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Chapter 7
Chapter 0007 The dispute at Flourish & Blotts

Because it takes a while to make a new robe, Mrs. Weasley agreed to let them go ahead and buy other items on the school supply list, then together they went to Flourish & Blotts.

Of course, it was primarily Ivan buying stuff.

Ginny had a lot of hand me downs from her brother, Percy Weasley obtained top grades in all 12 of his O.W.L.s, so Mrs. Weasley bought him new school supplies and gave Ginny his old thing.

“Ivan, thank you this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received!” Ginny blushed while thanking Ivan.

“Don’t be silly, it was just an excuse to make Mrs. Weasley agree, I’ll give you something else for Christmas.” “I think I’ll give you a red diary,” Ivan was thinking of what will happen to Ginny this year.

“Well, that’s not a bad idea, I’ll give you a black one.”

“That’s what I need!” Ivan thought it would be perfect if it had Tom Riddle’s autograph in it.

They walked along the cobbled streets, and the shops called out to Ivan, and the money in his pocket sounded happy, demanding aloud to spend them.

But after browsing through several magical shops, seeing the prices, Ivan became gloomy. Compared to what he wants to buy the money in his pocket was far too little.

But for a Hogwarts student, Ivan definitely hade a colossal sum of money, He wanted to buy a lot of stuff, but they were not on the supply list.

“It seems I need to find a way to make money!”

Although Ivan could get more money from his parents, they wouldn’t give much money to a child, especially if he wants to buy a lot of things a student shouldn’t have.

He had an excellent idea on how to make money, but he had to wait until he goes to Hogwarts.

Next, led by Ginny, Ivan bought a cauldron, crystal phials, a telescope, and a brass scale. At Slug and Jiggers Apothecary the two purchased a standard dose of herbs which was used for the first-grade potions class. They also bought a Magical Quill, ink, and parchment.

When they passed the Magical Menagerie neither of them went in.

Ivan thought he wasn’t ready to buy a pet because his mother is allergic to birds and the other pets are a little helpful but you also have to take care of them in turn, so it is just to much trouble.

However, he collected nearly every mailing list of the store of Diagon Alley. He may need to purchase additional material from here while he attended Hogwarts.

Ivan knew precisely what he would face in the next few years.He could not slowly learn from textbooks, especially since he is a year younger than Harry.

It was horrifying to think about him being left at Hogwarts and suffering under the Death Eaters while the trio was running around in there seventh year.

Ivan and Ginny happily chatted along the way, and the two of them soon became good friends.

At Gambol and Japes, they met Fred, George, and Lee Jordan, who purchased a lot of “Dr. Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks.”

Percy was looking at a store full of tattered wands, old scales, and spotted cloaks while reading a boring book,“ Gaining the Power of a Leader.”

Without disturbing Percy, they passed Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, Ivan bought himself and Ginny two large chocolate-lemon ice creams and then saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron walking out of Knockturn Alley.

Behind them was Hagrid who was yelling at the three of them, “Don’t you know Knockturn Alley isn’t a place for you to run around, and don’t let me see you in there again!”

“You went to Knockturn Alley, you know mom doesn’t let us go there” Ginny’s fac

e had a worried expression

“Go away, Ginny!” Ron said impatiently.

“Wait, Ron!” Harry looked at Ivan and hesitated and explained, “ we saw Draco, go to Borgin & Burkes with his father, its a shop that specializes in Dark Magic goods.”

“Harry!” Ron raises his voice. Apparently, he didn’t want his little sister to know about these things.

“OH, what did you do?” Ivan asked curiously, ignoring Ron’s overreaction.

“Nothing, we observed them for a while, but they left without buying anything!” Hermione turned and looked at Hagrid, “Hagrid we were following Malfoy but what were you doing down Knockturn Alley?”

