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Published at 29th of July 2020 12:25:28 AM
Chapter 995
995 Do You Know My Beautiful Master? Fang Manor .

When the last cycle exploded over Fang Manor, Little Phoenix, who had kept silent until then, alerted Feng Wu . “Collect the lightning energy now . Don’t let it go to waste! That’s the essence of all the lightning!”

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up . That was right!

Absorbing the energy emanated by the lightning could significantly improve the power of the Taiyi formation!

At that thought, Feng Wu picked up a pen and began to run around in the formation, adding inscriptions to the spiritual stones she had put down .

If Grand Secretary Fang had had his breakthrough a few days earlier, Feng Wu wouldn’t have been able to use this collection method . Thanks to her beautiful master’s teaching in the past few days, however, Feng Wu had made great progress in her inscriptions .

After some quick maneuvering, Feng Wu was able to collect half of the energy released by the lightning .

To everyone else, the electric currents had simply faded and dissipated in the air .

The truth, however, was that they were now stored in the inscriptions, and would shoot out when the formation was activated, protecting all of Fang Manor .

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Feng Wu was thrilled when she saw that the Taiyi formation was working properly and protecting the house .

Little Phoenix’s reminder was a timely one . After collecting the lightning energy, she could always tell everyone that it was left over from Grand Secretary Fang’s breakthrough the next time she used the formation .

It would also be the perfect explanation for the shield, and she wouldn’t have to make up an excuse for the Taiyi formation .

Just then —

Grand Secretary Fang opened his eyes .

Something flickered in them .

His clothes were in tatters and half of his beard was gone, but he was full of vigor .

Grand Secretary Fang looked out the open window and spotted Feng Wu right away .

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“Xiao Wu!”

The next moment, Grand Secretary Fang was by Feng Wu’s side, and he stared at Feng Wu in disbelief .

The look in his eyes was a mix of delight, excitement, curiosity, and astonishment .

“Xiao Wu!” Holding Feng Wu by her slim shoulders, Grand Secretary Fang said in agitation, “Who gave you that ‘Free and Easy Wandering’ manual? Who? Tell me!”

Feng Wu tilted her head . “Just some random guy passing through . ”

Grand Secretary Fang looked worked up . “Was he dressed all in white and had an ethereal feel to him?”

Feng Wu said, “Well, I suppose so . ”

Grand Secretary Fang was shaking all over . Considering his age, Feng Wu was worried that he might pass out at any moment .

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She said in a hurry, “Grandpa Fang, slow down . You’re a little too excited . ”

Ignoring Feng Wu’s words, Grand Secretary Fang stared at Feng Wu . “Was he an immortal-like young man?”

Feng Wu said, “Well, you could say that . ”

Grand Secretary Fang asked, “Was that man all powerful and looked invincible?!”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t know about that…”

Grand Secretary Fang went on . “He could destroy everything with a wave of his hand, couldn’t he?”

Feng Wu stammered, “How am I supposed to know that…”

Grand Secretary Fang cried out, “Was he called Mu Jiuzhou?!”

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat!

Mu Jiuzhou?

Well, her beautiful master’s name was indeed Mu Jiuzhou, and he used to rule the continent, but how could Grand Secretary Fang guess that right away?

Feng Wu said, “I don’t know…”

Grand Secretary Fang flushed with excitement, and even his beard trembled . “Where is he? Where is he now?”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t know…”

Grand Secretary Fang glared at Feng Wu . “So what do you know?!”

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