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Chapter 997
997 All Hail His Majesty — Grand Secretary Fang promptly agreed to ask around for information on the broken star pieces .

“By the way, what cultivation level are you at now?” Feng Wu asked curiously . “The lightning tribulation this time was unheard of . If it wasn’t for the Taiyi formation, both of us would have been killed . ”

Grand Secretary Fang gave it some thought . “Not counting those old reclusive buggers, I’m sure I’m now one of the top five cultivators in the Junwu Empire . ”

“Only top five?”

Grand Secretary Fang threw her a dirty look . “What do you mean by ‘only’? Kiddo, there are more capable people out there than you can imagine . Before this breakthrough, I was only in the top twenty!”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up . “That’s such a huge improvement!”

Grand Secretary Fang said proudly, “Of course it is! I’m more or less on the same level as Northern Feng General now . ”

Northern Feng General, aka Feng Xun’s father, was stationed in the frontier region, and was known for his extraordinary capabilities!

“Who else is in the top five apart from the both of you?” Feng Wu asked .

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Grand Secretary Fang was about to answer, when he heard footsteps outside .

He raised an eyebrow . “His Majesty is here . ”

Feng Wu didn’t want to be spotted here by Emperor Wu, for she would have a lot of explaining to do . So, she pointed at the dry well . “I’m going home now . Talk to you later . ”

After that, Feng Wu jumped into the well as swiftly as a cat and disappeared from sight .

Grand Secretary Fang looked touched as he watched Feng Wu leave .

He hadn’t expected to make such a sincere young friend at his age .

The girl could have left Fang Manor through that dry well earlier, for the lightning tribulation had nothing to do with her . She could have left freely .

However, she had chosen to stay during that critical moment .

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She had also given him the Free and Easy Wandering manual .

Not to mention that she had set up the Taiyi formation, which saved his life .

Moreover, that mysterious master had some secret connection to Feng Wu… If he really was Master Mu Jiuzhou… Grand Secretary Fang didn’t know what to think .

If Master Mu was really alive… If that person really was him… Was that to say that he and Master Mu could be connected through Xiao Wu?

Grand Secretary Fang was overwhelmed with excitement .

It was Master Mu!

At that moment, Emperor Wu entered the room in a hurry .

Next door, Fallen Star Yard .

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The beautiful lady was ghastly pale and unconscious .

Granny Zhao was telling Qiuling off . “How could you say those scary things to the lady? What were you thinking?!”

Qiuling looked frustrated and kept silent .

Qiuling had expected that the beautiful lady would rise up and switch into that warrior mode when she heard that her daughter was being bullied…

However, the lady only passed out when she heard the news .

Chaoge jumped onto the wall and saw the commotion in Grand Secretary Fang’s courtyard . However, Feng Wu was nowhere to be seen, which flustered her .

Just as she was about to jump off the wall —

Feng Wu walked out of Lady Xuanji’s room .

“Xiao Wu!”

Everyone cried out in surprise when they saw Feng Wu .

Her hair was unkempt from all the electric shocks, her face was black, and her clothes were in tatters . She looked like a beggar .

But at least, she was still alive —

Both Chaoge and Qiuling, who were going to give Feng Wu teary hugs, cracked up when they saw the state Feng Wu was in .

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at Qiuling . “Stop laughing already! Boil some water . I need to take a bath . ”

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