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Chapter 368: Going on a Punitive Expedition

This banquet was no different than the ones at home. Served by the five young, pretty dark elves, Han Shuo drank fine wine and ate tender meat in extreme comfort. As per Adele’s command, the five young dark elves wore revealing clothing and smiled sweetly as they plied Han Shuo with more wine. Intentionally or not, the elves lightly brushed their bodies with Han Shuo, setting his lust aflame.

As Han Shuo seemed to be fall into an intoxicated haze, Adele meaningfully glanced at the couple of dark elf elders who had been smiling obsequiously since the start. Adele’s lovers withdrew themselves from the room with smiles on their face.

After the elders left, Adele gave another meaningful look towards the five dark elves that served Han Shuo. All five of the dark elves were equally beautiful, and began to undress in front of Han Shuo. They then slid into his arms as they smiled charmingly at him.

“Haha, honorable guest, enjoy these beauties. If you feel like these five girls are still unable to satisfy you, then I will willingly serve you.” Adele smiled enchantingly towards Han Shuo as she took the initiative to depart.

“How about all of you simply come at me together then!” Han Shuo let his hands rove unabashedly over the dark elves who had just jumped into his arms, while inviting Adele with a smile.

Adele rebuked him with a light laugh, “How will that do? I am the matriarch of the dark elves, and I definitely can’t serve you alongside them. Hehe, I am actually better than all five of them alone, so only if you can satisfy all five of them can you possibly let me feel satisfied. However, you need to show me some proof first, hmm?” After saying these words, Adele did not remain any longer. As she looked at Han Shuo start making moves on the five young dark elves without restraint, she endured the restlessness in her heart and left, gently chuckling.

The instant Adele left, Han Shuo unrestrainedly pinned down a mostly naked and delicate dark elf who’d been in his arms. A long and hearty laugh sounded as he began a punitive expedition to conquer their bodies.

The twelve mystical demons silently left Han Shuo’s body, spreading out to cover the dark elves’ territory. Two of the twelve mystical demons were ordered to follow Adele and determine the purpose of her departure.

As the full bodied girl under his body tactfully begged for forgiveness in a sweet and soft voice, Han Shuo reached out a hand to pull over another girl. This dark elf possessed a purple skin-toned body and long, dark purple hair. He couldn’t help but grope her own well-rounded breasts as she gazed at him blushingly. She was just like a blooming purple rose.

Failing to repress her innermost desires, the dark elf under Han Shuo’s body instantly started shouting in a joyous and high spirited manner. The trembling and unrepressed shout was akin to a melodious and enchanting song that could dissolve a person’s heart. As the other three dark elves flushed with excitement, they began to tangle together with a wordless croon.

The dark elves were known for their lasciviousness, the female dark elves especially so. As the three dark elves started to walk towards Han Shuo, two of them had a bashful expression. The other appeared somewhat aloof, emitting a different kind of charm. However, when they truly started battling with their bodies, the originally shy and blushing dark elves actually started gradually becoming wild and uninhibited. Before Han Shuo had even truly overwhelmed them with ecstasy, they had actually already became wild themselves.

As Han Shuo continued his punitive expedition on the dark elf under his body, he saw Adele, through the mystical demon’s gaze, arriving within a luxurious room two floors below. Sikong and those few male dark elves were waiting there. Besides them was also a young male elf.

The joyous and extremely spirited clamor from Han Shuo’s room constantly entered this meeting room. Adele’s face was a stunning crimson as she looked like a worm was writhing in her heart. Her visage expressed her great desire to immediately replace the woman under Han Shuo’s body.

Subconsciously licking her red lips lightly once more, Adele forcefully repressed the restlessness in her heart before asking Sikong, “Tell me what occurred in the battle between the two of you again.”

Sikong was still deeply wounded, blood marring his arms and face. With a deep breath, he quickly summarized the confrontation between him and Han Shuo in a soft voice. After he was done, he also added, “Besides the intense smell of a necromancer on his body, he also cultivates an incredible fighting aura. Oh, that’s not right, it doesn’t seem very much like a fighting aura, since it’s so suffused with evil. It’s highly likely that he’s a high-ranking member of the Calamity Church.”

“Of course you imbecile, as if I needed your warning! Being able to hold a magical stuff with human skulls already clearly shows his identity. The only thing I don’t understand is that big lizard’s actions. Why would it make such a shady transaction with the Calamity Church. This is truly odd.” The devastatingly beautiful Adele ‘s eyebrows creased as she voiced her doubts.

“Matriarch, do we still need to deal with the lizardmen? This person’s age is still young, so he’s definitely not a match for you. Now that he’s entered our domain, should we take advantage of the situation and be rid of him?” A different dark elf elder piped up.

“You fool! Since he’d dared to enter our domain, he’s definitely confident in his ability to leave. Let alone leave, he surely has a way to send out information. You fools, can’t you use your brains?!” Adele snapped.

Adele shot a glance at the only young dark elf here after scolding them. Her voice tinkled with a laugh as she tenderly said, “Young child, I heard you met this human before when following Dana?”

