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Chapter 8
Chapter 0008 Life at the Burrow

Ivan could not buy a lot since there would be no way to care all of it, so he placed orders at the shops until all his money was spent, it would be delivered to Hogwarts once he starts.

By the time they made it back to the fireplace in the Leaky Cauldron, it was close to dusk.

After saying his farewells to his parents, Ivan, Harry, and the Weasley family used floo powder to travel to the burrow, while the Mason and Granger family went to their home by bus and car. Mr. Weasley was tempted to follow them out to see what a bus station looked like, but after seeing Mrs. Weasley’s expression, he had to dispel the idea.

Because it was Ivans first time using floo powder he choked on the ashes, then he felt dizzy once he arrived at the burrow, Ivan saw Harry’s face and knew both of them felt the same.

Once Ivan climbed out of the fireplace he looked around curiously.

It was finally his first visit to a wizard home. The kitchen was small and packed, but it had a clean wooden table with chairs. On the wall hung a clock, in place of hours on the clock’s face were a series of possible locations, including “home,” “school”, “work”, “travelling”, “lost”, “hospital”, “prison”, and “mortal peril”, as well as more lighthearted activities like “time to make tea”, “time to feed the chickens” and “you’re late”.

Beside the fireplace was a large mirror.

Ivan had just passed in front of it, and the mirror suddenly shouted, “Tuck your shirt in scruffy!”

Above the mirror was a bookshelf containing “Charm Your Own Cheese,” “Enchantment in Baking,” “ One Minute Feasts – It’s Magic!.” and so one, most of them were domestic magic books, not far away was an old looking radio.

“All right, kids go back to your room and put up your stuff.” Mrs. Weasley came out of the fireplace and looked at Fred and George and said, “ especially you two, don’t bother me while I’m making dinner.”

“Yes, mom! we’ll be quiet in our room” said Fred.

“Quite as a house elf,” said George.

The twins ran out of the kitchen laughing, Percy and Ginny followed them with their belongings.

“Come on, I’ll show you my bedroom,” said Ron, while escorting Harry and Ivan.

The three of them walked up the narrow staircase.

The staircase twist and turns, the second floor of the staircase has a door adjacent to it, Percy is sitting at his desk, with his newly bought quill, not far from him is a gorgeous brown owl.

“That’s Percy’s new owl that mom and dad bought him for doing so well on his O.W.L.s, but he refused to lend it to me, in fact, he has been very strange this summer, he has been receiving a lot of letters.”

“That’s not anything strange, your brother probably has a girlfriend.”

“Oh, my God!” shouted Ron when he heard what Ivan said, “But its Percy who would date him, I mean.. of course, he’s ambitious, he always has a plan, he want to be a minister of magic, but…..I think I’ll tell Fred and George and see what they think about it.”

“Don’t get too excited, it’s just my guess.”Ivan bluntly said to Ron.

When the three made it to the third floor, Ivan says a glimpse at a pair of bright brown eyes staring at them, but in the next moment, the door slammed shut.

“Ginny,” said Ron, “That’s amazing, her door is never closed!”

“Obviously, she saw Harry, and was a little shy.”

Ivan looked at the door and pondered how to get Tom

Riddles’s diary from her.

“Yeah she talked about you for the whole summer,” said Ron while looking at Harry, “Fred said she wanted your signature, maybe you should give it to her.”

“Don’t be stupid, Ron,” said Ivan while walking. “ It’s not as simple as giving her Harry’s signature, she wants to be his girlfriend.”


Ron looked shocked, while Harry was blushing like a ripe apple, pretending he didn’t hear the conversation between Ivan and Ron.

“Well, these are only my thoughts.” Ivan rubbed his forehead, these two are dull even for there age, no wonder they almost couldn’t find a date in their fourth year.

They climbed up one more floor and stood outside the twin’s room, the door was closed, and there was no sound, the three had no idea what Fred and George were doing.

The three finally climbed to the top floor, they came to a door that had paint peeling off with a small sign saying ‘Ron’s room.”

As soon as Ivan and Harry walked in the sloping ceiling nearly touched their heads.

It was like walking into a giant stove, everything in Ron’s room was a burnt orange color: Bedspread, walls, and even the ceiling.

Ron put posters of the Chudley Cannons wearing bright orange robes on every inch of the wall.

“Is that your quidditch team?” asked Harry.

“They are the Chudley Cannons, they are ranked ninth in the Quidditch League!”

Ron’s Bedspread was oranges and printed with two large letter C’s and a speeding cannon Ball.

Harry and Ron continued to talk about Quidditch while Ivan looked at a fat brown rat lying in the corner of the room.

While ignoring Ivan’s gaze, he continued to snore.

Ivan observes it for a while without noticing anything strange about it. If he didn’t know it was an animagus, he would think it was just a pet rat with a missing toe.

Then a sound of pipes being banged on from above startled Ivan.

“Don’t worry, it’s just the Ghoul in the attic, it always bangs on the pipes.” “I wanted to get rid of it, but dad likes it,” explained Ron.

Just like Ron said the life at the Burrow is captivating.

For over a month, Ivan and Harry followed Fred, George, and Ron to clean out the gnomes from the garden, and a few of them went to the mountains to play quidditch time to time.

At night, Harry and Ron were busy completing their summer homework while Ivan used that time to ask Percy some questions about his studies since Percy was an excellent in almost every subject, especially in History of Magic and Magic lessons.

Ivan had a chance to talk to Fred and George, but they were still in their infancy, however after he made a few suggestion to them, they locked themselves in their room researching and making strange noises at night.

For over a month Harry and Ivan became very familiar with the Weasley family.

Mrs. Weasley patched their socks, made them eat four times as much each meal, and Mr. Weasley kept questioning them about Muggle life.

Except for Ginny, the others quickly adapted to Harry and Ivan in their home. To be more precise, as long as Harry is present Ginny will always get nervous about touching anything, but when she’s alone with Ivan, she is completely normal.

Because Ivan and Ginny are the same age, they get along very well, but Ivan still didn’t succeed in getting Tom Riddle’s Diary from Ginny even up to the last day.

Ivan hinted at it several times, but Ginny didn’t respond.

He could not just explain it to her, and he couldn’t sneak into her room to find it, Ivan isn’t even sure if she has the diary.

He isn’t in a hurry, there is still time if worst comes to worst based on the plot Ginny will just be in a little trouble.

But to be rescued by her hero Harry, it might not be a bad thing.

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