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Chapter 370: Summoning the Old Fey Corpse

After Han Shuo departed dark elves’ territory, the five female dark elves worked together to drag the corpse of Adele and the dark elf elders into one of the deepest cellar rooms. They falsely claimed to others that Adele and the other dark elf elders had already begun touring the world above.

After a couple of days, the cellar was suddenly filled with tens of thousands of small spiders. It seemed as though every spider in dark elf territory had somehow made their way into the cellar. Somehow, none of the dark elves within the territory detected these spiders.

Tens of thousands of small spiders were densely packed together, completely filling up the cellar. As the spiders crazily squirmed on top of Adele’s body, the small spiders began spitting a strange, magical silk one after the other. As the silk fell onto Adele’s body, the small spiders began drying up one after the other, losing their lives. They had spat out their very own life force along with the silk.

This process continued for some time. Finally, after the tens of thousands of small spiders that had entered the cellar room had all spat out their life force, they all died within the cellar room.

Adele’s dried up and shriveled body slowly began weathering. After a few days, only white skeletal bones remained. However, within Adele’s skull, there was actually an additional thumb-sized blue pearl that emitted a blue haze. The pearl was filled with the evil goddess Rose’s evil power, similar to what Han Shuo had previously absorbed.

One day, this blue pearl suddenly burst forth with hundreds of thousands of blue colored threads of silk. They inserted themselves within the bodies of the several dark elf elders that had already died. The silk actually began extracting strands of blue light from within the elders’ body. Within just a moment’s time, the body of all the several dark elf elders had completely transformed into ashes, blown away on the air. Then, during the middle of the night, the blue colored pearl slowly flew out of the cellar, flying towards the temple of evil goddess Rose.

In the middle of the temple, an innocent and pure young female dark elf was facing the statue of Rose, piously praying. This dark elf young lady appeared to have the age of a sixteen or seventeen year old human girl, seemingly uncorrupted by the profoundly lewd and evil cultures of the dark elf race. She worshipped Rose’s statue, looking like a most devoted believer.

While facing the statue of Rose, she kowtowed continuously while murmuring in the language of the dark elves. Suddenly, the blue pearl flew over her head and hovered there. Then, the blue pearl abruptly burst, emitting blue colored rays of light that tightly wrapped around the young lady below.

After the blue colored pearl emitted its tremendous power, it began transferring that power into the young lady’s body. The young lady began to shriek in pain, but the strands had tightly wound around every inch of her body, even sealing her mouth. So even her wretched screams were stifled as she struggled in vain.

The young lady’s originally jade-green pupils gradually turned white. The muffled shrieks also began to gradually quiet down. After a while, the blue pearl, along with the hundreds of thousands of blue strands of light, slowly began merging into the young lady’s body. The blue colored light continued to linger within the young lady’s body as she collapsed in front of the statue. Only when it was nearly dawn did the blue light completely disappear, and her pupils gradually regain their previous jade-green look.

When the young lady stood up and faced the statue, she performed a rite in deep gratitude. Then, she gnashed her teeth and said, “Bryan, I will make you taste every iota of my suffering. I swear, I will use the same method to kill you!”

At that moment, a carefree and wild laugh echoed from the Cemetery of Death, brimming with the sound of joy and comfort.

An approximately two meter tall old fey zombie stood in front of Han Shuo. Its body was covered with long, green hair, and its fangs and claws looked razor sharp. At long last, Han Shuo had successfully summoned it, and it wasted no time in roaring its displeasure. This advanced ranked zombie was actually not being restrained by the laws of the heavens and earth of the Profound Continent. Instead, it was clamoring in an immensely loud voice that spread powerfully throughout the Cemetery of Death, mixing with Han Shuo’s wild laughter.

After the old fey zombie roared, it raised its head and saw the creator of the contract in front of him. Unexpectedly, it shot straight towards him. Its speed made it seem like a bolt of green lightning as it flew, its one-meter long talons humming through the wind. It had an astonishingly and incomparably imposing aura.