“In response to the Matriarch, this person has come to the underground world once previously. He started off helping us deal with a young dark dragon. However, because Chief Dana targeted him, wanting to capture everything in one fell swoop, he somehow betrayed us and left more than half of us dead. In the end, he even stole the Eternal Sigh of Darkness 1 and made that dark dragon his magical pet.” This young dark elf respectfully reported.

Adele started and hastily inquired, “What? The Eternal Sigh of Darkness is in his hands?”

Nodding, the dark elf replied, “Yes Matriarch, he stole it from the hands of Chief Dana. Last time when we went to deal with the lizardmen, that big lizard crushed Chief Dana to death. A lot of us saw him then too. I’m sure it’s him.”

“Dark dragon, he made a young dark dragon his magical pet…..” Elder Sikong muttered to himself before suddenly saying in astonishment, “Matriarch, that dark dragon wouldn’t be Gilbert, the son of Gilges, the head of the dark dragons, would it? When we left the underground world, we promised Gilges, that old bastard, that we would be responsible for finding his son.”

When she heard Sikong’s words, Adele’s expression changed, “That’s very likely. That young lewd dragon and this Bryan have similar temperaments. They’re probably running together. If that’s indeed the case, we definitely must not move against him now. This person is not someone we can provoke.”

“Matriarch, then what do we do? Are we going to just let the lizardmen go?” The young dark elf hastily spoke, seeming to have a deeply-rooted hatred for the lizardmen

Adele shot a glance at the young dark elf and responded, “And just how important are the lizardmen? This underground world houses so many races, and they are by no means crucial. Besides occupying a few mines, they have no other accomplishments. The present situation will not change whether or not we provoke them. However, if we can strike a good relationship with this Calamity Church fellow, perhaps we will be able to return to the world above and forcefully reclaim the fertile lands of the damned forest elves.”

The young dark elf was pleasantly surprised to hear those words, “We can actually return to the world above and even take back everything that belonged to us from the hands of the forest elves?”

“In this world, there is no such thing as impossible!” Adele confidently said.

As Adele and several dark elf elders spoke, their ears had been constantly taking in the unrestrained moans from above. But when their conversation reached this point, the sounds from above suddenly started gradually calming down. It quickly dwindled into silence, and not a single dark female elf’s voice sound.

As Adele knitted her brows to listen for a moment, she suddenly couldn’t help but feel alarmed. She noticed that not even one of her subordinates had come down. All five of those dark elves were actually from a group within the dark elf race that were the most skilled at sex and the most in need of vigor. Their lasciviousness wouldn’t topple even after going through ten guys in a night. According to Adele’s instructions, after they’d dealt with Han Shuo, they would send a signal to inform her.

However, from the present situation, it seemed that the elves had already submitted. Not a single one of the five harlots had sent a signal or continued to make any noise.

“Why is there no more noise?” An elder asked suspiciously.

“He’s probably finally incapable of continuing. To be able to last so long, it seems like this human actually has some tricks indeed!” Another elder replied.

Adele shot a glance at the two elves and lightly humphed before saying, “You think everyone is useless like all of you?”

“Heh, can one human be capable of subduing those five sluts in such a short time?” One elder sneered.

“You’re right!” Adele disdainfully shot a glance at him before muttering, “Do I actually have to personally take the field?”

Adele’s body started growing hot from head to toe after speaking, her cheeks turning an alluring blood-red. Without taking another look at the couple of male dark elves here, she twisted her waist, excitedly swaying her buttocks to and fro as she walked upwards.

When Adele finally arrived, she saw Han Shuo’s completely naked body casually sitting on top of a chair, a smile on his face as he gazed at the restless Adele burning in flames of passion. At Han Shuo’s fett, five wanton dark elves lay on top of a rug like five balls of cotton. They seemed to lack the strength to even raise their fingers in greeting.

Adele merely shot a glance at Han Shuo’s spirited and fierce thing on his lower body before suddenly feeling a tremble in her heart. Then, looking at the scene that had become a mess, the throbbing in her heart became increasingly intense, and she was sure that the sound of her thumping heart was echoing across the room.

“I’ve been waiting for you all along!” Han Shuo smilingly looked at Adele as he opened both of his hands in an inviting manner, “How about coming here, my lady!”

Adele suddenly emitted a moving moan as the clothing on her body drifted towards the ground like pieces of a feather. She unreservedly displayed a perfect, naked body that was ravishingly beautiful out in the open. Then, like a moth flying into flames, her plump butt directly fell on top of Han Shuo who sat upright on a chair,

Han Shuo and Adele simultaneously emitted a loud moaning sound that brimmed with endless joy and satisfaction.

In the room that Adele had left, the male dark elves left were discussing things, seemingly disbelieving the words Adele said before she left.

However, after Adele’s prolonged moan traveled into the room, the faces of each and every one of the male dark elves became extremely unsightly. From the moment her voice rang out, it signified that her judgement was correct. That Han Shuo had indeed conquered the five dark elves in a very short time frame and had now started his expedition on Matriarch Adele.

