why haven't they come yet? Did you call and ask?"

A bald middle-aged man wiped the sweat from his forehead with a tissue.

"Secretary Song, they have passed through the toll gate and are about to come."

A young man next to him hurriedly said.

"Quick. Everyone stand up straight and must have a gentle atmosphere to welcome the arrival experts group. "

The Song secretary hurriedly said.

Suddenly, all the people on both sides of the road stood in perfect order.

After a few minutes, the fleet arrived.

In order to meet the experts’ group, the traffic was controlled on the national highway from toll gate to County town.

Dozen or more big and small cars, led by the county governments two guiding cars arrived, in the guiding car county leaders were sitting.

As for the luxury bus in the middle, the experts’ group were sitting inside it.

Other cars accompanying consists of security personnel from Yang city and province, it also includes media reporters.

When the fleet arrived, their speed slowed down.

In a guiding car, Fang Yuan and a middle-aged man were sitting on the back seat and looked at the welcoming crowd standing on both sides of the road, he shook his head and smiled.

"This Song Baisheng, really can’t work without making a loud noise."

The County's governor Zhu Changqing said.

"If the old secretary sees him like this, he will certainly scold him."

The man sitting next to him laughed and said.

It was Mayor of Jing county, Jin Bingqiu

Many people thought that the experts’ group coming was his credit

Now the Mayor of the county was recognized as County's big hero.

Suddenly, the luxury bus behind them stopped.

"What's the matter?"

Zhu Changqing saw the vehicle behind him stopping and hurriedly made the driver stop the car.

Jin Bingqiu also hurriedly got out of the car.

The Taiping town people were surprised to sees the fleet stopping.

"Secretary Song, the fleet has stopped and the luxury bus with the experts’ group also stopped."

Some of the officials of the town exclaimed.

"Come on, let’s go, maybe we can get the experts’ group stay in town, and maybe even get them to look around the town. "

Song Baisheng's face revealed a color joy, he hurriedly ran, while running his big belly was fluctuating up and down.

At this time Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu also learned the reason why the luxury bus stopped.

They were astonished.

Because…. The experts’ group wanted to stay in this town for inspection.

Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu, these two experts Directly cursed them in their heart.

What was there to study in this broken town? Was the County's good wine and meat were waiting for you?

However, now these grandfathers were going to stay here.

Well, they have to admit that all the people in the expert group were really grandfather.

You can't hit them or scold them, you have to greet them with a smiling face if you offend them you have to walk away and can’t even cry to death.

Both of them were helpless, they can't force them to go to the county.

At this time, Song Baisheng came running with his jolting buttocks.

"Governor Zhu and Mayor Jin, you guys are here, would experts group like to stay in our Taiping town? Should I go and make good arrangements?"

Song Baisheng was sweating and said with a red face.

He was excited!

It would be a great achievement if the experts could stay in town for a long time or even do the inspection.

Perhaps, he could take this opportunity to go further.

Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu were eager to kick this Song Baisheng to death.

If this guy hadn't done anything, the experts would not stop here all of a sudden.

The experts’ group didn't have this plan before.

Regardless of whether Song Baisheng was the cause or not, the two county head recognize it as Song Baisheng's responsibility.

Song Baisheng did not seem to see the two County heads unhappiness.

"If you don’t make good arrangement and anything goes wrong, I will hold you accountable for that."

However displeased Zhu Changqing was, there was nothing he could do about it at this moment.

"I promise, to complete the task properly."

Song Baisheng gave a firm reply.

After that, he went to arrange things.

The news that experts group would be staying in Taiping town and do inspection spread like a gust of wind throughout the Jing County.

After other towns knew about it, they stamped their feet in anger. Such a great thing was caught by the Taiping town.

The remaining leaders in the country were looking forward to the arrival of the experts’ group. Suddenly, they got to know that the experts’ group would be staying in the Taiping town and they spit out blood in anger. They wish they could destroy the Taiping town and snatch back the experts.

Of course, this was impossible.

Taiping town was also under the jurisdiction of Jing County.

The remaining main leaders hurriedly rushed to the Taiping town with the quickest speed.

For a time, the arrival of the experts’ group caused the whole Taiping town situation chaotic, it was not jubilation but was the same as New Year’s day.

Countless well-respected people in rushed from all over the county, to catch the glimpse of the expert, which they consider a great honor.

When the experts’ group arrived in Taiping Town, Ye Xiaochen was delivering vegetables in the Yang City.

After delivering, he went to Wang Shuisheng's villa.

Wang Shuisheng was at home.

Wang Yuandong was also there.

"Xiaochen is here."

Wang Shuisheng changed the title of calling Ye Xiaochen, originally he used to call him brother Ye. Now they were closer.

He undoubtedly regarded Ye Xiaochen as a family.

"Brother Wang, Sister-in-law."

Ye Xiaochen greeted Wang Shuisheng and Chu Qingqing.

Xibao climbed onto his lap and called him uncle Ye.

It seems that he was closer to him.

Wang Yuandong looked from the sidelines, his heart was very uncomfortable, he felt that he was lower than Ye Xiaochen's generation.

"Uncle, My mentor said that in a few days he would accept Academician Yang's invitation and go to the academy of agricultural sciences, at that time I will also get the opportunity to go and will get better learning environment. "

Wang Yuandong suddenly said.

As he was speaking, he glanced at Ye Xiaochen from the one corner of his eyes, there was a grin on his face.

The Chinese Academy Agricultural sciences were the country's top agricultural research institution.

Do not know how many talented people have set their goal to enter into the Chinese Academy Agricultural sciences.

This was a chance that would come once in a thousand years.

Was it not for the treatment of Fusang tree it would be difficult for his Mento to establish a relationship with Academician Yang, and he wouldn’t be able to get this opportunity?

He does not know that it was Ye Xiaochen who cured the Fusang tree, not some mysterious expert according to rumor, otherwise, he would never have said such things.

For Wang Yuandong's deliberate show-off, YE Xiaochen just smiled and said nothing.

Wang Shuisheng was satisfied, he nodded and said, "Very good, Yuandong, try your best, getting such an opportunity is very rare. "

Their wang family had no shortage of money but only lacks fame in a certain professional field.

Once the Wang family was able to produce a famous agricultural expert, a botanist, the wang family would become stronger.

Hearing his uncle’s praise, Wang Yuandong looked with provocative eyes at Ye Xiaochen.

Curing bonsai tree, fixing broccoli seed defects?

So what? After all, he was just an ordinary farmer and finally will live in the countryside as ordinary for a lifetime.

And he will have a brighter future and broader stage.

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