“Damn it, it seems like it wasn’t entirely successful. There’s another part that needs fixing. Otherwise, this formidable zombie would not have immediately attacked me right after arriving within this dimension. If this was during an actual battle, the necromancer would have been screwed.” Han Shuo cursed softly. Seeing the old fey zombie charging at him, he hurriedly took out the Demonslayer Edge.

Han Shuo’s left hand grasped a skeleton staff. A quick wave and incantation later, an enormous bone shield crashed in front of Han Shuo right before a sharp bone spur could skewer him. The old fey zombie’s attack crashed audibly into the shield, with the latter exploding fiercely. The old fey zombie tumbled to the ground from the force of the impact.

The bone shield summoned by a grand magus was considerably more powerful and covered a wider area. Thus, when the old fey zombie charged towards the bone shield, it couldn’t pierce through the bone shield’s defenses. It was only capable of cracking the shield.

Without waiting for the old fey zombie to scramble back up, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly flew out of Han Shuo’s hands. The screech of metal striking metal rang out as two of the old fey zombie’s sharp claws were severed. However, Han Shuo was still shocked as he wondered exactly what on earth the old fey zombie’s sharp claws were made of. Only two claws had been shorn off after the Demonslayer Edge’s strike descended, and that too with difficulty.

Han Shuo knew in his heart just how sharp the Demonslayer Edge was. Furthermore, after tempering it meticulously once more with enormous amounts of killing intent, it could effortlessly split rocks and chop metal. Han Shuo truly had never anticipated that this old fey zombie would actually be so frightening. When the Demonslayer Edge chopped downwards, it had only snapped apart two of its sharp claws.

The old fey zombie fell to a sitting position, baring its fangs and howling loudly once more. Then, it once again launched itself towards Han Shuo as he also began waving the skeleton staff in his hands again. This time, a hundred or so bone spears appeared, breaking through the skies. Although they were incapable of piercing the old fey zombie, they were enough to force it to backtrack in retreat.

Taking advantage of the respite, Han Shuo relied on the contract’s powerful connection to the other world and used the skeleton staff to forcefully return the old fey zombie back to its world.

It was not that Han Shuo feared the old fey zombie. It wasn’t a difficult task for him to kill this old fey zombie with his strength. However, because the old fey zombie had begun launching attacks towards its master right after being summoned, Han Shuo knew that there was a problem in his incantation. Thus, the most important problem currently was how to chant the summoning technique properly and not to continue dilly-dallying with the old fey zombie.

After Han Shuo left the underground world, he had stayed within the Cemetery of Death for a few days and practiced grand magus ranked summoning techniques. After studying intensively for such a while, Han Shuo had slowly starting grasping the technique. Because of this, he was finally capable of summoning the old fey zombie from another dimension today.

“The old fey zombie immediately started to attack me after arriving at this dimension. It must be because it was not completely under the restricting power of the contract. Otherwise, it would absolutely not dare to attack me.” Han Shuo muttered to himself while knitting his brows and reconsidering the details of the summoning technique he had just used.

He took out that thick tome of necromancy and once again began reading it earnestly. After a little while, he suddenly had a thought flash into his mind as he cried out, “Ah! Was I supposed to make the contract mid-way through?”

When Han Shuo had used the summoning technique to call forth the old fey zombie into the Profound Continent, he’d first used the incantation to create a connection with the other dimension. Then, after chanting some syllables to locate the old fey zombie’s position, Han Shuo’s mental strength had instantly traversed through an endless distance of the boundless space, before arriving at the other dimension. Finally, Han Shuo would then randomly target an old fey zombie with his mental strength.

Following these events, the mental strength must then be used to firmly suppress the old fey zombie that was targeted. Then, while the old fey zombie was being suppressed and was incapable of resisting, the zombie must be dragged into the space tunnel. The old fey zombie would then pass through the space tunnel before finally descending on the Profound Continent.

However, Han Shuo noticed an annotation in a remote corner of the cryptic book. It stated that when a creature was in it’s original dimension, that would be when it was in its most formidable state. However, when it left its dimension and entered the space tunnel, it would enter its weakest state. But when it descended onto a material world, it would restore its power once more.