Some human males were indeed stronger than dark elves in this field. However, the ability of female dark elves in this field was also very well-known throughout the Profound Continent. Even if an unusually endowed and gifted human male confronted a female dark elf, they wouldn’t have any advantages whatsoever. Those first five wanton dark elves were actually well-known figures among the dark elves, but who would’ve expected that Han Shuo would deal with them with ease?

Now that Adele had personally taken the field, the previously disdainful words that she said to them became fact. This seemed to resemble a slap to a face and caused their self-respect in this matter to suffer an enormous humiliation.
“What a frightening fellow. Seems like only the matriarch can make him succumb!” Sikong said towards the few people beside him as the blood on his face gradually faded away. The other people had a noticeably envious look. However after Sikong’s words, they also all nodded and said, “Naturally!”

Sikong and the others were originally Adele’s lovers. This was a normal situation within the dark elf race; but even with all of them together, they still weren’t a match for Adele. Perhaps, because they knew how frightening Adele was in this respect, they were constantly afraid of Adele deep in their hearts and were unable to raise their heads.

As Sikong and the others resumed their discussion, another prolonged moan came from Adele above. The complexion of the five elders changed greatly after hearing this. Sikong couldn’t help but to cry out in alarm first, saying, “How is that possible!”

The others also had faces filled with incredulity. Each and every one of them looked at each other with dismay, not knowing what to do. From that prolonged moan, they could obviously recognize that Adele had climaxed.

But, without waiting for the five dark elves to react, Adele suddenly emitted another extremely carefree moan and let out a shrieking “No”. The five black elves were once again stupefied. Amongst them, Sikong was aghast, “He’s still going, can it be that even the matriarch is also unable to continue?”

“Impossible. Even if the matriarch climaxes, she still shouldn’t say the word ‘No’. Perhaps she’s purposefully putting on an act. You all should know that the more weakly a woman resists, the more likely a male will orgasm torrentially and delightfully!” Among them, a dark elf elder thought for a moment before analyzing with great pomp.

The other dark elves immediately reacted. Amongst them, Sikong drew many inferences and suddenly said in realization, “The matriarch is truly powerful. It seems like her recent moaning sound is just to confuse this terrifying human.”

“That must be so. What kind of person is the matriarch? As if such a young and vigorous fellow is capable of conquering our matriarch!”

“Mm, We seemed to have overthought the situation. It seems like the matriarch has once again earned herself another servant between her legs.”

As the couple of dark elf elders discussed and believed themselves to be infallible, Adele’s panic-stricken voice became louder and louder above them. An unceasing shrieking sound started, “No. Don’t, don’t do this, I beg you!”

“The matriarch’s act is so genuine. It seems like he will soon be done for!” Sikong continued to voice his opinion.

“Ah…. Damned Sikong, hurry and save me, save me!” Suddenly, after Adele’s wretched and mournful howling, she unexpectedly started shouting for assistance.

Sikong leapt up with fright and spoke, stunned, “Did you hear that clearly?! The matriarch is shouting for me to save her, could something have truly happened?”

“Ah…. Just kill me, you demon, just kill me!” From above, Adele screamed frantically without a hint of joy at all.

The dark elf elders finally started reacting at this time, suddenly realizing that a very major incident must’ve happened above. They rushed out of the meeting room with a shout as they hastily made their way upstairs.

They barged into the room and gaped at the sight that greeted them. Adele was firmly pressed down on top of the chair and was being vigorously pounded from behind. But that wasn’t what transfixed them. Adele’s body seemed to visibly age, as if the wheel of time had quickened by a thousand times.

Her long hair on her head gradually started becoming grey. Following this change, Adele’s powerful aura also began to slowly flow into Han Shuo’s body, causing his originally mellow aura to start to soaring unceasingly.

“Hey, you guys came!” Han Shuo’s big arm firmly pinned down Adele as he continued his punitive expedition. Turning his head towards the couple of dark elf elders, his smirk seemed to turn into a somewhat ruthless smile.

“Let go of our matriarch, otherwise, we will kill you!” Sikong hissed severely as he pulled out the crystal ball he’d used previously.

“I’m almost ready, just wait a moment!” Han Shuo laughed as he started pounding in an increasingly fierce manner. Soon after he began exerting himself with a burst of speed right in front of the dark elf elders, he flung his head back, howling loudly with elation as his body began to uncontrollably tremble for a short burst.

As he finished, he took another look at the dark elf matriarch Adele. At that moment, the ravishingly beautiful Madam Adele, whose looks could fell cities and topple empires, had become a grey haired, loose skinned dark elf granny. Her skin didn’t have the slightest luster of life to it. It was clear, she would never again regain her youthful radiance.

From his space ring, Han Shuo cheerfully and happily took out another shirt and put it on. Han Shuo, having just absorbed all of the power of Adele’s body, only felt an unprecedented contentment as he faced the several dark elf elders with a smile. “Adele’s dead. You guys should all go die too!”

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