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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:26 AM
Chapter 996
996 Grand Secretary Fang the Fanboy? However, the effect of his bellow was unexpected…

Grand Secretary Fang still hadn’t adapted to his new cultivation level, and didn’t have perfect control over his own power yet . Feng Wu was blown into the air by his growl .


Realizing what he had done, Grand Secretary Fang rushed over and caught Feng Wu before she hit the ground .

He would feel so guilty if Feng Wu was hurt in the fall .

Feng Wu was equally shaken!

That was so impressive of Grand Secretary Fang! He opened his mouth, and the next thing she knew, she was in the air .

Although… the old man was surprisingly excited .

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After a lifetime in the political world, there was little that the old man hadn’t seen . Feng Wu had thought that nothing could shake him any longer, and that he would be able to keep his composure in any situation .

However, the old man was acting like a teenager — a fanboy, to be more precise… She wouldn’t believe it if she wasn’t seeing it for herself .

Grand Secretary Fang put Feng Wu down in a fluster, but he didn’t seem any calmer .

“Xiao Wu, think carefully . How did you meet that elder?”

Elder? Feng Wu inwardly rolled her eyes . Her beautiful master was still a young man! He was anything but old!

Feng Wu hesitated a little when she saw how excited Grand Secretary Fang was . However, her beautiful master had instructed that she was the only one who could know of his existence, and that she wasn’t to tell another soul .

Thus, Feng Wu fought back her urge to tell the old man the truth . “I saved that man’s life and he gave me that ‘Free and Easy Wandering’ piece . But it’s for someone with pure Yang energy only, and as a girl, I’m anything but that . So, I thought I would give it to you . ”

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Grand Secretary Fang asked, “Where’s that person now? Can you find him?”

Feng Wu tilted her head . “He’ll show up again, I think… And he’ll probably come to me when he does . ”

Grand Secretary Fang eyed Feng Wu suspiciously .

If that person really was Mu Jiuzhou, why would he come to this girl again?

However, Grand Secretary Fang remained hopeful .

Feng Wu didn’t want him to keep asking questions about her beautiful master, so she tried to change the subject . “Is the method effective?”

She had asked the right question .

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“Is it effective?” Grand Secretary Fang stared at her in amazement . “It’s so effective that I was able to break through to the next cultivation level in a matter of days, even when I have one foot in the grave . I’ve been at a bottleneck for years . ”

Feng Wu said, “So, it’s really effective, then . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said in a solemn tone, “Of course! This manual is priceless! We’ll be in a lot of trouble if others find out about it . And if our enemy hears of it, we may face a great war!”

That made Feng Wu jump!

“Is it that impressive?!” Feng Wu recalled that her beautiful master had just recited a random paragraph . She hadn’t expected this!

“Of course it’s that impressive!” Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu solemnly . “This method is unprecedented! Nothing can compare with it!”

Feng Wu said, “Then we must keep it a secret . No one can know . ”

Grand Secretary Fang still had lingering doubts . “Are you sure you’ll see that master again?”

Feng Wu said, “Not any time soon, I’m afraid . But I will when I find the second broken star piece . ”

An idea struck Feng Wu all of a sudden .

Those broken star pieces were giving her a headache . However, it would be so much easier if she could get Grand Secretary Fang to help her out .

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