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Chapter 998
998 Sister, I Want to Get Stronger, Too! Once Feng Wu had cleaned herself up, Qiuling helped treat her wounds .

Seeing all the cuts on Feng Wu’s body, Qiuling burst into tears again .

Why was it always Miss Wu? She kept getting hurt, and it never seemed to end!

Hearing the sobs, Feng Wu turned around to find Qiuling weeping .

“Why are you crying?” Feng Wu rolled her eyes at her maid .

“Miss, can you try not to get hurt?” Qiuling said between broken sobs . “You’ve got amazing skin, and it’s being ruined by all these cuts . I don’t know what to do…”

Qiuling was still feeling distraught, when she sensed spiritual essence rushing into Feng Wu .

Rumble —

There was the sound of chanting in the air .

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To cultivators, that had to be the most amazing sound in the world .

As a junior cultivator herself, Qiuling recognized that sound . She covered her mouth and stared at Feng Wu in amazement .

Meanwhile, her mistress had already entered a state of meditation .

It was midnight when Feng Wu woke up again .

Qiuling had stayed with her the entire time, in case Feng Wu needed her help .

Looking down, Feng Wu saw the scab remains that were scattered over the floor .

She was happy to see the way she looked in the mirror .

The skin on her face and her body was fair, smooth, and as translucent as white jade . The cuts were nowhere to be seen .

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Feng Wu beamed at Qiuling . “See? Problem solved . ”

Feng Wu had enjoyed some personal gain from Grand Secretary Fang’s breakthrough as well . She was a Level 6 Spiritual Grandmaster now .

She wondered what level Zuo Qingluan was at now . A Level 6 Spiritual Elder?

At that thought, the smile on Feng Wu’s face grew cold .

She had been making progress at the fastest pace possible; it was now time for her to slow it down to a steady pace . She needed a solid foundation, or her future cultivation might be compromised .

She would kill Zuo Qingluan eventually, but that woman was just one of the obstacles she needed to overcome on her journey toward becoming the top cultivator of this world . She wouldn’t let Zuo Qingluan affect her cultivation progress .

Feng Wu was still lost in her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door .

Throwing a robe over her shoulders, Feng Wu opened the door .

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“Sister —”

Feng Xiaoqi looked up at her with the eyes of an innocent boy .

So many things had happened recently, and her beautiful master’s unexpected appearance had only added to everything . As a result, Feng Wu had neglected the other members of her family .

Feng Wu rubbed the little guy’s head . “Xiaoqi, what’s wrong?”

“Sister, I want to get stronger, too!” Feng Xiaoqi said eagerly . “You were just next door, but there was nothing I could do to get in and help you . I felt so useless! Sister, I want to get stronger! I want to protect you!”

An idea struck Feng Wu .

She was so busy with her own cultivation and searching for the broken star pieces that she had no time to teach Xiaoqi herself .

But Grand Secretary Fang had the time .

Didn’t he say that he was among the top five cultivators of the empire now, and was as capable as Northern Feng General? That made him almost unmatched!

One couldn’t find a better teacher!

And she took action right away!

Taking Feng Xiaoqi’s hand, Feng Wu said, “Come, I’m going to find you a new teacher . ”

Qiuling and Granny Zhao cried out in unison . “Miss, it’s the middle of the night…”

That was the best thing about living next door . Help was only a wall away .

And she wouldn’t need to worry about Xiaoqi getting kidnapped or lured away on his way to his classes .

The more she thought about it, the more excited Feng Wu was . Tossing a “we’ll be back soon” over her shoulder, she then jumped over the wall .

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