“I was looking for Flesh-Eating Slug Repellent to get rid of them from the school’s cabbage patch.” Hagrid looked at Ivan and said in a quiet voice, “ you should be Ivan Mason, Thank you for helping Harry out of that house, those damn Muggle’s, if I knew…”

Before Hagrid finished speaking, Mrs. Weasley was hurriedly walking over with the newly made robes, and behind her was Mr. Weasley, and Hermione and Ivan’s Parents.

When Mrs. Weasley saw them, she knew that they had gone down Knockturn Alley.

“You went down Knockturn alley!, Thank you Hagrid.”

“Well, I’m gone.” Hagrid was embarrassed about his hand being clutched by Mrs. Weasley., “I’ll see you at Hogwarts.” said Hagrid to the kids.

By the time Hagrid disappeared from sight, Mrs. Weasley had turned around and scolded Harry, Ron, and Hermione, while Mr. Weasley was interested in what Harry Said.

“It seems he was going to sell something but chickened out at the last minute.” Mr. Weasley said solemnly but with a bit of satisfaction, “I really want to get evidence on Lucius Malfoy.”

“Be careful, Arthur!” Mrs. Weasley warned him, “ The Malfoy family should not be offended, do not bite off more then you can chew.”

“You think I can’t fight Malfoy?” said Mr. Weasley angerly, but then his attention was soon drawn to a large crowd outside the door of Flourish & Blotts.

Most of them were the same age as Mrs. Weasley, all huddled in the doorway, trying to get in, and through the crowd they saw Gilderoy Lockhart in Blue wizard robes, sitting in the middle of the shop, signing books.

Around him, there were large photographs of him everywhere, and all the face in the pictures winked at the crowd while flashing bright white teeth.

While Lockhart was an idiot when it came to magic, Ivan had to admit he was a successful writer.

It goes without saying that Harry was spotted by Lockhart and then he was dragged into a photo with Lockhart while he announces that he will be teaching at Hogwarts. By the time Harry came back, Mr. Weasley and Lucius Malfoy were fighting, while Lockhart stood beside them not interfering, but the two were separated by the sudden appearance of Hagrid.

“Little girl are those the best things your dad can give you.”

Lucius Malfoy broke away from Hagrid’s arm waved to Draco to follow him and stormed out of the store.

“You shouldn’t associate with him, Arthur.” Hagrid reached out and fixed Mr. Weasley’s robes but almost most lifted him up when he did, “ that guy is bad news, his who family is, and everyone knows it.” “The Malfoy family is not worth listening to.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Mr. Weasley, while Ivan was observing Ginny’s cauldron which held a broken copy of “A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration” and if everything goes like it should there should be a black diary in it too.

After Lucius left the shop. Ivan put the fight to the back of his mind as soon as he looked at the impressive collection of books.

“Ivan, what are you doing are you trying to buy the whole bookstore?” Ron stared at Ivan list of books in his hands, Flourish & Blotts probably has over 8000 books.

“That wouldn’t be possible, I’m not that rich, I’m choosing what I need.” Ivan couldn’t buy all of them at once, so he’s going to pick out the books he needs first and then slowly buy the rest.

“Oh. that’s a lot!”

“Learning more is not a bad thing, Ron!”

“You sound like Hermione,” Ron said, seeing Ivan pick up an Advanced Potion-Making by Libatius Borage. I heard it is an N.E.W.T. level textbook used in Potions class, students who achieved an ‘Outstanding’ or an ‘Exceeds Expectation’ on their Ordinary Wizarding Level, advance to N.E.W.T. get the chance to study advanced potion-making and by extension this book.

“I think Ivan is right, and it’s never bad to learn more!” Hermione looked at Ivan’s list and was happy to add some magic books to her list as well, Hermione said, “ Ivan, I think we should check the list in a minute so we can avoid duplicates.”

“Of course, Hermione!” said Ivan

“Harry the two of them are crazy!”

“You’re right, Ron!” Harry hesitated for a moment before he picked up “A Compendium of Common Curses and Their Counter-Actions” which he wanted to buy last year, but Hagrid didn’t let him buy it. “However, learning more is necessary especially when dealing with someone like Malfoy, is it not?”

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