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Chapter 9
Chapter 0009 Flying to Hogwarts

On the last day of summer vacation, Mrs. Weasley made a huge dinner.

Everyone was having a great time, eating an elaborate pubbing made by Mrs. Weasley, watching Fred and George’s laborious fireworks show, these fireworks were apparently improved by them, orange, red and blue stars filled the kitchen, bouncing between the ceiling and walls for at least half an hour.

10 o’clock in the evening, after drinking the last cup of hot chocolate, everyone went to bed.

Because he and Harry shared the same bed, Ivan could feel that Harry was continually turning over, which made him very uncomfortable as he tried to sleep.

The next morning, Harry got up early, with a grave-looking face.

“Ivan, I dreamed that I became a big snake last night, and…… Anyway, the dream sucked!”

“Harry, you’re just nervous about starting school.” sighed Ivan

“I hope everything goes well today,” said Harry

Apparently his wish backfired, after eating breakfast, everyone was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, Mrs. Weasley rushed to search for spare sock and quilts, the twins ran into each other on the stairs, while Mr. Weasley ran to the car to put Ginny’s suitcase in but tripped on a chicken in the yard, almost breaking his neck.

Everyone got into the car, Mr. Weasley started the car and drove out of the yard. In less than half an hour, they returned three times. By the time Ginny got into the vehicle, everybody was already aggravated.

When they finally arrived at King’s Cross station, there were only five minutes left until departure.

“We don’t have much time to go through the walls as quickly as possible go through and be careful not to let Muggles notice you. Mrs. Weasley looked nervously at the clock and commanded, Percy first!”

By the time Percy went through, Mr. Weasley had grabbed his bags and went through, followed by Fred and George.

“I’ll take Ginny, First then you three go.” Said Mrs. Weasley to Ivan, Harry, and Ron, right before she grabbed Ginny’s hand and went through.

“Let’s go through at the same time on the count of three,” said Ron.

‘Well, what should we do now?’ thought Ivan, he had intended to follow Percy, but who knew the car would be so slow, and Mrs. Weasley would arrange him together with Harry and Ron.

If I’m not mistaken, the wall should be sealed now.

“Ivan, stay with me and don’t be nervous, just like I told you before the platform is through the wall.” “If you’re afraid you can run,” said Harry.

Both Ron and Harry ran up to the wall with confidence and hit it.

Ivan could not bear to see them like this, so he quickly closed his eyes. Based on the way they were running he knew it would be excruciating.

In the next second, he heard them crash into the wall.

Ron’s suitcase hit the ground heavily while Harry was knocked down and Hedwig’s cage hit the ground, she screamed angrily. Many people stared at them, while a guard shouted, “ what the hell are you doing?”

“Sorry we lost control of the trolly,” Harry said while moaning in pain.

Ivan ran over and picked up Hedwig, many onlookers shouted that they were animal abusers.

“ Why can’t we get through?” whispered Harry to Ron.

“I don’t know!” Ron walked over and pushed on the wall, “It has never happened before, we’ll miss the train!”

“ I don’t know why the passage is sealed…..”

Harry looked at the clock, and carefully pushed the trolly to the wall, but it didn’t go throw one bit.

“It l

ooks like the wall was sealed with a barrier; obviously someone deliberately did it,” Ivan said while checking the wall, with our current level of magic we won’t be able to break it.

“Who would want to make us miss the train?”

“It must be Malfoy!” Ron said, “It’s over, the train has already left, and if Mom and Dad can’t come and pick us up, do any of you have Muggle Money on you?”

“The Dursley’s never gave me any!” said Harry

“I exchanged all of mine to wizarding world money and spent it at Diagon Alley.” Ivan dug in his pocket, and know knew he should have saved a little.”

“I don’t know how long it will take for mom and dad to come back and find us, so what do we do now?” Ron looked around nervously, and as Hedwig screamed, many people stared at them.

“I think we should write a letter to the school to explain what happened,” Ivan suggested.

“Ivan is right, but before we do that we should go back to the car,” said Harry while trying to calm down Hedwig.

“Harry!” Ron’s eyes lit up, “We can drive the car to Hogwarts, it has been modified by my father so it can fly!”

“Ron, this is not a good idea, we can’t use magic outside school.” Ivan shook his head in a hurry, trying to persuade the other to dismiss the idea.

“Come on, Ivan!” Ron’s eyes were shining brightly, “ We’re trapped, right? We have to get to school, don’t we?
Even underage wizards are allowed to use magic if it’s a real emergency, section nineteen or something of the Restriction of Thingy —”

“Can you drive?” after hearing Ron’s explanation Harry turned from panic to excitement.

“No problem, I’ve seen Fred and George drive countless times!” Ron said, “We’ll be able to catch up to the Hogwarts Express in no time “ Ivan you especially need to be on time this year, you’re going to be sorted into a house, so we can’t be late!”

“Yeah, Ivan,” Harry agreed.

“It’s terrifying to ride in a flying car to school.” Looking at the two people that had a look of excitement, Ivan powerlessly followed.

After They made up their minds, Ivan had no choice but to cooperate, and at his moment Ivan missed Hermione because if she were here, she would be able to stop these two.

Ivan also wanted to see the flying car, but after thinking about the outcome, he wasn’t happy.

They will be seen by Muggles, and Mr. Weasley may lose his job, and for a freshman who hasn’t even been sorted into a house yet, he wasn’t sure what will happen to him.

“I think we shoud..” Ivan was trying to make one last effort.

“Ivan, come on!” Ron didn’t wait for him to finish. “ Harry, make sure no one is watching.”

“There’s no one on the street.” Harry stretched out his arm and pulled Ivan into the car.

The next second, Ron pressed a small silver button on the dashboard, the three of them and the car disappeared.

Ivan felt the seat shake, he could hear the engine roar, and in the next moment, they were floating above the street where the car had been parked.

“Let’s go!” Ron shouted

The ground and building on both sides shrank as the car climbed higher and higher, a few seconds later, they could see the entire city of London beneath them.

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