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Chapter 369: Traitors

Adele’s death, coupled with Han Shuo’s ruthless words sent chills over the dark elf elders. Especially Sikong, who had personally fought Han Shuo, was deeply affected.

Sikong, who’d been the first to suggest coming here, didn’t feel the slightest desire for revenge upon seeing Adele’s corpse. He actually shrank back as a fearful look crossed his face,“Wh-what do you want?”

Han Shuo laughed, and grinned as he said, “I want your deaths of course!”

“You also gain no benefit if we die, and you might not even be able to defeat the five of us.” Sikong opened his mouth again, his expression becoming slightly calmer. “Let’s negotiate.”

It was at this time that the naked elf girls lying on the carpet slowly woke up groggily. Upon seeing the situation, they panicked and ran to the elders, screaming, “Elders, Save us!”

The dark elf elders were unsure of what to do when they saw the five naked bodies running towards them. They didn’t have much time to think however, as the five elf girls all ran into the embrace of various elders. Still wearing an expression of fear, they gabbled, “We’re scared! Let’s leave this place!”


Sikong stared in disbelief at the delicate dagger protruding from his stomach, then stared with disbelief at the squirming girls in his embrace. However, their faces no longer held any trace of fear now, but instead wore expressions of indifference.

The other elders met the same fate as Sikong. Each of the elf girls that had barreled into their embrace had struck a fatal blow with daggers into each of their chests, all with cold vicious expressions on their faces.

“Trying to kill you folks in your own territory wasn’t easy. Heh heh, but it seems the people who want you dead are your own people!” Han Shuo explained with a smile, coldly watching Sikong fall into a puddle of his own blood.

“W-why?” Sikong asked the dark elf girl, unable to accept the situation.

“Why did you old bastards come up from down below? All of the races were doing just fine until you came and stole our spots, becoming our slavers! Keke, every race has them, not to mention us dark elves. As long as you die, then we’ll become the true holders of power amongst the dark elves!” The dark elf girl coldly smiled. She squatted and grasped the dagger tightly, shoving it even farther in. Sikong’s eyes widened, and went glassy, never to see again.

All of the dark elf elders were extraordinary magic users. However, they would have never thought that their own subordinates would act against them, and immediately fell victim to the dark elf girls’ covert ambush.

Emitting a small sound of inquiry, Han Shuo flew towards one of the dark elf elders like lightning. One of the elders had just struggled to his feet from a puddle of his own blood when Han Shuo placed his palm on the elder’s back. An explosive sound rang out from within the elder’s body. This elder, who had not fallen in the sneak attack, was finally dead for good.

Having made preparations for hand-to-hand combat with Han Shuo, Adele had not posted any dark elf sentries nearby. Knowing that she would likely be loud, she would likely not want her subordinates to hear her, as she was the main wielder of political power amongst the dark elves. As a result, she had dismissed her bodyguards.

This made it so that even after the battle had finished, there were still no sentries who were aware of the earthshaking situation that had occurred. They were still busily going about their own business in the distance.

“Didn’t you say you’ll work with us? Why did you still kill Adele in the end?” A dark elf girl named Shialan asked Han Shuo with puzzlement as she wiped her bloodstained arm on the carpet, putting on her gauze thin clothes.

After Han Shuo’s display of strength from pushing all five of them down in such a short time, Siyalin and the rest had made a proposal to Han Shuo, hoping that Han Shuo would help kill Adele and the elders. However, they were tactfully declined by Han Shuo.

Shrugging, Han Shuo said with resignation, “Adele acted against me, so I suddenly changed my mind.”

When Han Shuo said these words, he sighed lightly. There seemed to be several red strands moving around in his body. Two black dots were being seemingly harried by the red strands into the palm of his hand. The skin of Han Shuo’s palms suddenly burst open, and two blue spiders the size of beans emerged.

Two balls of flame materialized in Han Shuo’s palms, turning the two blue spiders into ashes. Han Shuo blew, and the ashes vanished in the air.

Han Shuo originally hadn’t intended to act against Adele. However, it’d become apparent that Adele was conspiring against him. With Han Shuo’s level of power, it was utter simplicity to discover any oddities within his body. Judging by Adele’s use of two spiders to infiltrate Han Shuo’s body, it was obvious that she didn’t have any good intentions.

These two spiders were implanted into Han Shuo’s body when he and Adele had been kissing passionately. He hadn’t even felt them in the heat of the moment. Had Han Shuo not been as powerful as he was, he never would have known that Adele was acting against him.

With Han Shuo’s temperament, he wouldn’t hold any kind feelings towards Adele since she made the first move. During their fierce body-on-body combat, Han Shuo suddenly used the demonic secret technique to absorb Adele’s energy, taking yin to replenish yang.

Adele was a strange dark mage and also had a strange energy in her body. This energy was completely different from the other forms of energy Han Shuo was familiar with, containing some sort of evil, wanton power. Han Shuo had detected a trace of evil divine power within the energy, and assumed that it must have come from the evil goddess Rose. It was precisely because Adele’s body contained this kind of depraved evil power that she was so powerful as a mere dark archmage. She’d resisted madly when he was draining her yin, but she only had the power of a mage. When faced with Han Shuo, whose physical body was as tyrannical as a magical beast, her struggling was futile.

When using the demonic technique to drain Adele’s energy, most of the absorbed energy had been from the dark goddess Rose. After filtering out the impurities, only a fifth of the original amount was left. However, even this small amount of energy nourish Han Shuo’s magical yuan. The demon infant in his body was gaining more and more sentience, loosening Han Shuo’s inhibitions.

As for Adele’s mental strength, it wasn’t something that the secret technique could harvest. Unfortunately for her, under Han Shuo’s relentless “Soul Tremor” spells, it was impossible for her to focus enough to concentrate her mental strength to attack him.

“It seems that the strength in my heart has been getting stronger recently. Could it be that I’m on the verge of a breakthrough to the carnal realm?” Han Shuo suddenly began to doubt his progress. Recently, he had been feeling the strong urge to “subdue” every pretty girl he came across. Even towards enemies, Han Shuo had the urge to behead them, with wild thoughts of massacres and other brutality oozing their way into his thoughts.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo temporarily dispelled those thoughts from his head. Glancing at the five elf girls who had finished dressing themselves and were standing in front of him, he said “Alright, these old bastards who were preventing you from taking power are all dead. Now can we talk about matters relating to us?”

Shilan nodded her head, and said “Leave the rest to us. We’ll give you five hundred thousand gold coins as long as you give us the Eternal Sigh of Darkness. We’ll also promise not to disturb the lizardmen. What do you say?”

“No problem.” Han Shuo readily agreed, taking the bow he’d acquired from Dana.“It’s useless in my hands anyway; it’s a very good deal for me to exchange this for five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Adele and the dark elf elders weren’t carrying anything that was of interest to Han Shuo. Perhaps it was due to the fact that they had just arrived from the layer below, but they lacked the opportunity to collect any wealth, meaning that Han Shuo couldn’t loot any satisfactory war spoils off them.

“In addition, we agree to establish long-term agreements. Here in the underground world, we have many things that you people aboveground lack. I believe that these things could be exchanged for some fine wine, as well as some fine art, including gems that increase power. With those items, we dark elves can craft beautiful magical weapons. If you were to sell them outside, they should be items that nobles fight over to acquire.” Shialan said to Han Shuo.

“Haha, don’t worry, I won’t let you down. Of course, you also have to satisfy me as well. Let’s get rich together!” Han Shuo happily said to the five dark elf girls, who were about to become the next group of dark elf elders.

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