It was only natural that zombies would always be at their most formidable when freely traversing through their own undead world. But after arriving within the material world of the Profound Continent, they would begin suffering to a certain extent due to a lack of intense death energy.

Even so, zombies were still capable of exhibiting a powerful force within material worlds. As long as there were living creatures in the material world, death energy would certainly exist from the departed spirits. Although the death energy wouldn’t be as pure and condensed as their own world, it would still be able to provide the zombies with necessary strength. Additionally, with the death energy that was innate to the zombies, their strength would also be on par with their strength on home world even if they descended onto the Profound Continent.

However, the process of entering the material world inevitably required entering through the profound space tunnel. This distance should have originally been distant beyond measure, but was shrunk to the span of an instant under either the powerful influence of the contract, the caster’s mental energy, or rules of space encompassed in the contract.

According to the differences in one’s mental prowess as a necromancer and one’s skill at chanting spells, the speed with which a zombie entered through the space tunnel from its dimension and entered the material world would also differ. The stronger a necromancer was and the better they understood the essence of necromancy magic, the less time a necromancer would waste on incantations.

Under normal circumstances, when a magic apprentice became an archmage, it would take three to five seconds for a zombie to leave its dimension and enter this material world. As for Han Shuo, he could already be considered as at the grand magus rank. Thus, he only needed a brief second.

If the spell was cast by a sacred magus necromancer, then the time to traverse the space tunnel would be calculated in the milliseconds. As a result, the zombie would descend onto the material world in a flash right after the incantation was complete. (The process of chanting the incantation was in reality just a way to communicate with the creature in the other dimension. It was a string of events related to finding, suppressing, and binding the creature to the contract.)

However, regardless of whether one was a magic apprentice having just entered the world of necromancy, or a sacred magus who had already deeply understood the essence of necromancy as a sacred magus, a summoning always required traversing space tunnels. This was true whether the summoned creature was the weakest skeleton warrior or the most frightening undead bone dragon.

Although the time to travel through the space tunnel depended on a magician’s strength, this step was unavoidable. According to this note, it seemed that regardless of how strong the undead creature was, they all became extremely weak when brought into the space tunnel devoid of death energy.

According to the contents within the book, taking advantage of that moment of weakness to enforce the contract was the most logically secure method. Han Shuo seemed to have suddenly comprehended something as his heart somewhat stirred. He began to chant the spell once again. After carefully concentrating his mental power to an optimal state, he connected with an old fey zombie in the other dimension as the syllables of the incantation rose and fell.

During the spirited struggling from the old fey zombie, Han Shuo’s mental energy burst out like a mountain flood, suppressing the zombie’s struggle. Following the continued chanting of the necromancy spell, Han Shuo’s mental energy gradually eliminated the old fey zombie’s resistance. He then drove the old fey zombie to enter and cross through the space tunnel with the appropriate syllables.

The moment the old fey zombie faded into the space tunnel, Han Shuo immediately exerted all his strength to rapidly conclude the contract in less than a second. One second later, the old fey zombie suddenly descended in front of Han Shuo in the Cemetery of Death,

After lightly exhaling, Han Shuo brightly gazed and stared attentively at the old fey zombie that had just been summoned; he would be prepared for any sudden contingencies. This time, the hideous looking old fey zombie didn’t make any movement whatsoever. It wasn’t like last time, charging wildly towards Han Shuo.

After deeply and attentively watching the old fey zombie for a while, Han Shuo gradually grew happier in his heart. He tried to transmit a command. The old fey zombie immediately began flying in a circle. Although, Han Shuo felt a feeling of impatience verging on loathing from the old fey zombie for forcing it to do such a pointless action, it continued to fly according to Han Shuo’s command. Resistance was impossible under the contract’s power.

“Success. I’ve finally succeeded!” Han Shuo wildly laughed out loud as he felt a strong sense of satisfaction taking over his heart. Obviously, this time’s incantation was a success.

The necromancy grand magus level old fey zombie summoning technique had finally truly been realized under Han Shuo’s assiduous hard work. Being able to successfully use this meant that grasping the next summoning techniques for the bone devil and mummy lords would now become much quicker and easier.

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