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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:18 AM
Chapter 999
999 The Little Genius Fang Manor .

Grand Secretary Fang spent the entire afternoon talking to Emperor Wu .

He was a loyal subject, and the emperor had gone out of his way to show his appreciation for the old man’s talent . As a result, the conversation lasted well into the night .

Emperor Wu left in a great mood and Grand Secretary Fang was just as happy .

After seeing the emperor off, Grand Secretary Fang turned around to find Feng Wu and Feng Xiaoqi in his yard .

“I see you have really sharp ears . ” Grand Secretary Fang beckoned Feng Wu over .

Little Feng Wu had become his favorite person on earth .

He had always known that the girl was a great talent worth teaching . Now that he was under the impression that she might have met Master Mu himself, Grand Secretary Fang couldn’t control his excitement .

Feng Wu chuckled . “You didn’t tell His Majesty about ‘Free and Easy Wandering,’ did you?”

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Grand Secretary Fang rolled his eyes at Feng Wu . “Of course I didn’t . So, kiddo, what are you doing here in the middle of the night…”

Feng Xiaoqi said, “Here’s Xiaoqi, my brother . He needs a teacher, and since you have nothing better to do, how about giving him some instructions every now and then?”

Nothing better to do? Grand Secretary Fang wanted to roll his eyes again .

Did the girl have any idea how popular he had just become?

He was as capable as Mr Lu now . At the moment, he could even become the actual principal instead of just the acting principal . But little Feng Wu was asking him to babysit for her?

But Grand Secretary Fang didn’t turn her down . “Alright, thanks for your faith in me . I’ll give him the instruction he needs . ”

Grand Secretary Fang wasn’t all that interested in Feng Xiaoqi .

For at Feng Xiaoqi’s age, he should have already shown signs of growth . However, he was still merely a Level 4 Spiritual Master… It was proof enough of his lack of talent .

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The Feng clan had used up all its luck on a genius like Feng Wu . They couldn’t have another one .

However, Feng Wu only grinned at Grand Secretary Fang . “Are you sure you don’t want to examine your pupil?”

Grand Secretary Fang rolled his eyes at Feng Wu . “There’s no need . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Why?”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Your clan already has you . There can’t be another one . Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair to all the other clans out there . ”

Feng Wu chuckled . “But Xiaoqi really is a genius . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “I don’t believe you! If he really is a genius as you say, why is he still a Level 4 Spiritual Master? You’ve got to be killing me!”

Feng Wu grinned .

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Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu, finding her grin strange .

Had the girl just brought a genius to his doorstep? It couldn’t be . How could the Feng clan…

Taking Feng Xiaoqi’s hand, Grand Secretary Fang examined him .

Before his breakthrough, Grand Secretary Fang wouldn’t have been able to find out what was amazing about Feng Xiaoqi, but now —

A moment later, Grand Secretary Fang put his hand down and stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

He looked from Feng Wu to Feng Xiaoqi .

Poor Xiaoqi . He was completely baffled by the conversation .

He had no idea what was going on .

Grand Secretary Fang pointed at Feng Wu with a shaking finger . “T- This is unbelievable! Your family is…”

Feng Wu smiled . “I’ve brought you a genius, haven’t I?”

Grand Secretary Fang rolled his eyes at her . “If he’s not a genius, who is? He has an Ultimate Spiritual Body! The purest kind!”

The old man didn’t know what to say .

Why was the Feng clan so lucky?

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